Chapter 162: The Mysterious Formation: Illusionary Land of the Myriad Kingdoms

Zhuang Ming did not immediately answer Bai Xiaofei. He instead turned and asked Rui Mengqi, “How much longer before your contract ends?”

Rui Mengqi blinked and answered, “It’s my last day today.” It was as if she knew no fear; not a single trace of the nervousness of facing one’s superior could be seen on her.

“In a while, go receive your commission for this deal. And take an additional couple hundred thousand Amethyst Coins as well. From then on you’ll belong to this young brother.” Zhuang Ming turned and looked at Bai Xiaofei again. “Young brother, are you satisfied with this arrangement?”

“You are indeed fitting to be a vice president. I believe our next meeting will also be a pleasant one.” Bai Xiaofei stretched out his right hand, and Zhuang Ming shook it. 

The vice president, however, did not make a comment on Bai Xiaofei’s evaluation of him. A casino was a place where one party would be happy while the other would be sad. It was impossible for both parties to feel happy at the same time, and Zhuang Ming was certain that Bai Xiaofei would definitely not be the happy one. “I will be looking forward to our next meeting.”

Sly smiles simultaneously appeared on their faces, and both the smiles were nearly identical. To the side, Fang Ye gulped.

Is this the “merchant’s smile” father once mentioned? Big Brother Fei is indeed a natural merchant…

By the time Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye left the Babel Merchant House, their group of two had become a group of three. Rui Mengqi had taken off her purple cheongsam uniform and was now wearing…a maid outfit. There had been no other option. According to Rui Mengqi, it was the only clothing she had, but when she put it on, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye no longer dared to take an extra glance at her. 

Imagine the scene of an innocent maiden wearing a maid outfit and walking by one’s side as she unceasingly asked questions.

This was precisely what was happening to Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye.

While they were on their way to their destination, Bai Xiaofei suddenly looked at Fang Ye and spoke with an extremely serious expression, “I have a mission for you.”

Fang Ye’s heart throbbed when he saw how serious Bai Xiaofei seemed.

Nothing good will come out of this!

“Can I reject your mission?” Fang Ye gulped and expressed his true thoughts.

Bai Xiaofei patted Fang Ye’s shoulder and spoke earnestly, “If you’re hoping I won’t be able to participate in the tournament tomorrow, feel free to reject.”

Fang Ye took a deep breath and decided to accept his fate, placing his life in Bai Xiaofei’s hands. “You have to think of a way out for me, then.”

“Don’t worry. When have I ever disappointed you?”

“You have indeed never disappointed me when it mattered. But when it comes to small issues like this, you haven’t exactly been trustworthy…,” Fang Yue remarked mercilessly, causing an awkward expression to appear on Bai Xiaofei’s face.

“What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand a word you’re saying?” Rui Mengqi approached them. As if intending to frighten the two to death, she offered, “If you can’t do the mission, leave it to me! I am very competent!”

“It’s nothing,” Bai Xiaofei said. “Fang Ye will be the one to bring you to your new workplace. Follow him. He will arrange everything.”

Fang Ye sighed. His guess had been correct after all. This was indeed what Bai Xiaofei had in mind.

“How about you do it? Aren’t you my boss? If you ran away, who would pay me my salary?” Rui Mengqi said. A resentful gaze surfaced within her eyes as if Bai Xiaofei was abandoning her after bedding her.

“I’ll be there! But remember, never ever look at me with those eyes when I visit you with others in the future. No, no, no! You should try speaking as little as you can to me. Otherwise, you might lose this new boss for real!” After Bai Xiaofei spoke, he directly turned and ran. Fang Ye and Rui Mengqi didn’t even get the chance to reply to him.

Bai Xiaofei was already gone, only his voice came from the distance: “Old Fang, I will be depending on you!” 

Fang Ye suddenly had the urge to write a book detailing how difficult a life it was to follow an unreliable boss.

On the bright side, Bai Xiaofei was still a person with a conscience. This time, he did not disappoint Fang Ye, and everything was peaceful when Fang Ye returned. 

The night passed peacefully, but it was a sleepless night for the one hundred classes that were about to participate in the tournament. Agitation kept most of them awake, but Bai Xiaofei was of course an exception. He maintained his beautiful tradition of falling asleep the moment his head landed on the pillow.

Early morning the next day, Mo Ka and the others shook Bai Xiaofei awake, wearing looks of bitterness. They couldn’t afford to be late with how Luo Xi was because Bai Xiaofei could very well end up banned from the round if they dared to be late.

After rushing about for a bit, the four of them reached the tournament’s venue filled with energy. This was the same place where the Savage Class students had sweated a lot – Starnet Academy’s public square.

Today, this place looked different. The public square had been completely empty in the past, but now row upon row of seats had unknowingly been installed around the square. The seats were currently filled with a crowd.

In addition to Starnet Academy’s students, many outsiders were also present. It was apparent from the outsiders’ various uniforms that these people came from various corners of the continent. Quite a few of the outsiders were emanating a certain aura, one that caused the various students to be incomparably excited. It was the aura of a clan head!

“Weird. Where are Fang Ye and Wang Hang?” When the Savage Class students gathered together, Bai Xiaofei did a roll call and found that only these two were missing. One ought to know that they were usually the earliest to arrive at any meeting.

“Fang Ye’s family is also here. They went over to meet them and will return soon,” Xue Ying said indifferently. 

An expression of realization appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face, followed immediately by a smile. “That kid is probably busy bragging.”

The moment Bai Xiaofei said this, the other Savage Class students smiled as well. It was a smile of happiness, as they were all feeling happy for Fang Ye.

“Big Sister Xue, are we going to fight the first round here? This public square might be big, but things will get very messy when you squeeze in all one hundred classes…,” Xu Chen asked with a frown, reminding everyone of this issue.

Indeed, it is unrealistic to have one hundred classes fighting it out inn the public square…

“You will know soon. The hidden strength of Starnet Academy is way outside your imagination.” Xue Ying kept them guessing with a smile on her face, and a trace of yearning surfaced in her eyes.

Shortly after, a stone platform slowly rose from the middle of the public square. Standing on the platform was Vice Principal Luo.

“Welcome all friends from far away. This old woman planned to say more to you, but I suppose nobody is interested in what I have to say. Let us skip directly to the main topic.” Luo Xi paused slightly before she said a sentence that spurred everyone’s excitement: “Students participating in the first round, enter!”

Immediately, the students of all one hundred classes converged into the public square from various directions. Luo Xi then placed her hand on a globe that was on the platform.

She said, “As the vice principal of Starnet Academy, I call upon a power originating from the primordial era. Before us, reality and illusion shall intertwine. Come, Illusionary Land of the Myriad Kingdoms!”


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