Chapter 157: Bet Options

Bai Xiaofei finished the dinner in excitement and followed Fang Ye to the casino opened by the Babel Merchant House. The Babel Merchant House was quite a miraculous merchant house, as it was the sole merchant house on the continent to have grown from gambling businesses. At first, it was only a small-scale chain casino, but it ultimately managed to grow into a merchant house and could now count itself among the ranks of the continent’s largest merchant houses.

After its rise, the Babel Merchant House did not give up on its old business. So long as an opportunity presented itself, it would start a gambling operation and provide a thrilling experience to its customers, letting them experience both joy and sadness.

Naturally, the Babel Merchant House wouldn’t give up on doing business in a place like Starnet Academy. The store they had in the academy wasn’t much smaller than the Ethereal Pavilion’s store.

“We’re here,” Fang Ye said. “They have temporarily stopped all their other business activities and are using all three floors for gambling. Whatever bet you wish to take, it will be available here.”

Bai Xiaofei swallowed when he heard Fang Ye’s excited introduction.

As an “elite” youth from the Gorge of Heroes, Bai Xiaofei had inherited a “fine” habit most people in the gorge had. One of the first skills he had learned there was his first father’s gambling skills. Bai Xiaofei had suffered quite a few beatings from his first mother due to this when he was still at the gorge.

Now, nobody was around to beat him anymore! Bai Xiaofei rushed into the store, and what he saw instantly stunned him. He had expected there would be many people who shared his hobby in the academy, but the number of people he saw here had still surpassed his expectations.

As far as his eyes could see, people were everywhere. Some were contemplating their bets, others were indulging themselves in intense discussions with their friends, and an even larger portion of the crowd busied itself with placing bets!

The first floor was already full; therefore, Bai Xiaofei rushed towards the second floor, but two women in waitress-styled cheongsam stopped him and Fang Ye at the staircase.

“Sorry, fellow students. You must show us your savings before you can enter the second floor. If your savings contain fewer than fifty thousand Amethyst Coins, you can’t enter.” The two women spoke very courteously, and combined with their good looks, it was hard for anyone to become angry with them.

“Let me deal with this, Big Brother Fei.”

Just as Bai Xiaofei was about to take out the Amethyst Card given to him by Yun Jingshuang, Fang Ye approached and swiped his card on the device beside them.

“Only one of us needs to meet the requirement. That card of yours is way too frightening…,” Fang Ye explained and gulped as he shook his head at Bai Xiaofei. 

One ought to know that all the money they had earned from the auction was on Bai Xiaofei. Yun Jingshuang had also given Bai Xiaofei his share of the profit after declaring that he had no interest in money. Of course, when he needed something, he could come looking for Bai Xiaofei. 

One could therefore say that Bai Xiaofei was now a hidden tycoon!

“I hope this has not affected your mood in any way, honorable guests.” The two women smiled and stepped aside. At the same time, they began addressing both Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye differently. This was the advantage of being wealthy.

As he climbed the stairs, Bai Xiaofei abruptly asked, “How much money does one need to have to enter the third floor?”

Since there was such a condition for one to enter a higher floor, it was obvious that the higher one went, the smaller the crowd would be.

“Five million Amethyst Coins,” Fang Ye awkwardly answered, as he did not have enough money to get into the third floor.

“Only five million? Then, I will transfer the money to you so you can swipe our way in.”

Bai Xiaofei took out his Amethyst Card. After infusing it with his origin energy, he touched both cards together, and the transaction was completed. The Amethyst Card was the pride of the Amethyst Merchant House; it was the product that had helped maintain the Amethyst Merchant House’s position as the top merchant house.

Everyone’s origin energy was unique. An Amethyst Card would be specially designed in accordance to each user’s origin energy. Apart from the owner of the card, nobody else would be able to use it. With this, the Amethyst Card provided both convenience and security.

“Big Brother Fei, is this seven digit entrance requirement nothing compared to the digits on your card?” Fang Ye gulped after receiving the huge sum of money. He couldn’t help but recall how he had bragged when he had first entered the Savage Class. Now that he thought of it, his brags back then had been truly ridiculous.

“I think I have about four additional digits on my card?” Bai Xiaofei replied indifferently, successfully renewing Fang Ye’s view of the world. Fang Ye suddenly felt as if his family’s Brightmoon Merchant House wasn’t worth much after all. 

Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye went straight to the third floor, and the clamor around them instantly vanished. The third floor was similarly quite large, yet there were many fewer people here. The crowd of the third floor was also much more refined.

“Honorable guests, how may I assist you?” A beautiful woman clad in a purple cheongsam approached them the moment they arrived. Being served by a dedicated waitress was one of the preferential treatments the customers on the third floor could enjoy.

“We want to take a look at the bet options here,” Bai Xiaofei answered indifferently. There was no change in Bai Xiaofei’s and Fang Ye’s emotions just because there was a beautiful woman. It was due to this that Bai Xiaofei had brought only Fang Ye to the casino. If he had brought Mo Ka or anyone else, a perverted look would already be written on their face.

That would be too embarrassing for Bai Xiaofei. Mo Ka and them could see top notch beauties like Lin Li and Xue Ying every single day, yet each time they saw a different beauty, they would stand there gobsmacked. Due to this, Bai Xiaofei had been looking at them with despise for quite a while.

“Honorable guests, please take a seat in the lounge. We have a lot of betting options. I can slowly introduce them to you.” The woman’s voice sounded very pleasant to the ears, and Bai Xiaofei did not reject her offer. If one could sit down, why bother standing? 

Soon, the three reached a secluded lounge. Numerous rare fruits from various corners of the continent had been placed on the table.

“Do both of you need our relaxation services? They are all free,” the woman asked gently. 

Bai Xiaofei immediately shook his head. It was no wonder Xue Ying looked as if she wanted to kill someone when he mentioned he was coming here. It turned out that this place was such an “open-minded” establishment…

“Alright. I will now start the introduction.” The woman snapped her fingers. A globe then floated out of her storage ring, and it shone, creating a virtual screen on the air.

This globe was a general usage puppet called Illusionary Fairy and was one of the commonly used puppets by those in the service industry.

“We have three main bet categories for the first round of the New Student Tournament. There are several dozen listings within each category. Do you want to take a look at each of them? Or do you have a specific type of bet in mind?”

“High payouts.” Bai Xiaofei gave a simple answer, and the woman smiled with relief. The high payout bets were the easiest bets to introduce.

“If you are looking for high payout bets, I have two options for you. The first option is the parlay bet. You bet on the classes you think will advance into the top ten, and the more classes you get correct, the higher the payout will be. Each successive correct guess doubles your payout, but you must bet on at least five classes. Therefore, the lowest payout for this bet is 31 to 1.

“The second option is guessing-the-placing. You may bet on a class’s final placing within the tournament. Since each class is different, the payout depends on the class’s situation. The lowest payout for this bet is 8 to 1.”

The introduction was short and concise, yet Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up when he heard it. He asked, “What will the payout be if I wanted to bet on which class emerges as the tournament’s champion?”

The moment Bai Xiaofei asked the question, Fang Ye’s heart started pounding.

Yeah! We can also bet on this!


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