Chapter 165: Gather

“Based on the map, we are currently in the Illusionary Land of Five Elements. We are in the Gold Realm, and neighboring us are the Fire and Wood Realms. The teleportation portals to both those realms are quite far away from us, though.”

Shi Kui spread the map open as he spoke. When the others saw the two dots marked on the map, their hearts dropped. One of the portals was at the foot of the tallest broken sword right in the middle of the map while the other portal was in the western-most corner. One of the portals was too far away while the other was too difficult to get to.

“We definitely can’t go to the one in the middle. When I was scouting earlier, I noticed Tai Shan and Yan Suzi heading there. It’s a difficult journey and there would be way too many opponents once we arrived. The battle there would be the fiercest. So there is only one option left for us.”

A resolute look appeared on all their faces. Since there was only one viable option, all that was left for them to do was to act on it.

Water Realm.

Qi Wei was no longer capable of putting up any sort of a fight. Fang Yuesheng was standing in front of her silently with undisguised hatred on his face.  It hadn’t been easy for Zhu Sisi and Qi Wei to regroup. Unfortunately for them, they had encountered Fang Yuesheng a short while earlier. He was alone, but they still wanted to avoid conflict with him. To their surprise, Fang Yuesheng started pursuing them the moment he saw them. He charged at them recklessly, as if he was rushing to see the dearest person to him. 

Zhu Sisi and Qi Wei had no choice but to start fighting. Zhu Sisi was instantly defeated while Qi Wei survived despite having exhausted all her energy. She only lasted that long because Fang Yuesheng was deliberately toying with her instead of killing her straight away. If it wasn’t for that, Qi Wei would have suffered the same fate as Zhu Sisi.

 “This is my first step towards my revenge. All of you will pay for your arrogant class monitor!”

Fang Yuesheng then transformed his hand into a blade and raised it threateningly.

“A selfish and ruthless person like you will never be able to reach the top. You are the one who’s being arrogant. If you had encountered anyone but us, you would have been easily defeated.”

Qi Wei glared at Fang Yuesheng with no fear in her eyes.

“Ha, you and your classmates are all the same. All of you are so full of yourselves. Do you have any idea what that moronic class monitor of yours did? He spent a huge amount of money betting on the Savage Class being the champion. Now, the Babel Merchant House has issued a bounty on you all. One million Amethyst Coins are the reward for each Savage Class student eliminated from the round. Apart from my class, several other classes have been notified of this bounty as well. If we can work together to eliminate the Savage Class, each of our classes will be paid 100 million Amethyst Coins as a reward.”

After finally spilling the beans, a sneer crept onto Fang Yuesheng’s face. 

“Do you still think your class can keep up the struggle and survive the first round?”

Fang Yuesheng spat coldly and no longer bothered talking to Qi Wei. The only reason he had even told her that was because he wanted her to feel true despair. Plunging the Savage Class students into despair was his greatest source of excitement. 

The other Savage Class students were now the subject of Fang Yuesheng’s hatred due to their association with Bai Xiaofei. As far as he was concerned, it would be best if the entire Savage Class was eliminated from the academy after the tournament.  Unfortunately, Fang Yuesheng had forgotten the fact that villains usually suffered their demise due to talking too much.

“Sorry. The word struggle really doesn’t apply to us.”

Suddenly, an ice-cold voice rang out from behind him. That voice signaled Fang Yuesheng’s demise. 

The emotions Qi Wei had been suppressing came gushing out when she heard Wang Hang’s voice. She let loose the grief she had been holding in and tears started welling in her eyes. With his Spiral Sword on his hand, Wang Hang sent Fang Yuesheng flying with a kick. Fang Yuesheng tried putting up a fight but it was hopeless. So, what if he could perform a Divine Beast Transformation? As long as he wasn’t given a chance to transform, he was no different than a regular Master Rank puppet master. 

Ranks never meant anything to assassins.

“Sorry for being late.”

Wang Hang ignored Fang Yuesheng and gently held his hand out for Qi Wei. Rather than grabbing his hand, Qi Wei leapt straight into Wang Hang’s arms.

“Why are you so late? Sisi has already been eliminated! Do you know how scared I was? Do you know how terrible that man is?” 

Qi Wei’s questions tumbled out of her as she was filled with relief and regret. Her tears completely smashed the barrier within Wang Hang’s heart. His mind went blank, and he stood completely still until Qi Wei pulled him into a hug.

 “Don’t you know how to comfort someone?”

Wang Hang only regained his bearings when Qi Wei shouted that at him.

“Sorry... I’m so sorry. I promise you, I will always stay by your side in the future, no matter what. I will never let anyone hurt you like that again.”

Wang Hang spoke in a flustered manner. The way he reacted turned Qi Wei’s tears into laughter.

“Idiot. Who said I want you to stay by my side?”

Qi Wei slightly blushed and pushed Wang Hang away before she started wiping her face. Once again, Wang Hang’s mind went blank.

Ugh, women are truly complicated. I can’t ever tell what they’re going to do -- it’s like they don’t operate on logic…

“If you don’t want me by your side all the time, that’s okay too. I will do anything you want.”

Wang Hang was still the same. He was an expert in assassinations, but he was even worse than Wu Chi and Shi Kui at figuring out what girls wanted. Of course, there was no comparing him to veterans like Bai Xiaofei and Xing Nan. 

“Who will you stay beside if not me? Are you thinking of behaving like the class monitor? Do you want to mess around with lots of girls?”

Poor Bai Xiaofei had been hiding in a bush when he suddenly sneezed. As a result, the group of three he had been stalking noticed him and turned around.

“No, no, no! I won’t be like Big Brother Fei. You alone are enough for me…”

Bai Xiaofei started running. He suddenly sneezed again and slowed down slightly before he was hit in the back by an origin energy ball. He face-planted into the ground, and the momentum from the fall sent him rolling. 

“That’s more like it! If you act like Bai Xiaofei, I will cut you down!”

Bai Xiaofei was engaged in an intense battle with his enemies after they caught up with him and he sneezed yet again. The distraction earned him a kick that sent him flying.

Holy shit! Who did I offend? What terrible things are they saying behind my back? he wondered.

Bai Xiaofei cursed inwardly and started rolling to dodge the remaining two enemies’ attacks. He then stood and charged at the melee puppet master that was similarly charging at him. 

Damn it! Those two attacks were only able to land because I allowed it. You dare to underestimate me because of that? he thought with gritted teeth.

“Where should we go next?”

Finally, Qi Wei and Wang Hang stopped talking about Bai Xiaofei and started talking shop.

“We are in the Water Realm and there are four other realms like this. I have already searched in this realm. Apart from you and Sisi, none of our classmates are here. The Fire and Earth Realms are our neighboring realms. We need to choose one of them to go and look for our classmates in.” 

Wang Hang was definitely not stupid --he had merely been overshadowed by Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye. When an assassin calmed down, they had the most comprehensive thought process and judgment towards matters concerning life and death out of anyone.

“Yeah. We have to hurry up and let the class monitor and the others know what that scum said earlier. Things will get dangerous for them if they get ganged up on by the other classes.”

After making up their minds, the two climbed into a boat with the goal of meeting up with their classmates.



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