Chapter 169: Counterattack!

“This is the map of the locale we’re in. There are two teleportation portals here. The portal nearest to us is in the middle of the forest.”

After the meal, Bai Kai started performing an analysis of their current situation. He was the only one who could take on this role among them. After all, there were four big shots and five little brothers in their group. Apart from him, who else could take on this role?

“You’re all originally allocated to this locale?”

Bai Xiaofei asked and looked at everyone. Everyone nodded.

“I’m wondering how the others are doing in the other locales.”

Bai Xiaofei sighed, appearing somewhat dispirited. Suddenly, the perverted-looking guy from class 21 stepped out.

“Boss Bai, I might have some information.”

Everyone looked over at the same time. The perverted-looking guy took this chance to introduce himself.

“Hello, fellow beauties and bosses. Hello, Boss Bai. I am Yang Wei, an Assassin Stream puppet master. I come from a rather unique family. My father is a fortune teller and is working an easy job at the Revelation Pavilion. Therefore, I am quite good in matters concerning the five elements.” (TL note: Five Elements Theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. In short, one needs to learn the five elements to learn fortune telling)

Yang Wei finished his introduction and stopped to smile. Before anyone lost their patience, he continued.

“Based on the name of this locale, we are probably in an illusionary land comprised of five locales of five different elements. We are in the Wood Realm, and joined with our locale are the Earth and Gold Realms. Both these elements countered the wood element. I can’t imagine what the Gold Realm looks like. But if we use the Wood Realm as the basis, the Earth Realm is probably a piece of desolate land.”

Quite a few of them were stunned after hearing his explanation. Everyone thought that Yang Wei was only a pervert who knew nothing. It would seem like he was still useful when it mattered.

“Li Li, can you sense a dense elemental power when you’re in here?” (TL note: The Chinese will sometimes call the last character of a person’s name two times as a form of endearment)

Unlike the others, Bai Xiaofei was already thinking of their next step. Lin Li blanked slightly when he asked.

“Yeah. I can sense a power full of vitality here. But mother once told me that this is actually the power of life…”

Lin Li said, somewhat doubtful. Yang Wei immediately added an explanation.

“That will be correct. In the theory of five elements, the wood is the representative of life as well. Trust me, Boss Bai. I can’t be wrong.”

Yang Wei continued trying to prove himself. Bai Xiaofei sank into thought.

“Fine. If that is the case, we have no choice but to go look for our old friend.”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he recollected the time when he was playing rock-paper-scissors with that old friend.

Since you are not being kind, don’t blame me for my retaliation! If I don’t beat you up to the point you regret your decision, I will be writing my name upside down in the future. Today, I will teach you that 100 million isn’t that easy to earn!

Bai Xiaofei vowed to himself. He then brought everyone towards the Wood Realm. Since Tai Shan was an Energy Stream puppet master, he would certainly head towards the locale with a matching element. This was a choice he would make unless he was damaged in his head.

While this was happening, Mo Ka’s group of six was in the vicinity of the teleportation portal connecting the Earth Realm and the Wood Realm. Things were not looking good for them. As Bai Xiaofei had guessed, Tai Shan’s group had indeed decided to head towards the Earth Realm after leaving the Wood Realm. There, they encountered Mo Ka’s group who was also heading towards the portal.

As far as Tai Shan was concerned, if he couldn’t be the one to eliminate Lin Li, he would settle with eliminating a few inconsequential characters of the Savage Class. After all, each of them was equivalent to one million Amethyst Coins. With this in mind, Tai Shan led his group to start attacking them. However, after the fight started, he found that things weren’t developing as he had guessed.

Although they seemed to be holding the advantage in this conflict with them suppressing Mo Ka’s group all along, the fight had been dragged on for more than ten minutes. Mo Ka’s group of six was still perfectly fine. On his side, only five were left of the original eight. The other three had been eliminated by Wang Hang who was moving in concealment.

 “Attacking from concealment continuously will require a huge amount of origin energy. You won’t be able to last long like this.”

Tai Shan clenched his teeth and looked at Wang Hang who had just reappeared, wishing he could finish Wang Hang with one punch. When Wang Hang first appeared, Tai Shan was his first target. Tai Shan would have followed Fang Yuesheng’s footsteps by now if it hadn’t been for his third puppet.

Tai Shan was correct. Wang Hang was nearly out of energy and could only use his Shadowflash Shoes one more time. Moreover, he could no longer conceal himself for more than three seconds.

Mo Ka and the others were even worse off. They could only focus on preserving their lives. Their survival might have seemed easy; however, a gap did exist between them and Tai Shan, a Master Rank puppet master. Therefore, what they did might look effortless but in truth, it was not easy at all.

Mo Ka’s Floating Blade had only been able to threaten Tai Shan on the first attack. After that, he was never given a chance to send his blade up in the air. It was thanks to the Ming brothers and Chen Hui’s frost abilities that he could last this long.

As for Qi Wei, it’s as if she wasn’t even here. She might be useful when dealing with those at her level. But facing Tai Shan, she couldn’t even get near him.

“This is my final attack. Prepare to be eliminated.”

The soil around them had long been transformed into sand by Tai Shan. After he spoke, the sand he controlled rose up. Before long, a huge amount of sand had gathered, reaching the point where the sky seemed to have been blotted out.

“Sand Funeral!”

“Splendor of the Thousand Stars!”

Just as Wang Hang and the others had given up, a familiar voice rang out. Then, the wave of sand that was supposed to come blasting paused midair. Slowly, the particles of sand turned into a ball of sand. Tai Shan’s heart tightened instinctively when he felt a familiar sensation. He looked towards the direction of the voice and gulped. Indeed, it was Lin Li!

Unlike before, Lin Li was already capable of flight! Of course, only Tai Shan’s group was surprised that Lin Li could fly. Lin Li had been able to fly ever since she had obtained the Thousand Star. She had merely been hiding her strength in the past. As a result, she had never used the Thousand Star in public before. It was different now as she no longer needed to hide her strength.

“Long time no see, old friend!”

Before Tai Shan had even recovered from his shock of seeing Lin Li, a voice that caused his scalp to go numb rang out.

Bai Xiaofei!

Tai Shan was greatly shocked while a bad premonition started rising within him. He would probably have to reveal all his trump cards now.

“What’s going on? It hasn’t been that long since we last met. Has Brother Tai Shan forgotten me already? Or perhaps you are too embarrassed to speak with me?”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, his voice grew chilly. Tai Shan clenched his teeth and looked at Bai Xiaofei.

“It’s not like we are that close anyway. For our benefit, we accepted a mission that would satisfy both sides. Why not?”

Tai Shan decided to stop all pretenses and was behaving like a completely different person from how he had behaved during the elimination matches.

“Well said!”

Bai Xiaofei clapped. Then, a delighted expression started spreading on his face.

“I love straightforward people like you. Well, no point in talking then. Let’s do it!”

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