Chapter 167: Lin Li’s Crisis!

“Do it yourself. Leave the tournament because you can’t possibly survive this situation.”

After another probing attack, Ka Nong left Lin Li’s attack range. It sounded like he was sincerely advising her to surrender, yet at the same time, it also sounded like an insult.

 Apart from Ka Nong, four other Master Rank puppet masters were around Lin Li as well. There was Xiang Tao of the Assassin Stream and Zhao Ziyin, Tai Shan, and Yan Suzi of the Onslaught Stream. Both Tai Shan and Yan Suzi had just arrived from the Gold Realm. 

The five Newcomer Kings were ganging up on Lin Li. Apart from them, around thirty students were also in the vicinity. They were in a formation that they seemed rather well-practiced with. The situation was exactly as Fang Yuesheng had explained it prior to his elimination; the Savage Class was in perilous danger.

“Just bring it on if you want to fight!” 

Lin Li had two Starnet Stones she was using to recover her origin energy. While recovering her origin energy, she scanned everyone around her. The trees around them had long been destroyed from the intense battle. She had no place to hide or escape to. 

“Keeping this up doesn’t help anyone. Things will get complicated if her classmates arrive. Shouldn’t you guys just stop hiding your strength?”

Xiang Tao said gloomily. The faces of the other four darkened at that reminder.

Yan Suzi was the first to attack.

“Flame Domain, rise!”

The moment Yan Suzi spoke, the temperature around her started rising rapidly. After a few seconds, the fallen trees around her started smoking. Then, multiple tongues of flame appeared one after another. Flame Domain was an ability that could greatly increase the temperature around the user. Anything within the radius of the ability would become extremely flammable. Any flame-attribute attack within the radius would be strengthened as well.

Yan Suzi did not have anything to hide because she only relied on her strength. She had no misgivings in showing her true strength. With her setting an example, the others started using their full power as well. Their attacks completely changed in style and vigor. Xiang Tao vanished while the ground beneath Tai Shan started to loosen. The radius of the effect was growing as he continued channeling his origin energy into his ability. Zhao Ziyun and Ka Nong charged straight at Lin Li after looking at each other.

At the same time, the long-range attackers among the thirty students attacked. Their attacks served as a vanguard for the five kings.

“Feather Dress's Flame Shower!”

A golden radiance shot high up into the air, then a fiery red barrier appeared. All the incoming long-range attacks were suddenly nullified. Even Ka Nong and Zhao Ziyun were forced into retreat. It was at that moment that a fiery staff appeared in Yan Suzi’s hand. She poured her origin energy into the staff before pointing it at Lin Li.

“Explosive Staff, ignite!”

There was a low rumble as the fiery barrier around Lin Li exploded. The shockwave from the explosion spread out and swallowed everything around her. Everyone knew what the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress was capable of. The only reason Yan Suzi had activated her Flame Domain, despite knowing what the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress could do, was so she could build-up for that moment. Unfortunately, she had still underestimated Lin Li.

The smoke settled and the center of the explosion became clear for all to see. Everyone thought Lin Li was dead for sure, yet a yellow globe had appeared around her, firmly protecting her within. The attack earlier had been so sudden that Lin Li hadn’t been able to escape completely unscathed despite the shield. Still, such a degree of damage was not sufficient enough to penetrate the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress’s defenses.


Lin Li shouted, and immediately, the yellow globe transformed into numerous sharp spikes that shot out at her surroundings.

“Sand wall, rise!”

A wall of sand suddenly appeared and blocked nearly all the spikes. The sand cancelled out Lin Li’s attack before it could do anything. Lin Li wanted to take initiative by attacking first after that exchange, but a sense of urgency suddenly rose within her heart. Then, a unique energy activated in her without her even knowing how it happened. The unique energy deprived her of her ability to move, causing her to stand still like she was a puppet.

Xiang Tao appeared out of thin air behind Lin Li and aimed his dagger at her heart. In her moment of crisis, Lin Li gave up on hiding her real strength. Thousand Star, her second puppet, immediately charged out of her body. Xiang Tao’s final attack was about to land when he saw a flashing light emerge from her. Alarmed, he activated his puppet and vanished again. That was the ability of his third puppet, Shadowswap. The ability allowed him to instantly swap his position with a shadow he had placed down in advance.

Flexibility in advance and retreat was paramount for an assassin. With this third puppet, Xiang Tao was already well equipped in both advance and retreat tactics. Everyone was alarmed when they saw Lin Li’s Thousand Star. Firstly, they were shocked by the fact that Lin Li was still hiding her strength. Secondly, they were shocked by the fact that Lin Li’s second puppet was unknown to them. Everyone was able to see the golden radiance that had appeared when she summoned her puppet. It was yet another gold-grade puppet!

“You’re using two gold-grade puppets at the same time? I refuse to believe you have a Heavenly Origin Physique!”

Tai Shan snorted and launched a new attack. The sand he controlled soared into the sky before charging at Lin Li, trying to swallow her up. When two Energy Stream puppet masters that controlled the same element met in battle, the two would be engaged in a battle of origin energy exhaustion. On top of that, the person to eventually gain control over the element would still have to exhaust at least double the origin energy when manipulating the element.

Even though Tai Shan was aware that he couldn’t defeat Lin Li in the battle over the earth element, he still competed against her in a bid to exhaust her origin energy. The others immediately understood what Tai Shan was trying to do.

They then changed their battle strategy. They were shamelessly trying to exhaust Lin Li instead of continuing with their forceful attacks. Zhao Ziyun and Ka Nong both retreated to protect Tai Shan and Yan Suzi. As for Xiang Tao, he went invisible again. The long-range attackers never stopped attacking either.

Not a single one of those attacks could enter a ten yard radius of Lin Li. Thousand Star had greatly increased the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress’s control radius, turning the radius of ten yards around Lin Li into a forbidden zone.

Tai Shan had done the right thing. Creating that absolute defense had greatly exhausted Lin Li.

“Isn’t it excessive for so many of you to bully one person?”

Just as everyone thought victory was within grasp, a cold voice rang out. Next, a milky white radiance appeared amidst the ranged attackers. In the span of a few breaths, no less than seven people were immediately eliminated.

Everyone’s heart throbbed as they looked over. There, Hu Xian’er was gracefully walking towards them, playing with a ball of purple light in her palm. For a moment, everyone stopped attacking. Lin Li took that as an opportunity to quickly start absorbing the origin energy from her Starnet Stones. Hu Xian’er sauntered over to slowly stop beside Lin Li.

“You owe me one. Remember to repay me in the future,” Hu Xian’er said with a smile. Lin Li did not know how she should respond.

“Are you guys going to continue, or are we going to kiss and make up? I don’t care if you guys have been hiding your strength or not. If we work together, it won’t be a problem to eliminate at least two of you.”

The five Master Rank puppet masters were already hesitant in dealing with Lin Li in the first place. When they heard Hu Xian’er, they sank into silence. It might seem like they had the advantage when it was five of them against two, but still, her words had successfully frightened them.

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