Chapter 170: Tai Shan’s Trump Card

The moment Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Lin Li attacked from the air. Numerous sharp sand pikes started shooting out of the sand ball towards Tai Shan and his group. A terrifying rain of pikes started falling on them.

Tai Shan’s instinctive reaction was to try using his puppet to control the sand pikes. However, he sent his origin energy out only to be met with a feeling of having his origin energy sank without a trace into a huge ocean. This shocked him so much his eyes went wide.

How is this possible? Even if the grade of her puppet is completely beyond mine, this still shouldn’t be possible!

This was one of the supplementary effects of the Thousand Star – to cut off other puppet master’s control on the element she was controlling. This single wrong decision on Tai Shan’s part lost him the best opportunity to defend his group. He only had the time to create a shield of sand to defend himself. All his other teammates had to receive the sand spikes with their flesh.

The result of this was immediately obvious. After the first wave of attack, only Tai Shan was left. This was only the beginning.

Finally, the rain of spike stopped after the sand ball was exhausted of all sands. Tai Shan appeared from beneath his shield of sand. This was the first time Tai Shan had ever gotten hurt by the earth element. He was not given any time to do anything. The instant the shield of sand around him crumbled apart, Hu Xian’er charged him in her fox form. The speed in which she moved caused even an assassin like Wang Hang to blush with shame.

“Sand armor!”

With a muffled bang, Tai Shan was smashed away. A terrifying claw mark appeared on the sand armor on his chest. There were no longer any sands there. Only crimson red blood could be seen. If he moved half a second slower, he would have gotten his chest penetrated by Hu Xian’er.

This frightened Tai Shan greatly. He decided to no longer hide his strength. A huge pot flew out of his storage ring and towards Hu Xian’er who was closely pursuing him.

This idea of Tai Shan seemed great. Unfortunately, reality was incomparably cruel. The huge pot hadn’t gone far before it changed its trajectory and flew high up into the air instead. This was done by Lin Li with a simple wave of her hand.

“Spring Current!”

Tai Shan was still in midair from having smashed flying by Hu Xian’er earlier.  Just as Hu Xian’er’s claws were about to land on his head once again, countless water arrows shot out of the huge pot, shooting towards Hu Xian’er.

Hu Xian’er only took half a second to think about it before deciding to give up on her attack. She did not stop because she felt threatened by the water arrows. Rather, she had only stopped because she did not want to get her clothes wet and give the people here a free show.

Tai Shan was elated when he saw her stop. After Hu Xian’er retreated, everyone finally understood what Tai Shan was trying to do. The water arrows did not change their direction. They continue shooting towards Tai Shan before turning into a ball of water encased around him.

“Water control ability?”

Bai Xiaofei who was commanding this battle cried out in alarm. The others weren’t any less shocked. Very rarely would Energy Stream puppet masters choose to control two elements. One would be biting off more than one could chew doing that. The Energy Stream was a stream where the more one practiced, the better one would become. There was no limit to one’s progress.

A Proficient Rank puppet master might see a bowl of water as a bowl of water while a Master Rank would instead see it as a tool. As for an Exquisite Rank puppet master, he would see that bowl of water as a killing weapon.

Of course, Lin Li was an exception to this. She did not need to study the elements to control them. She only needed to study her puppet.

The second reason why one would only focus on one element was the puppet master’s physique. A puppet master couldn’t establish a link with any puppets. Each person would be partial towards certain puppets based on their physique.

For example, if one wanted Chen Hui to establish a link with a flame elemental puppet like Yan Suzi, he wouldn’t know how to use that puppet. His mind might even turn mad from the mere act of linking with the puppet.

Although the earth and water weren’t completely opposite elements, they were still completely different. Therefore, when Tai Shan demonstrated control over these two elements, everyone was stunned.

“Shocked already? It’s too early for that!”

Tai Shan sneered and once again, a massive wave of sand appeared and completely covered Tai Shan in it. Up in the air, Lin Li made a move. She immediately snatched the control over the sands and sent the endless sands crushing onto Tai Shan.

The essence of the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress was to make use of the elements others had gathered. When the dust settled, a dune appeared on where Tai Shan stood previously. Of course, it was unrealistic to expect that Tai Shan would be trapped by sand. It took him less than half a second to break free of the sand. He appeared completely unhurt.

He gazed at Bai Xiaofei coldly before sending a direct attack on Bai Xiaofei. This time, he used his own body to attack.

 This sudden change shocked everyone.

Is this guy also good at melee combat apart from the two elements he controls? Holy shit, there needs to be a limit to how freakish a person can get, right?

“I’ll deal with this.”

Hu Xian’er was about to attack again but was stopped by Bai Xiaofei’s shout. He pushed out with his feet and erupted forward at a speed even faster than Tai Shan’s charge.

Right before they collided, Tai Shan lifted his right fist. As for Bai Xiaofei, he took a sudden sidestep to shift himself to Tai Shan’s side. His right foot pushed on the ground and sent him shooting towards Tai Shan. He then wrapped his right arm on Tai Shan’s neck.

He exerted some strength onto his body and spun his body, twisting Tai Shan’s neck into a weird angle. This was quite a creepy sight. Despite the apparent success of his attack, Bai Xiaofei was slightly stunned.

This doesn’t feel right. Where’s the sound of the bones cracking?

Still in shock, Bai Xiaofei tried putting more force into his hand as he pulled on Tai Shan’s neck while stepping backward. What happened next shocked everyone yet again as Tai Shan’s head was ripped off by Bai Xiaofei. This bloody scene frightened many people, yet before long, they realized that something wasn’t right.

There’s no blood?

Bai Xiaofei examined the head he was holding and immediately understood everything.

To be precise, what Bai Xiaofei was holding was merely a head moulded out of mud.

“Li Li, demolish the dune.”

Bai Xiaofei calmed down and shouted at Lin Li. Then, the dune scattered, revealing what’s underneath. There, a tunnel large enough to fit an adult could be seen.

“You ran? Man, I thought you were a stubborn person. Turns out you’re not that stupid after all.”

Bai Xiaofei muttered as he tossed away the clay head he was holding. He then sighed.

Not a single one of the Newcomer Kings are simple people.

From what they knew so far, Tai Shan could control two elements and could even perfectly combine the two elements to create a new element, mud. Bai Xiaofei was sure that this control over mud wasn’t the only trump card Tai Shan had.

“Big Brother Fei…”

Wang Hang arrived beside Bai Xiaofei and glanced at the “head” on the ground. With a glance, he understood what happened.

“It doesn’t matter. A day will come when we meet again, and a day will also come when he can no longer run from us.”


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