Chapter 159: The Silly Rui Mengqi

Rui Mengqi was standing outside the VIP room, looking awfully dispirited. Ever since she had offended the woman serving Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye, her life in the store had been very difficult. She would be sent to deal with any difficult yet non-influential customers. She had been able to keep these customers satisfied, yet she had been constantly suppressed in the store. On top of that, she hadn’t been able to accumulate any merits. Due to this, she was always the one to be scolded by the higher ups.

People would also talk about her behind her back. Rumors were swirling around that she had been using her flesh to satisfy those difficult customers. Because of this, she was nicknamed the Little Succubus.

Forget it. It’s my last day here anyway. I’ll just do my best, Rui Mengqi reassured herself then inhaled a deep breath. The dispirited look on her face was replaced by an adorable smile. She then slowly pushed the door open.

“My most respected fellow students, how are you? I am Rui Mengqi, and I will be helping you with your bets today.”

Rui Mengqi’s mood improved considerably when she saw the two. Her customers this time were much better than those she had in the past. Those other customers would either have a very unpleasant appearance or a unique “preference”, but these two at least looked normal.

“Rui Mengqi? That’s a pretty name. Can I ask you a question?” Bai Xiaofei asked. His treacherous smile alarmed Rui Mengqi when she saw it. Neither of them are one of “those” people, right? But if they aren’t, why would Big Sister Lin send me here?

“Oh, go ahead and ask, fellow student…” Despite being nervous, Rui Mengqi still tried her best to remain calm.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me. I don’t have any other requests. I only want to know how many Crystal’s Longing you have here,” Bai Xiaofei asked with expectation, which was also the case for Fang Ye. Fang Ye greedily rubbed his hands together in the same way Huskie would whenever he was about to have a feast.

That’s all? Rui Mengqi was slightly stunned. She then sank into deep thought.

“Adding up all of the fruits we are currently selling and the fruits we are serving in the VIP rooms, we have around forty. But I’m not sure about the actual number. After all, I’m not in charge of the fruits,” Rui Mengqi explained softly, her voice doubtful.

“Then, can you get some for us? The one we had earlier was not enough…”

The moment Rui Mengqi heard this, she looked at the fruit core on the table. Understanding immediately dawned on her.

So they only want to eat more?

Big Sister Lin had also previously encountered a similar customer. In the end, the customer was only here to have a free meal and didn’t buy anything. Big Sister Lin had ultimately transferred the customer over to Rui Mengqi, resulting in Rui Mengqi to be the one to receive a scolding from the higher ups over this…

“I can put up a request for you. But if you guys don’t place any bets, I’ll be scolded. My sales have been very bad lately, so it’s quite likely for my request to not be approved…, ” Rui Mengqi explained honestly, not intending to hide anything. “Please wait a moment. I’ll go make the request.”

Rui Mengqi turned to leave the room.

Bai Xiaofei exchanged a smile with Fang Ye then called Rui Mengqi over. “You don’t have to do it if it’s inconvenient for you. Come over here first.”

“Are you sure? I can still give it a try,” Rui Mengqi asked in confusion.

With a completely sincere expression on her face, Rui Mengqi looked every bit the type of person nobody would be on guard against. Of course, her honesty was also the reason why her life had been miserable at the store.

“Has anyone ever told you that that foolish look of yours is very cute?” Bai Xiaofei said with a helpless smiled. His words alarmed Rui Mengqi.

They are indeed “those” types of people!!!

“Erm…I…I don’t provide that kind of service. If you guys really need it, I can get two women over here for you…” Rui Mengqi stuttered with a blush on her face. 

The helplessness of Bai Xiaofei’s and Fang Ye’s smiles intensified.

“No, we don’t need that kind of service. Miss Mengqi, how old are you?” Bai Xiaofei was clearly doing a bad job of explaining himself. In Rui Mengqi’s ears, this was as good as telling her: “I don’t want anyone else, only you”.

“I’m twenty years old. Fellow students, I really don’t provide that kind of service. Please forget about me. I’ll go request some Crystal’s Longings for you.”

As she spoke, tears started welling in her eyes. With her current status in the store, she would be ignored even if she screamed for help. One could also forget about the store seeking justice for her after this.

“No no no, don’t cry. I am only trying to make small talk with you. Fine, fine, we will place our bet right now! We will leave immediately after placing our bet! Is that fine? Please don’t cry. If others find out about this, I’ll be skinned alive!”

When Bai Xiaofei saw how Rui Mengqi was reacting, he could no longer stay calm. If they really caused themselves to be misunderstood here, both he and Fang Ye would die a miserable death.

Rui Mengqi stopped the tears from flowing from her eyes. She asked in disbelief, “You two are going to place your bets?”

Bai Xiaofei was slightly stupefied when he heard her question. “What’s so weird about us placing a bet here?”

“No no no, of course it’s not. It’s just slightly out of my expectations. I thought Big Sister Lin only had me come here because you two were only here for a free meal and weren’t going to place any bets…”

Rui Mengqi was indeed bad at telling lies. It was as if her special training had been for nothing.

“Since you thought we were only here to get a free meal, why did you still offer to help us make our request? What were you thinking?” Bai Xiaofei asked in astonishment, feeling as if he was seeing a second Lin Li here.

“That’s my job, right? What’s wrong with fulfilling all reasonable requests of any customer?” Rui Mengqi replied righteously. Her hands, which were cupped over her flat belly, started pulling at each other since she had nothing for them to do. 

Her question rendered Bai Xiaofei speechless.

This sounds right…but…isn’t it stupid? It wouldn’t be weird for someone as honest as you to be scammed to death!

Of course, Bai Xiaofei kept his thoughts to himself. He was scared that if he told her what he thought, Rui Mengqi would begin crying because she couldn’t stand the truth. In fact, the probability of that happening was very high!

“We are here to make a bet, not what you thought.” Bai Xiaofei calmed down and returned to proper business.

“What type of bet do you want to make? Let me introduce the bets for you.”

Since the topic was now related to her job, Rui Mengqi regained her spirit, and the tears in her eyes were completely gone.

“There is no need for an introduction. We have already made our decision. We’ll be betting that class 456 will be the champion of this year’s New Student Tournament,” Bai Xiaofei said as confidence filled his face.

“That’s your bet? I wouldn’t suggest it. Don’t look at only this bet’s high payout. This class has the worst chances among the nine Newcomer King classes. From what I heard, they are also called the Savage Class. Apart from a powerful Energy Stream puppet master, all the other students in the class are useless.”

Bai Xiaofei’s and Fang Ye’s faces darkened. But then again, Rui Mengqi was advising them for their own good. They couldn’t say anything in response to this…

When they thought about it some more, however, something still seemed wrong!

Aren’t you ruining your own business? How can you work in a casino like this? With how you’re behaving, it’s only normal for your sales to be awful!

Bai Xiaofei finally understood clearly what type of person Rui Mengqi was. She was definitely an innocent young missy!

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