Chapter 161: Taking All of Them With Him!

With nothing to do, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye started stuffing themselves with food in the VIP room. Although the other fruits did not taste as good as the Crystal’s Longing, they were nevertheless still high-grade products, and the two thoroughly enjoyed their meal. While they were engrossed in eating, the higher ups in this branch were going crazy at an unknown location.

“What a surprise. A casually thrown bait has managed to hook such a huge fish. Looks like we need to make proper plans this time,” said an old man with a white beard. Behind the glasses resting on his nose was a pair of sly looking eyes.

“Leave this to me. If a customer has thirty-five billion on him, I won’t have any issues making thirty billion of it stay,” offered a man wearing a suit as he leapt off the table. He appeared to be in his twenties, and a single glance of him was all that was needed to determine he was no honest person.

“I will stick to my usual task, then. Let me placate the fat fish and check if they still have more money,” said an honest-looking, middle-aged man. The beard filling his face caused him to look aged.

The man in the suit said with a smiling face, “What can I say, Uncle Ming. This is what you are good at. The most capable person will always get to do more work. I am optimistic that you can do this job.”

The middle-aged man sighed then left the room they had temporarily converted into a meeting room.

Outside the room, a man with a small beard and Rui Mengqi were waiting.

“Vice president.” When the small-bearded man saw the middle-aged man, he donned a flattering smile. The middle-aged man, however, ignored him and looked straight at Rui Mengqi.

“This is your deal, right? Not bad. Do they have any special requests?” The middle-aged man had an extremely captivating voice, the kind of voice capable of sucking someone in.

“Oh…yes. They asked if we have more Crystal’s Longings.” After thinking for a bit, Rui Mengqi recalled Bai Xiaofei’s request and happily mentioned it.

Since the vice president is the one asking, they should be able to get at least one fruit each, right?

The silly Rui Mengqi was already feeling happy for Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye. She had completely forgotten that the person standing before her was the vice president.

“Go take six Crystal’s Longings from the storeroom. Just tell the people there that this is my request. Little Zhao, take her there. I will be waiting for you in front of the VIP room.”

The man with the small beard acknowledged the request and began leading Rui Mengqi to the storeroom. On the way there, he was extremely friendly towards Rui Mengqi, and she had never seen this side of him. He asked, “Mengqi, since you have performed so well this time, are you interested in becoming a team leader?”

“I thought I could leave tomorrow. I remember that the amount of money I’ve earned is already enough to buy my freedom.” Rui Mengqi’s innocence wasn’t something she feigned. She would indeed behave this way in front of anyone.

“Leaving? Where are you planning to go? Don’t you know that a great opportunity is in front of you? The vice president has taken a liking to you!” exclaimed the small-bearded man as if he had heard the most shocking thing ever.

“The student in that room told me he’s going to make arrangements for me, and I’ve already agreed to them. One must never go back on one’s word!”

The man with the small beard wanted to continue speaking, but after thinking for a bit, he gave up. This was not his first time meeting Rui Mengqi. She would never be able to understand certain things, and with how she was, there were times she would be hard to trick… 

Nevertheless, his intention of keeping Rui Mengqi behind did not change. His brain worked continuously, trying to think of a way to persuade her to stay.

When they reached the storeroom, Rui Mengqi picked six Crystal’s Longings and carefully carried them in her hands. They then walked towards Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye’s room. 

On their way to the room, they came across Big Sister Lin, who had a bad premonition when she saw Rui Mengqi carrying a silver tray with Crystal’s Longings on it. Big Sister Lin asked in astonishment, “Big Brother Zhao, where are you going? Why are you taking so many Crystal’s Longings with you?”

“The two customers at VIP room number seven are placing a bet worth 32.5 billion Amethyst Coins. Even the vice president was alarmed. With the amount they are betting, giving them some Crystal’s Longings is nothing. I’m busy, and we are in a rush. The vice president has already found out about what you did. Don’t say I’ve never warned you about it,” he said coldly then rushed away with Rui Mengqi, leaving Big Sister Lin standing there stupefied.

VIP room number seven…32.5 billion!

Big Sister Lin could almost hear her heart breaking. The waitress in charge would get 0.1% of their customer’s bet as commission. If so…she had personally given away 325,000 Amethyst Coins to someone else!

Big Sister Lin smiled bitterly, and her legs went stiff. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t move them.

“It’s over. It’s over for me…,” she muttered over and over. It was unfortunate that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t here to witness this satisfying scene. Otherwise, based on how he was, he would most certainly mock Big Sister Lin until she no longer wanted to live.


“Fellow students, I’m back.” Rui Mingqi softly knocked on the door. This time, she was in a mood completely opposite of when she had first entered.

“Come in.” Bai Xiaofei patted his half-full belly in satisfaction and leaned onto the sofa as he spoke.

Rui Mengqi entered the room with the vice president. The man with the small beard wasn’t qualified to enter the room.

“Hello, two young brothers. I am Zhuang Ming, one of the vice presidents of this branch. We have six Crystal’s Longings here. This is our compensation for the displeasure you have experienced earlier.” Zhuang Ming was extremely friendly and did not talk down to them like the students that they were.

“It is quite a surprise that our bet has alarmed a big shot like you. But since you are here, I have something I need to ask you. I think this is a decision you can make.” Since Zhuang Ming was being so friendly, Bai Xiaofei started speaking as if he wasn’t an outsider. As a matter of fact, even if Zhuang Ming hadn’t come, Bai Xiaofei would still look for a way to meet the higher ups of the store. Now that Zhuang Ming was here, he could save himself some trouble.

“Please say it, young brother.”

“Let’s first talk about the Crystal’s Longing. This is a very delicious fruit. I have also heard that you still have quite a number of them in the store. I want to take them all with me,” Bai Xaiofei requested expressionlessly. By the side, Rui Mingqi gulped. This was the first time she had ever heard someone speak like this.

“Young brother, you must be kidding—”

“Nope,” Bai Xiaofei interrupted him and continued speaking his request without a change in his expression. “I’m not kidding. I will pay the required money for the stock you are keeping for sale. I don’t care about this small amount of Amethyst Coins. As for the portion being used as gifts in your VIP rooms, I want them for free. I believe this will be of aid to our future cooperation.”

From Bai Xiaofei’s words, Zhuang Ming ascertained an important point: Bai Xiaofei still had more money on him! If Bai Xiaofei had more money, things would be simple. Since he could make a bet of 32.5 billion, he could most certainly make another bet that was just as large. The Crystal’s Longings were nothing compared to the bets Bai Xiaofei could be making.

“Okay. I will get someone to handle it.” Zhuang Ming quickly changed his attitude and agreed to Bai Xiaofei’s request.

“Apart from Crystal’s Longings, I want to ask for a person from you as well, vice president.” Bai Xiaofei paused and leisurely pointed at Rui Mengqi. “I want to take her with me.”


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