Chapter 160: 32.5 billion

“How about a bet just between you and me?” Bai Xiaofei inhaled deeply as he spoke, stunning both Fang Ye and Rui Mengqi.

“What’s the bet?” Rui Mengqi was an innocent person. Therefore, she fell for the trick almost immediately. She didn’t seem to be at all guarded against Bai Xiaofei.

“Let’s bet on me winning my bet with your store. If I win, you have to quit your job and come work for me instead. This is a reasonable request, right?”

Aiii, pitiful little missy, I am the only one that can save you. Just agree to it.

“But you’re just a student. Do you even have a place where I can work?”

Again and again, Rui Mengqi had lowered Bai Xiaofei’s opinion of her intelligence. By this point, Bai Xiaofei was already wondering how she had survived the over twenty years of life she had lived through. She actually managed to not get herself kidnapped and sold off by someone!

Unknown to Bai Xiaofei, Rui Mengqi was in fact sold to the Babel Merchant House.

“You don’t have to worry about this. If I say there is a place where you can work, there will be such a place. Moreover, the working conditions won’t be worse than here. Your salary will also be doubled. What do you think?” Bai Xiaofei tossed out the bait. Unfortunately, the bait didn’t seem at all attractive to Rui Mengqi.

Why did it not attract her? Rui Mengqi immediately made the answer known: “I am working here without salary. Double of nothing is still nothing…”

“No salary?” Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye cried out in surprise.

“Yes, I was sold to the Babel Merchant House when I was very young. I have been working for many years to pay off my debt and buy my freedom. Therefore, I am not paid a salary. Only commissions are paid to me, but those have all been spent paying off my debt.” Rui Mengqi spoke forthrightly, and Bai Xiaofei broke out into a cold sweat when he heard her explanation.

She is indeed a kidnap victim…

Bai Xiaofei said, “If that’s the case, I’ll just promise you that your salary won’t be low. You will have enough to no longer need to worry about clothes and food. Will this work?”

He felt like this was already the best he could do for her. This was the very first time he had ever felt that convincing someone – no, communicating with someone – could be so difficult.

“But I’ve already paid enough of my debt to resign tomorrow. The result of your bet will only be known after a few days. Where am I supposed to wait if I don’t leave the academy?” Rui Mengqi thoughtlessly asked. 

Bai Xiaofei felt himself going crazy. “What plans do you have, then? Where are you going after leaving?”

“I haven’t considered that. Oh well, I will just see what happens when the time comes.” Rui Mengqi answered without hesitation in an extremely relaxed manner –  so relaxed that Bai Xiaofei felt as if she didn’t at all look like a kidnap victim.

Being you, you will definitely get yourself kidnapped again after leaving this place!

“I have a place you can stay. That will be much better than drifting around aimlessly. Think about it. There are many weird people on the continent. With how pretty you are, do you have any idea what the consequences will be if you get kidnapped?”

Bai Xiaofei was being truthful. Rui Mengqi was really pretty. As far as Bai Xiaofei was concerned, her beauty was comparable to even those on the Blossom Rankings. Her beauty coupled with this “odd” characteristic of hers was something few men could resist.

“Fine. I will go look for you after I resign.” Rui Mengqi immediately agreed, and it had taken her less than half a second to make the decision. The speed at which she made her decision caused Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye to wonder if she only had a single brain cell she could use, an extremely simplistic brain cell at that.

But…wasn’t she supposed to agree only after the bet?

Bai Xiaofei smiled helplessly and decided to give up.

Forget it. I can’t treat her as if she’s a normal person…

He said, “Then, help us set up our bet. It’s getting late, and if we return late, we will be skinned alive…”

Talking to Rui Mengqi, Bai Xiaofei had even forgotten the time. There was no helping it, though. This young missy here was truly too weird and intriguing of a person.

“Oh. Are you sure you want to make this bet? I can’t recommend this! Are you sure—”

“You don’t need to say anything more. This will be our bet!” Bai Xiaofei interrupted her with a helpless look on his face. If he continued listening to her, he would go crazy.

“Alright. This is your receipt. How much will you be betting?” Rui Mengqi retrieved a form from her storage ring then bent down to complete it. This simple action caught both Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye by surprise, and they gulped at what they saw.

So fair! So big! Amitabha! See no evil! But then…it’s no wonder she’s this stupid. Looks like all her growth had been focused “there”.

Wait, what am I thinking about? Do I want to die?

Rui Mengqi was completely oblivious to what was going on. When her question remained unanswered, she repeated it. “Are you listening? How much are you betting?” 

“Oh, 32.5 billion Amethyst Coins.”

Rui Mengqi dropped her pen in shock, and she opened her eyes wide. Stupefaction covered her face. “Sorry?”

“32.5 billion. I thought there’s no maximum bet here?” Bai Xiaofei asked, frowning.

“Are you serious?” Rui Mengqi asked blankly, not trying to hide her shock at all.

“Why would I joke about this? I am even going to pay immediately. This is my Amethyst Card.”

Bai Xiaofei took out his card and gave it to Rui Mengqi. Taking it, she scanned it on a device on which a row of numbers soon appeared.

It was 32.5 billion Amethyst Coins for real.

“Have you gone crazy?” Rui Mengqi cried out in alarm. She then stuffed the card into Bai Xiaofei’s hand. “Such a huge bet will affect even the tournament itself! You’ll definitely lose all this money!”

In a moment of carelessness, Rui Mengqi blurted out some insider information. She covered her own mouth and carefully looked at the door. After making sure nobody was there, she patted her lofty chest in relief.

She said, “I had definitely told you nothing, alright? Just place a random bet and leave. You can do anything with this much money. Why must you waste it here?”

Once again, Bai Xiaofei smiled helplessly. He finally understood why Rui Mengqi’s sales would always be bad. It had nothing to do with the discrimination she faced here. She was simply stupid; that was the only reason.

“Write it down for me. I have never changed my decision, and it had never crossed my mind that this would affect even the tournament. But now that I know of it, nothing will go wrong.” Bai Xiaofei gave Rui Mengqi the Amethyst Card as he wore a confident smile on his face. “Trust your future boss. I still have a huge family I need to support. I won’t be playing around with all this money.”

Rui Mengqi gazed at Bai Xiaofei in a daze. For some reason, his words touched upon a certain part of her heart.

“Mhm. Alright. I will write it down,” Rui Mengqi answered then bent down again. This caught Bai Xiaofei by surprise and yet again caused his blood to rush to his nose.

Little missy, you change your mind way too easily. Can’t you struggle somewhat before making up your mind so as to not catch me by surprise?

“Alright, I’m done. This bet will be established after you sign your name here…huh? Why is your nose bleeding?” Rui Mengqi raised her head and asked blankly, still oblivious to how fatal a certain part of her body was…

“I’m fine. It’s too hot in here. That’s all.”

Bai Xiaofei replied and signed his name on the ticket before taking his copy of it.

“Please wait a moment. Any bets above ten million will have to be reported to the manager,” Rui Mengqi said before running out the room. Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when she left.

“Big Brother Fei, if you bring this young missy back, Big Sister Xue will kill you.” Fang Ye was the most perceptive among the Savage Class students. He was already aware that there was something between Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying.

“Too bad. I’m just kind like that. I can’t watch on as she leaves this store only to get herself scammed by others again, right?” Bai Xiaofei might sound relaxed, but his heart was already rapidly pounding.

F*ck! It’s way too easy to let down one’s guard against this young missy! What am I supposed to do with her?


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