Chapter 14 Savage Class Assembled! (Part 2)

“Hi! I’m Xu Chen. We’re classmates from now on, so please do take care of me.” Wearing men’s clothes, Xu Chen arrived before Xue Ying with a large stride and greeted her with extreme fervor.

A total of four people followed behind Xu Chen, and they were the largest group so far.

Stunning Xu Chen, Xue Ying smiled and said, “Even though I’m very satisfied with this method of address, I’m the class’s head teacher.”

“I’m sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Teacher, I didn’t do it intentionally. You just looked beautiful and seemed to be about my age, so I thought…” Even though she was extremely nervous, Xu Chen didn’t say a single wrong thing, and her every word caused Xue Ying to feel exceptionally happy.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I understand.” Xue Ying revealed an expression that said “you’re promising” as she patted Xu Chen on the shoulder, and she didn’t forget to glare fiercely at Bai Xiaofei.

“What about all of you? What are your names?” Xue Ying turned to look at the others behind Xu Chen and radiated a sufficient air of a head teacher.

“Zhu Nuo, Healing Stream puppet master of the Apprentice Rank. I’m from the Ethereal Empire,” said a gentle and frail-looking young woman. Dust covered her beige dress, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine how much energy she had exerted to complete the test.

“I’m Duan Yiyi…” A voice as soft as a mosquito’s buzz sounded out. There was a young woman standing beside Zhu Nuo, and her entire face flushed red as soon as she spoke. Her “loli” appearance and bashful personality suited each other very well.

“Ming One!”

“Ming Two!”

Duan Yiyi had just finished speaking when two young men who looked exactly alike announced their names one after the other.

“We’re from the Cloudveil Empire.”

“Defense Stream puppet masters of the Apprentice Rank.”

The pair successively spoke their sentences with just the right timing as if they deeply feared that others wouldn’t know they were twins.

“Alright, go in and get familiar with our class. I’ve committed all of you to memory,” Xue Ying said, casually dismissing the five of them. She continued to look in the direction people would come from, and the satisfaction on her face was proportional to the anticipation in her heart.

It was because of Xue Ying’s existence that Bai Xiaofei seemed to be unneeded, but he had no intention of leaving. His unwillingness to leave was even to the extent that his anticipation wasn’t any lower than Xue Ying’s.

After all, he didn’t have as many peers in the Gorge of Heroes!

The remaining people were unable to understand them, but they were extremely skilled at guessing…

“Wifey, do you think our class monitor is interested in our teacher? Otherwise, why doesn’t he complain about being tired?” asked Xing Nan.

Zhu Sisi heavily slapped him on the head, correcting his mistake: “No, no. Didn’t you see it earlier? She was obviously teasing the class monitor.”

“Are relationships between students and teachers allowed in the academy?” Meanwhile, Wu Chi had directly marked them as lovers.

“I don’t know. We’re not from here. Who knows what the ways are here. But our head teacher is very beautiful. That kid really got lucky,” Mo Ka said with a trace of vulgarity on his face.

Even Xu Chen’s group of five, who had just sat down, weren’t sitting idly. They began to chatter in a small area as they listened to the discussion between Mo Ka and the others.

To a certain extent, the entrance exam allowed children from all over the continent to quickly come to know each other.

The new students who arrived after Xu Chen’s group of five were no longer in groups, and Xue Ying and Bai Xiaofei received another four new students who sporadically arrived.

Chen Hui possessed an ordinary appearance and seemed extremely serious at first glance; Qi Wei, who couldn’t stop talking, was a young woman; and Fang Ye, a wealthy young man, had arrived with his little lackey Wang Hang.

After these four had arrived, Xue Ying and Bai Xiaofei waited for a long time, but the entire commoner's district seemed to have grown quiet. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed as if no one else would be coming.

“Fifteen people, not bad.” As Xue Ying stretched in extreme satisfaction, she revealed her well-proportioned figure before Bai Xiaofei’s eyes.

“Little pervert, what’re you looking at?” Xue Ying seized the moment Bai Xiaofei wasn’t paying attention to flash over and stand before him. Then, she stretched out her hand to raise Bai Xiaofei’s chin.

For some unknown reason, Xue Ying felt that she seemed to have become addicted to teasing him.

“I'm looking at you, my boundlessly charming Big Sister Xue.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t have the slightest intention of evading her because he had come around to her while waiting for his other classmates. If he wanted to avoid suffering a loss from Xue Ying, he had to fully carry out his third father’s theory.

If you encounter an aggressive woman, so long as you’re more aggressive than her, you would have won.

“Hmm, you said something proper for once. Come, we have all the time in the future,” Xue Ying said as she walked into the classroom, which Bai Xiaofei had cleaned. With extreme satisfaction, she swept her gaze past all the students sitting obediently in their seats.

“From today onward, I’ll be your head teacher, but I prefer it if you call me Big Sister Xue because I’m not much older than all of you.” Xue Ying struck the table, putting on the airs of a head teacher.

“Nice to meet you, Big Sister Xue!” Xu Chen was the first to shout out, and the group of students who woke to realization hurriedly repeated what she said.

“I know that there are a ton of rumors going around outside. They call us the Savage Class and say we only take the defects no one else wants. But” – her tone suddenly rose an octave, successfully shocking everyone present – “I hope that none of you underestimate yourselves. It’s only a prep-school class, so all of you being weak now doesn’t mean that all of you will be weak forever. 

“I believe that under my lead, our class will surely be able to go against the tide during our time together! We’ll make everyone hold us in high esteem! Tell me, do all of you have the confidence!?” Xue Ying abruptly struck the table, startling everyone. They were so startled that they all forgot what Xue Ying just said.

The entire class momentarily fell into a very awkward silence, and Bai Xiaofei, who sat in the corner, started laughing.

“Bai Xiaofei!” Xue Ying, having accomplished the exact opposite of what she desired to do, was instantly furious. Before she could continue to flare up, however, the tattered wooden door suddenly smashed into the ground. It emitted a muffled sound as it shattered into pieces.

“Hello…everyone.” A disjointed voice sounded out, and everyone in the entire classroom was stunned when they looked towards the source of the voice.

All ten plus of them emptied out everything within their brains, yet were unable to find a suitable word to describe the young woman standing at the door. Even Xue Ying, who was exceptionally confident in herself, couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

The young woman had exquisite looks that seemed as if the heavens had used its own hands to carve her face out inch by inch. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of it that could be modified, and her slender figure was even more flawless than Xue Ying’s. The smooth, white long legs beneath her short skirt glued the gazes of all the male students, and her slender waist, which was completely exposed, added a sense of wild beauty.

“Hello…everyone.” The young woman once more repeated her words and pulled the consciousness of everyone back into their minds.

“Err, hello, hi, you are?” Xue Ying was after all a few years older, so she was the first to find something that should be said at this moment.

“Lin Li…I’ve come to attend class.” The young woman still spoke disjointedly, and it felt as if she was a puppet controlled by someone.

“Welcome, welcome. You can sit…” Xue Ying began searching through the classroom as she spoke. In the end, she helplessly noticed that within the entire classroom only the seat beside Bai Xiaofei was empty.

“Sit by Bai Xiaofei’s side,” Xue Ying said, practically gritting her teeth. At the same time, her sharp gaze fiercely threatened Bai Xiaofei.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei disregarded these threats…

As Lin Li walked straight towards Bai Xiaofei, Huskie’s tail began wagging faster and faster. The puppet had been lying on the table.

“Woof! Woof!” The feelings of an animate puppet and its master were linked, and Huskie’s excited barks were precisely a portrayal of Bai Xiaofei’s current feelings…


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