Chapter 166: The Gathering of the Four Fishermen


“Please! Stop chasing us!”

“We can pay you!”

“We have a lot of money!”

In the Earth Realm, the Ming brothers were running madly with a group of five hot on their heels.

There were three long-range attackers among their pursuers. All three of them were trying to madly hit the Ming brothers. If it wasn’t for the fact that the shields the Ming brothers carried was as sturdy as a turtle shell, the brothers would have been eliminated. Although they looked quite sorry as they begged for mercy, sly smiles could be seen on their faces when they turned around.

They were extremely sly and had treacherous smiles. When the two reached a particular ruin, they finally stopped running. They pretended to gasp for breath as if they were completely exhausted.

“Why aren’t you still running? Chasing you was so fun!”

The leader of the group looked at the Ming brothers smugly and spoke, though he breathed heavily.

“Brother, what if we pay you?”

“Yeah, we will really pay. I’m not lying!”

The two jokingly begged while holding tightly onto their shields, looking every bit like they intended to fight to the death.

“My boss told me that we will be paid fifty thousand Amethyst Coins for each Savage Class student we eliminate. Can you pay more than that?”

The leader licked his lips greedily. He looked at the Ming brothers like they were meat he was about to feast on. When the Ming brothers heard him, they were slightly stunned.

Holy f*ck! Since when are we so valuable? Can we quit and claim the money for ourselves? If we did that, Big Brother Fei would probably beat us to death… they thought at once.

Several thoughts flashed in the Ming brothers’ minds before they dismissed thoughts of quitting. Their lives were more important than money!

“Can you make it cheaper?”

“We don’t have that much money…”

The Ming brothers smiled bitterly. Their opponents merely sneered.

“You can f*ck off from the tournament if you don’t have the money.”

Immediately, the three ranged attackers unleashed their attacks. The three attacks flew towards the Ming brothers while the leader and the other opponent charged straight at the Ming brothers.

The group of five worked well together. They had a standard close and long-range attack combination. However, they underestimated the capability of the enemies they were facing. When the three long-range attackers struck, a sharp blade abruptly flew down from the sky. One of the long-range attackers directly transformed into a shower of white light that proceeded to fade away. At the same time, a chilly wave of energy swept towards them. The four remaining enemies felt their bodies slowing down, and two different people immediately jumped out of the ruins and charged straight towards the two remaining long-range attackers from either side.

“Frost Grasp!”

With his right hand on his target’s neck, Chen Hui activated his second puppet’s ability. His target’s head was frozen solid before shattering into countless pieces. On the other side, Mo Ka’s attack was even more brutal. He had a stone as big as a muskmelon in each of his hands. He vigorously brandished the stones as he smashed his target into dots of white light.

The two melee fighters who had charged the Ming brothers found that the two sheep they were about to slaughter had abruptly transformed into two wolves. The three long-range attacks failed to even create a dent in their shields. Then, the two shields moved together and smashed towards them. Slowed by the frost effect, the two had no way of avoiding the shields and were sent flying.

That wasn’t the end of it. Immediately after, the two brothers tossed their shields out at the same time. The two shields smashed into their two opponents that were flying in the air. Shield users generally had great physical strength, so a simple toss of the Ming brothers’ shields nearly killed their flying opponents. All that was left was the easy part. The Savage Class students only had to decide on which brutal method they wanted to use on those two.

 “This is the third group. We only need one more fragment. It won’t be long before we get to leave this damned place.”

Chen Hui said happily after checking what spoils of war they had gotten.  Mo Ka had been hiding there all along. While he waited for prey, he managed to gather Chen Hui and the Ming brothers. After they met, Chen Hui improved Mo Ka’s hunting methods, creating a trap.

It was a crude yet efficient method. They had already eliminated three groups of people using this method just as Chen Hui had said.

“We might need to change our location.”

“Yeah, we can’t find anyone else here.”

The Ming brothers suggested. As the bait, they had the right to say that. Although their job as the bait was tiring and dangerous, they still enjoyed it. Seeing the smug smiles on their opponents’ faces turning into stupefaction was extremely satisfying.

“Is there any news on Big Brother Fei?”

Mo Ka was more concerned about Bai Xiaofei. Although Bai Xiaofei was usually untrustworthy, Bai Xiaofei was capable of giving them a sense of security like no other in times such as that.

“We didn’t see him.”

“Nor did we hear from him.”

Mo Ka and Chen Hui sighed at the Ming brothers’ response.

Looks like we have to continue relying on ourselves for now, they thought.

“Let’s go. Time to relocate.”

Chen Hui had finally decided. Just as the four were about to leave, they all felt a chill creeping up their spines at the same time. The moment they felt it the Ming brothers grasped at their shields tightly, Chen Hui tightened his grip on his Snowfreeze Pearl, and Mo Ka tossed his Floating Blade high up into the air.

“Do you have to do that? I’m just messing with you guys.”

Wang Hang’s figure slowly appeared out of thin air with a smile on his face. Next, Qi Wei walked out to meet them. When the four saw them, they calmed down as a look of intense joy crept onto their faces.

“Old Wang! We finally found you!”

Mo Ka jumped on Wang Hang to give him a bear hug. Wang Hang was so startled his whole body tensed at the contact. 

“Stay away from me!”

Wang Hang retreated two steps back and breathed out in relief after leaving the “danger zone”. His sorry state made Qi Wei burst out laughing.

“Watch yourself, Mo Ka. His girlfriend is here!”

Chen Hui was extremely level headed when he needed to be, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be a jokester when he was off duty.


“His beloved is here.”

The Ming brothers added to the joke with a two comment combo.

“I suddenly feel like the four of you are working fine together. You might not need me after all.”

An awkward look crossed Wang Hang’s face before he suddenly spoke in a serious tone.

“Nooo! Old Wang, do you know how miserable we were without you? The Ming brothers missed you so much! They were hunted mercilessly while you were gone!” 

Mo Ka started pleading with tears running down his face and mucus running out of his nose. He looked so miserable, it didn’t look like he was joking at all. What he said was still correct in a way. The Ming brothers had indeed been chased all over.

“Stop. Don’t think that I didn’t hear what you guys were saying earlier. Take this.” 

Wang Hang couldn’t stand it anymore and interrupted Mo Ka’s “touching” performance. He took out a fragment and gave it to Chen Hui.

“I killed a magical beast in passing while I was on my way here. You should be able to complete the map with this, right?”

They had gained the second map!



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