Chapter 168: Regroup at the Wood Realm

After a long silence, Tai Shan withdrew his puppet. He then clasped his hands and saluted Hu Xian’er and Lin Li.

“See you in the next round. I hope we won’t meet again during this round.”Tai Shan then beckoned at his classmates before leaving with them. With Tai Shan setting an example, the others withdrew in succession after giving it some thought. Just like this, Lin Li’s crisis ended. 

If the five of them tried their best, they would definitely be able to eliminate both Lin Li and Hu Xian’er. However, nobody here wanted to use their full strength. Moreover, they also agreed with what Hu Xian’er had said. None wanted to be the unlucky one to be eliminated along Lin Li and Hu Xian’er.

After all, so long as one of the five was eliminated, the remaining four would not show quarter and attack that person’s classmates as well. With the elimination of that person’s class, the others would have an easier time in the coming rounds as well.

Compared to the offered one hundred million, their result in the New Student Tournament was much more important. Let alone the generous rewards they could earn from the tournament, the influence they would gain from becoming the champion was something worth much more than one hundred million. Hence, they gave up on attacking Lin Li.

“Thank you.” After everyone left, Lin Li solemnly thanked Hu Xian’er. “You are too courteous. Bai Xiaofei had after all nearly died at my place. I should do this favour for him. In any case, I hadn’t accepted the Babel Merchant House’s offer. It is likely that my class will be the new target of everyone if yours is eliminated.”

Hu Xian’er smiled sweetly and transformed back into her human form. She signalled at the jungle. Then, Bai Kai and five other class 21 students walked out. Half a day had gone by since the start of this round and class 21 hadn’t been idling around as well.

“Take a short rest. You must be tired from all the fighting. Bai Kai, prepare some food.”

Like a big sister, Hu Xian’er issued a series of commands. Bai Kai and the others started working busily. 

The fact that the magical beasts here would also drop food when they die was lifesaving for many people. Otherwise, a person with a big appetite like Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t even need to fight. This round only needed to last long enough and he would be starved to death.

As Bai Kai and the others worked, the aroma of food waffled around. Lin Li was behaving rather reserved, yet when she smelled the food, her hunger started raging.“Give it a try. Bai Kai’s family has been running a restaurant for several generations. The food he cooks is  quite nice.”

Hu Xian’er placed a roasted beast drumstick before Lin Li and invited her to eat like the most courteous of hosts. When Bai Kai and the others saw this, they were so astonished they started gulping. 

“Big Brother Kai, why is big sister so talkative today? She had spoken more words just now than she had ever spoken to our class all this while…”Guo Hong asked with disbelief.

“I have no idea. Perhaps it’s because the other party is also a big beauty? She is either trying to compete against her or perhaps she is feeling some sort of camaraderie with someone who is also a big beauty?”

This was Bai Kai’s conclusion, and the rest all seconded his conclusion.“Wouldn’t it be nice if both of them are in our class? If that is the case, I will surely  be looking forward to all the classes.”

A slender guy spoke with a perverted look on his face. He received a beating from Bai Kai in return. “To be running your mouth off like this, are you tired of living? If big sister heard this, she might relieve you of a certain body part.”

This sent a chill up the perverted guy’s spine. The scene of the devastation of a certain guy emerged in his brain. This the first guy to have provoked Hu Xian’er. After that scene of devastation, that student never dared to speak in class anymore.

“The f*ck? Why is there a dog here?”

Just as they were talking to each other, a student who was busy feasting on the roasted meat cried out in alarm. Everyone looked over and saw Huskie enjoying his “spoils of war” with a smug look. 


“Silly dog?”

Lin Li and Hu Xian’er cried out at the same time. Joy immediately covered their faces. If Huskie was here, Bai Xiaofei would be…

“Luckily Huskie has a good nose. Otherwise, I would have missed you guys.”

A burst of villainous laughter rang in the air. Then, Bai Xiaofei appeared with Blackie from the dense woods.

The two girls had just lifted their legs to walk towards Bai Xiaofei when an unexpected person appeared. They stopped their advance at the sight of this person. The newcomer was Luo Han.

“Who is she?”

Hu Xian’er gazed at Bai Xiaofei with deep suspicion in her eyes. Beside her, Lin Li was behaving the same. She still remembered who Luo Han was. Everything that had happened during the Blossom Banquet was still vivid in her mind. 

Of course, this was even more so for Hu Xian’er.“You guys should know her. She is Luo Han, one of the Newcomer Kings, one of the two that had not accepted the Babel Merchant House’s bounty on us.”

Bai Xiaofei introduced with a calm expression. Inwardly though, his heart was pounding madly. 

When he first came across Luo Han, he had wanted to stay out of her way. Unfortunately, he immediately stumbled upon a group of five students after that. And just as the group of five was madly pursuing Bai Xiaofei, Luo Han discovered him. She then helped him without any hesitation. 

Next, he got to see for himself the strength of a Support Stream puppet master who was crowned as one of the Newcomer Kings. With her help, he was able to remain unscathed despite fighting five enemies alone. Moreover, the fight had been very easy for him. After the fight ended, she apologized to him before he could even thank her. Because of this, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t bring himself to say something as shameless as splitting up and leaving her alone. 

Bai Xiaofei had no choice but to brace himself and brought Luo Han along. Of course, he had never expected to meet Hu Xian’er this fast. He had planned to keep on hiding from Hu Xian’er. Unfortunately, Huskie’s performance was too disappointing…

And thus, coming out after bracing himself was Bai Xiaofei’s only option.

“I mean, why are the two of you together? Have you been in contact with her before the match?” Listening to Hi Xian’er’s emotionless voice was like a torture for Bai Xiaofei. She spoke with the imposingness of an empress capable of suppressing everyone before her.

“There’s no such thing! We had only met by chance!” Bai Xiaofei clarified solemnly, stunning the others. One asks while the other answers? What is this? Something feels odd? Is this a mere cooperative relationship?

Countless questions surfaced in everyone’s mind. Bai Xiaofei noticed this and hurriedly signalled Hu Xian’er with his eyes before walking towards Lin Li.

“Everything is still fine, right?” Bai Xiaofei asked gently. Lin Li was still guessing Bai Xiaofei’s relationship with Luo Han when she heard the gentleness in Bai Xiaofei’s voice. She then smiled happily.

“Everything is fine, but I already revealed my second puppet just now…”

Bai Xiaofei blanked.

“What happened? Someone actually pushed you hard enough to force you to use your second puppet?”The first person Bai Xiaofei thought of was Fang Yuesheng, the one with the Divine Beast Transformation. However, he immediately rejected this possibility. He found it hard to believe that Fang Yuesheng’s Divine Beast Transformation could be used without limit.

“What happened was…”

Lin Li answered meekly and started telling Bai Xiaofei what she had encountered. When Bai Xiaofei knew what happened, a ruthless look appeared on his face.

“Looks like they will all look down on me if I don’t do something brutal to them.”

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