Chapter 155: Intercourse Under Broad Daylight

After putting Bai Xiaofei down, Bai Kai and the others stood wordlessly as they looked at Hu Xian’er. Her bizarre reaction gave them a feeling that something major was about to happen.

Hu Xian’er issued another set of odd commands. “Shut all the windows and curtains. Any openings that will reveal the inside of the room must also be blocked.”

Bai Kai and the others did as told. Fortunately, they had items that could temporarily serve as curtains within their storage rings. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to execute Hu Xian’er’s task.

“Is the hot water here yet?” Hu Xian’er asked, and soon afterwards, Fu Jing and the others who were sent to retrieve hot water arrived with several basins. She solemnly instructed, “Put the water down. You guys can now leave. Remember, even if the principal himself arrives, stop him from entering. If you allow anyone to enter, both of us will die.”

Bai Kai and the rest gulped. They had no idea what she wanted to do; however, they were sure it wouldn’t be anything simple. Due to their thoughts, the resolute expression of “I will definitely complete this task” surfaced on all their faces.

“Don’t worry, class monitor. Not even a housefly can get through!” they said then rushed outside. Hu Xian’er followed after them until she reached the door, which she then firmly locked. She slowly walking towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Sweetheart, why do I feel like this time I had left home for the sole purpose of being tortured by you?” Hu Xian’er might’ve been complaining, but she still had a blissful look on her face. Slowly, she took off Bai Xiaofei’s shirt. She then picked up the towel that had been soaked in hot water and started wiping the bloodstains on Bai Xiaofei’s body.

“Do you think we will have a baby in the future? Will the baby be a human or a magical beast?” Hu Xian’er talked to herself blankly, her face blushing as she touched upon the topic. She then said, “I still remember every single word that you had told me: about how you would kill anyone who dared stand between us. If one day you forget your words, I will fulfill my promise as well, and I will slice it off so that you can no longer torture me”—Hu Xian’er paused slightly—“or other girls as well!”

Her stubborn expression looked rather funny, and fortunately for her, nobody was here to witness it.

While Hu Xian’er was speaking to herself, the two wounds on Bai Xiaofei’s chest had completely healed. Not even a scar was left behind, and if one could observe what was within him, one would see that even his broken bones had mended.

Finally, Bai Xiaofei moved, which was of course an unconscious action on his part. Hu Xian’er immediately noticed his change, and she blushed when she looked over at the part of Bai Xiaofei that was moving.

“Be gentle this time…”

Instead of waiting for Bai Xiaofei to do it, Hu Xian’er slowly took off her clothes. She then pasted her delicate and fine body onto Bai Xiaofei.

When a timeless beauty took off her clothes, nothing else would be required to arouse one’s passion. Commandeered by instinct alone, Bai Xiaofei’s body was able to automatically find the “exit point” of his raging desire. Thus, he began his conquer, thrusting like a perpetual motion machine.

In the beginning, Hu Xian’er was able to endure it, but as time passed, her consciousness started fading and soft moans began escaping her mouth. During Bai Xiaofei’s final burst of attack, Hu Xian’er completely lost hold of herself, and she moaned without restraint.

This had not taken long to narrate, but their actions had in fact lasted for nearly five hours. This also meant that, outside the classroom, Bai Kai and the others had been guarding them for five hours.

In the beginning, the group had heard nothing, but then, they thought they had heard things. Eventually, they had begun to frown.

What kind of healing method is this? Why is she yelling so miserably?

And why is she sounding as if she is so…euphoric?

Fortunately, everyone here was an innocent child. Their bodily instincts stirred restlessly, yet they didn’t look too much into it. If Revelation was the one standing here, he would have already set off firecrackers in celebration of his disciple…

This was not the case for the nervous crowd waiting opposite Bai Kai and his classmates.

“Are they doing that in broad daylight?”

“No, no, no. Absolutely impossible. Didn’t you hear them when they said Bai Xiaofei was near death?”

“Yeah. Nobody can last this long doing that deed anyway. That’s simply preposterous.”

Thankfully, the “common sense” of these “veterans” was covering for Bai Xiaofei.

Within the room, the storm had come to a stop. Lovely and delicate, Hu Xian’er once again lay weakly beneath Bai Xiaofei, silently staring at the man whose fate was foreordained to be forever entwined with hers.

“You’re awake?” Enduring the pain in her body, Hu Xian’er called out to Bai Xiaofei, who was dazedly opening his eyes. When he heard her voice, he was startled.

“Nnng!” Hu Xian’er, noticing a change happen within her, cried out in pain then pushed Bai Xiaofei away. “Get out. There are people outside.”

“Where is this?” Bai Xiaofei finally regained consciousness and promptly did as told. He draped her coat over her, causing her to softly cry out.

Hu Xian’er grumbled. “Where else could this be? This is my classroom. You wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere else in your previous condition.”

“So we did that here…” Bai Xiaofei stopped mid-sentence, his shock evident from his expression.

“What choice did I have? That unique energy had taken over your consciousness again. Am I supposed to allow you to go crazy in the academy?” Hu Xian’er glared at him. “Come help me get dressed. Our classmates are still waiting outside. We can’t let them suspect us of anything.”

As she spoke, she struggled to put on her clothes, but she was completely out of stamina and couldn’t even dress herself. Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei reacted quickly and promptly held her up.

“Let me do it,” he said.

The process of dressing Hu Xian’er was in itself a trial for Bai Xiaofei, but luckily, he was able to finish his mission despite its difficulty. In return, Hu Xian’er smiled warmly at him.

“Will you be dressing me often in the future?” she asked, hoping to receive a proper answer. It was an innocent, curious question possessing no hidden meanings.

“Since I am in charge of taking them off, I naturally have to also be responsible for putting them back on,” Bai Xiaofei answered with a grin. It was impossible for him to be serious when asked such a question. Suddenly recalling something, he gulped then asked, “Oh, right. This time, how long did we…”

“Why? You’re curious if you broke your past record? From the condition I’m in, how long do you think it was?” Hu Xian’er glared at Bai Xiaofei again, her face looking like an angry yet cute young girl. Combined with the majestic features of her face, her expression was truly fatal.

Growing inwardly nervous, Bai Xiaofei guessed, “Four hours?”

“Add another forty minutes…,” Hu Xian’er corrected; a blush was on her face.

As for Bai Xiaofei, a different expression rose within his heart: It’s over!


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