Chapter 164: Savage Class’s Situation

“Down!” Mo Ka commanded softly. He was hiding underneath the dilapidated walls of some yellow ruins. Immediately, the Floating Blade shot down from above him. A whizzing sound rang through the air as the blade pierced downward through the air at a rapid pace. Mo Ka’s target activated his defensive barrier ability by instinct. Unfortunately, his barrier failed to do anything. The barrier didn’t even last a fraction of a second before the Floating Blade penetrated both the barrier and the user of the barrier.

Mo Ka had been crouched under the walls hiding for a long time. Nearly all his origin energy had been channeled into his Floating Blade. How could his Floating Blade be blocked when it was powered by all his origin energy? After killing his target, a fragment flickering with yellow light appeared before Mo Ka, stunning him.

“Holy shit. Looks like the guy I just killed was actually a big deal! He slaughtered a Spiritual Rank magical beast by himself! This is an amazing profit!”

Mo Ka was startled but he still picked up the loot with an obscene smile on his face. He then took out a handful of Starnet Stones from his storage ring and started using them to replenish his origin energy.

Bai Xiaofei was so wealthy that he bought one storage ring for each of the Savage Class students who didn’t have one. He was still using the one Revelation gave him, though.  He considered it a keepsake and kept using it even though its storage space was rather small.

The other Savage Class students had made their own gains in the match as well. Among them, Wang Hang had gained the most. He was currently on an island because he had been transferred into a locale comprised of numerous islands. All the students and magical beasts on the island he was on had already been killed.

With his Shadowflash Shoes, it was a perfect environment for Wang Hang.

“One fragment left. I need to hurry up.”

After a short rest, Wang Hang climbed into the last boat left on the island. He was doing fine, but such an environment wasn’t exactly optimal for Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo.

That was why Wang Hang had to hurry up. Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo, who Wang Hang was worried about, had been fortunate enough to encounter each other. Unfortunately, they still had limited combat power. They had decided to wait right where they were after a short discussion because of that.

They were both in a locale filled with volcanoes. Xu Chen was also in the same location. However, Xu Chen was doing even worse than Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo because she had encountered a group of three internally recruited students.

Oddly, the three that were chasing after Xu Chen were feeling even worse than her. She was just too evasive! Finally, Xu Chen stopped after running for over twenty minutes. She had run all that way but was still not winded. She then took out all three of her puppets. The three students chasing after her hurriedly prepared for battle as well. They lost all appearance of intimidation as they stood there gasping for breath.

“I told you not to chase after me, so why won’t you guys listen?”

Xu Chen had just finished speaking when she suddenly sprinted towards the three students. Rather than slowing down, she was even faster than when she was fleeing earlier. The Savage Class students hadn’t spent an entire month running laps for nothing.

“Move out!”

The leader of the group of three cried out in alarm as he lifted his saber and faced the incoming Xu Chen. Although he was an agility-based puppet master, he wasn’t even half as fast as Xu Chen.

The Crimsomflame Sword and the saber met. The recoil pushed the leader five or six steps backward. It was at that moment that his teammates attacked and tried to save him from his predicament.

“Burning Shield!”

A blazing shield appeared and as the shield had been reinforced by the volcanic environment, its color was at least thirty percent darker than before. Even after the shield was struck twice, the shield still remained unbroken.


Xu Chen pushed forward once again before setting off her Burning Shield. The resulting shockwave sent the leader flying. The moment he left the ground it was all over for him. Xu Chen wouldn’t be Xu Chen if she couldn’t even take advantage of an opening like that. She stabbed her Crimsomflame Sword into the leader’s chest, killing him with an explosion. Finally, the leader disintegrated into dots of light before he faded into thin air.

The other two were long-range attackers. They had been quite troublesome when they were chasing after Xu Chen earlier. Now that Xu Chen was bearing down on them, the two were no different than lambs waiting to be slaughtered…

After less than two minutes, Xu Chen was the only one left standing. She didn’t even need to use her third puppet. Bai Xiaofei had reminded her to save her third puppet since Firegod’s Grasp was one of their main trump cards that she should save for an emergency.

“Damn it, I told you to not provoke that monkey. Now its entire family is chasing after us!”

The final locale was an area filled with gigantic broken swords that formed mountains. Xing Nan, Wu Chi, and Shi Kui were running for their lives. Behind them, five monkeys, that were two times larger than Wu Chi, were relentlessly pursuing them.

“No point bullshitting. Just focus on running. If we get defeated this way, we will be a laughingstock.”

Shi Kui said that as he increased his running speed.

“No, running won’t solve this. We need to deal with them!”

After Awhile, Xing Nan realized that something wasn’t right.  If it wasn’t for the complicated terrain formed by the peaks around them, the three would have been killed long ago.

“Shit. How are we supposed to deal with five of those monkeys?”

Shi Kui knew running wouldn’t solve anything, but if they stopped running, they would be helpless against the monkeys! Right after he made that remark, a loud sound rang out. Then, one of the monkeys chasing after them crashed into the ground. It did not end there. After the first sound, a second and third sound rang out, and two more monkeys fell to the ground.

“Old Fang! It’s Old Fang!”

Wu Chi exclaimed in surprise and stopped running. With Windslash in his hands, he charged at the two remaining monkeys. Shi Kui was right behind him. He lifted his enlarged hammer up, looking even more imposing than Wu Chi. As for Xing Nan, he continued running a bit farther before stopping. Unlike the other two, he was a long-range fighter and would only be dangerous from a distance.

The three worked together and killed off the remaining two monkeys. They started harvesting the useful materials from the magical beasts as they expectantly waited for Fang Ye. By the time they were done gathering the materials, Fang Ye was already running towards them in excitement with his rifle in his arms.

“Old Fang, you are our savior!”

Xing Nan was the first to speak to Old Fang. In the past, Fang Ye had needed his guidance in ranged attacks. Xing Nan had never expected that Fang Ye would be graduating from his teachings that fast…

“Stop talking. Hurry and combine the fragments so we can get the map. I already surveyed the area from several high peaks. Apart from the three of you, I didn’t see any of our classmates. I reckon they are in different locales.”

Fang Ye appeared stressed; the joy from having won a battle couldn’t be found on his face.

“What’s the situation? Why are you acting so serious?”

Xing Nan immediately realized that something wasn’t right.

“Both Tai Shan and Yan Suzi are here as well. I saw them earlier but I did not dare to open fire on them. They each gathered a group of teammates with them, so we can’t stay here for long.”

When the others heard him, a grave expression appeared on their faces. They still couldn’t perform any decent battle combos between the four of them. Their top priority was finding their other classmates.

“Done, the fragments are joined. I have bad news for you guys…”

Shi Kui gulped and their faces fell. At times like this, “bad news” was what people feared most.


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