Chapter 163: The Surprising Start

A bright radiance covered everyone’s vision. By the time Bai Xiaofei regained his vision, his surroundings had completely changed. He looked around in vigilance and found that apart from the dense woods surrounding him, he couldn’t see any other person. In other words, the students had all been scattered.

“An illusionary realm?” Bai Xiaofei muttered as he touched the towering tree beside him.

This is not an illusion. The tree feels very real!

He sighed in admiration. Just as he was about to process the new information he gained, Luo Xi’s voice rang out. Her voice seemed to come from every direction.

“This is the first stage of the survival games. You have all been separated into five different locales. In addition to the students of other classes, there are also various types of Spiritual Rank magical beasts at each locale. You can get all sorts of items from defeating them, including map fragments. Five fragments can be combined into a complete map, and the map will be marked with the teleportation formations that lead to the other locales. Your mission is to survive, look for your classmates, and defeat the students of the other classes.

“You can attack freely here, as dying here will not be real death. Those killed will be transported away from the formation and disqualified from the tournament. The announcement ends here. Do your best, students.”

Luo Xi’s announcement ended. Everyone now had a clear understanding of his or her situation. Most people wore a bitter expression, but Bai Xiaofei had a sly grin on his face.

Isn’t this just wilderness survival? We are very experienced with this! thought Bai Xiaofei as he rubbed Huskie, who was in his arms. He then tried to channel his origin energy into Huskie.

“How merciless. She has indeed sealed the abilities of my puppets. Fortunately, I was still allowed to bring you guys with me.” Bai Xiaofei was not disheartened. He placed Huskie on the ground before patting Blackie, who was sprawled over his shoulder. “If you work well this time, I promise I won’t ever use Huskie to threaten you again. What do you think?”

Blackie immediately leapt off Bai Xiaofei with a sharp gleam in her eyes.

She agreed.

Bai Xiaofei was able to understand what Blackie meant since their minds were linked.

“I will rely on you two to scout my surroundings, then. Go.”

Huskie and Blackie vanished amid the dense forest, signifying the start of Bai Xiaofei’s hunt! 

Meanwhile, the other Savage Class students also quickly figured out their current situation and were already moving around. From how their surroundings looked, it was clear that they had been split into different locales. This was terrible news. Fortunately, they were still unaware of this. 

The students of other classes, however, sank into a slight confusion that went away as time passed. Prudence replaced their confusion as they started moving around.

As for the crowd seated in the spectator seats, a huge screen was now in front of each of them. They could view any participant they wanted with the screen. They could even simultaneously view several participants if they wanted to do so.

Four huge screens faced four different directions above the center of the public square. The screens broadcast live the activities of students. From the lucky ones who were able to meet their friends to the unlucky ones who had stumbled upon magical beasts, all of them were broadcast here.

One could say that the four huge screens were broadcasting the highlights of the tournament while the individual screens of the spectators were there for them to follow specific students. After a series of rapid actions by Xue Ying, the screen before her was now broadcasting all the Savage Class students. Looking at how they were handling themselves, she couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

Both Lei Shan and Revelation were in Lei Shan’s office, the latter lazily sitting in a chair. A fat baldy and a stoic-looking, middle-aged man were also present. They were the vice principals of the academy, Chu Qingtian and Jing Cheng.

“Little Fatty Chu, enlarge the broadcast of my disciple. Yes, that’s it. Larger! More! Mhm. That’s more like it,” Revelation praised in satisfaction, and now the screen in the room only had Bai Xiaofei on it. One could say that all four of them were here to enjoy Bai Xiaofei’s “special performance”.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have come. Chu Qingtian inwardly grumbled and sighed. A great vice principal of Starnet Academy like him was being ordered around like some waiter. If the others were to discover this, his prestige would be gone. Nevertheless, he was much better off than Jing Cheng.

As Chu Qingtian thought of this, he stole a glance at Jing Cheng. Looking at how Jing Cheng was forced to massage Revelation, Chu Qingtian felt as if his fate wasn’t that bad after all.

“Little Cheng, your massage is on point,” Revelation said. “I think you can quit your job as a vice principal and go open a massage center instead. I promise you the business will be great. Don’t you know that a lot of lonely, wealthy women prefer a well-built guy like you?”

Jing Cheng broke out in a cold sweat when he heard this. He had the urge to slap Revelation to death. However, he didn’t have the guts to do it. After all, he wasn’t a match for Revelation!

Lei Shan, who was concentrating on the screen, suddenly cried out in surprise. “Oh! That stinky brat has already encountered someone!”

Everyone focused their attention on the screen. The scene of Bai Xiaofei raising his butt high up entered their eyes. Currently, Bai Xiaofei was carefully advancing forward as he hid in the bush. He simultaneously tried his best to slow down his breathing.

Even if your opponent is a little kid, you still have to use all your strength! This was one of the teachings Xue Ying had drilled deep into the minds of the Savage Class students, and they had faithfully abided by this teaching. 

When Bai Xiaofei was two steps from his opponent, he readied himself to attack, but he wasn’t the first to move. Rather, it was Huskie hiding in the bush opposite him.

Bai Xiaofei’s target was extremely anxious in the first place. The sudden movement in his surroundings alarmed him, and the long saber in his hand immediately swept out with a sharp attack. His attack missed, and at that instant, two words surfaced in his mind: It’s over…

Bai Xiaofei shot from the bush like an arrow unleashed from a fully stretched longbow. Both his hands instantly grabbed hold of his target’s neck. He applied some force with his hands, and with a crisp “crack”, he sent his opponent out of the match.

All this had happened in an instant, and the fight hadn’t been unnecessarily dragged out.

“Pfft. How useless.” Bai Xiaofei cracked his fist and rushed towards his next target, which Blackie had discovered somewhere else.

The four viewers watching the screen were left dumbfounded.

“That wasn’t taught by you, right?” Lei Shan gulped. His widely opened eyes revealed his extreme shock.

“That’s not possible. It’s impossible for him to be related to that organization. If that is the case, he wouldn’t have used that battle technique so publicly.” Revelation couldn’t stay calm anymore, and he stood up straight.

“Besides,” he added, “this is a normal battle technique. Since he comes from that place, it’s normal for him to know such battle techniques!” This time he was able to completely convince himself.

“Just keep watching.” Lei Shan didn’t say much. He continued to silently look at the screen, but he was no longer as relaxed as before.


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