Chapter 154: A Certain Deed Could Only Be Done When Nobody Was Around

“Divine Beast Transformation?”

The class 21 students were alarmed when they heard Fang Yuesheng’s yell. How could it be the Divine Beast Transformation? Wasn’t that an ability only an Exquisite Rank puppet master could use? Regardless of how astonished they were, the proof was before their eyes. There was no doubting it.

As the origin energy washed over Fang Yuesheng’s body, he gradually lost his human form and transformed into the full form of a Bluemoon. In this form, he had a warped torso; a long tail; a triangular head; a bone armor, which covered his entire body; two blade-like arms; and two legs as slender as bamboo poles.

The ultimate purpose of the Divine Beast Transformation was to enable a human to transform into a magical beast that was equipped with the intelligence of a human. In the continent, the beast form of some powerhouses was even stronger than the original magical beast. In any case, the strength of a Holy Beast Transformation was something no Master Rank puppet master could contend against.

“Let me deal with him!” Hu Xian’er pulled Bai Xiaofei behind her, but before she could even stand firm, she was pulled into Bai Xiaofei’s arms. Without a word, Bai Xiaofei planted a kiss on her lips, forcefully transforming her from an agitated fox into an obedient little fox. Hu Xian’er had actually accepted his kiss!

Once again, Bai Xiaofei grabbed all attention during a situation that wasn’t possible for him to do so.

“A man should never hide behind a woman. Trust me. I won’t die that easily,” Bai Xiaofei reassured Hu Xian’er before putting her down. He then turned and slowly walked towards Fang Yuesheng.

“That’s an ability that can only be used by Exquisite Rank puppet masters. Since you are forcefully activating it, there must be a limitation. I wonder how much strength of the Divine Beast Transformation you can unleash,” Bai Xiaofei said then inhaled a deep breath. He once again activated his origin energy resonance – and also his Devouring the Heaven and Earth.

Devouring the Heaven and Earth wasn’t a technique that only enabled one to stockpile energy; its true essence derived itself from the various methods in which the user could utilize such energy. If that weren’t the case, his fourth father wouldn’t have been able to survive a month of being chased and hunted. Bai Xiaofei’s mastery of this secret technique had already surpassed his fourth father.

Fang Yuesheng charged towards Bai Xiaofei. As time was running out for him, he had not bothered to gather energy before his charge. Even so, his attack could still deal Bai Xiaofei serious damage if it so much as scraped Bai Xiaofei. Before anyone could even process what was happening, both of Fang Yuesheng’s arms pierced through Bai Xiaofei’s chest.

“Your turn has ended. Now it’s my turn,” Bai Xiaofei said, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. He landed a heavy punch on Fang Yuesheng’s triangular head, sending Fang Yuesheng flying.

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t focused on his defenses at all. He wasn’t stupid enough to bother trying to defend against the attack of a Divine Beast Transformation user. The only defense he had was one sufficient enough to prevent himself from being ripped apart with a single attack.

After Bai Xiaofei had countered with a punch and sent Fang Yesheng flying, they both crashed on the ground and were accompanied by two muffled sounds.

Fang Yuesheng was already seriously injured when he had transformed, and with the addition of this new injury, his transformation ended prematurely. He now lay weakly on the ground like a corpse, but Bai Xiaofei wasn’t any better off.

Fang Yuesheng had aimed for Bai Xiaofei’s heart, but fortunately, Xue Ying’s intense training had drilled into Bai Xiaofei an instinctive reaction that had helped him avoid the attack to his heart at the last moment. As such, Fang Yuesheng had only penetrated his lungs. Of course, the broken bones Bai Xiaofei had suffered were in itself fatal damage.

Despite his injuries, Bai Xiaofei still struggled to stand. The blood covering him caused him to look terrifying. He hoarsely uttered, “He lost…all of you…piss off!”

Fang Yuesheng’s classmates were slightly stunned while the members of class 21 promptly surrounded Bai Xiaofei. Bai Kai and Guo Hong stood beside Bai Xiaofei to guard him, whereas Hu Xian’er walked to the front and faced Fang Yuesheng’s class.

“You have three seconds to leave. Anyone still here after three seconds will die!” Hu Xian’er said. She radiated intense killing intent, so nobody doubted her words.

The opposing class carried Fang Yuesheng and hurriedly left. Hu Xian’er then rushed over to Bai Xiaofei. The intense killing intent on her face faded, replaced by anxiousness and regret. Tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes and dripped onto Bai Xiaofei’s face.“You’ll be fine! I will immediately take you to the Furnace of Agarwood!”

When Hu Xian’er looked at all the blood Bai Xiaofei was coughing out, she was at a loss. She tried lifting him, but the moment she moved him, more blood flowed from him.

In this moment of crisis, Bai Kai was the only person who still remained calm. He commanded, “We can’t move him. You Xing, the three of you get help from the Furnace of Agarwood. Move as fast as you can! Fu Jing, you guys go get some hot water! Guo Hong, get some people to dismantle the table and make a stretcher out of it!”

At his command, everyone started carrying out their assigned tasks in disorderly haste.

“Class Monitor Bai, do you still have more of that pill you ate earlier?” Bai Kai asked. Unfortunately, the reply he received from Bai Xiaofei was a rather warped bitter smile followed by a light shake of the head.

Bai Xiaofei then fainted, causing Hu Xian’er to go completely mad. Having seemingly lost all reason, she started to frantically yell. “Bai Xiaofei! Bai Xiaofei! Wake up! You’re not allowed to die!”

While she was losing her mind, Bai Kai suddenly cried out from beside her, “Class monitor! Look!”

When Hu Xian’er looked at Bai Xiaofei again, she found that a blood-red clump of energy had encased itself around Bai Xiaofei. The wound on his chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye – the speed was even faster than when he had previously taken the pill and healed!

“Is this because there is still some leftover medicinal effect from the pill he had previously taken?” Bai Kai guessed, sounding pleasantly surprised.

Hu Xian’er, however, knew that this wasn’t the case. This blood-red energy was of a different nature than the gentle energy contained within that pill. Nevertheless, the end result was the same. Bai Xiaofei would no longer die.

Currently, the origin core within Bai Xiaofei was spinning rapidly and was precisely the source of the blood-red energy. Although Bai Xiaofei rarely used the energy within his origin core, it was undeniable that the origin core was still a part of him. That was why, when its master was on the verge of death, the origin core couldn’t stay still.

It wouldn’t matter if Bai Xiaofei died, but it wouldn’t be worth it to the origin core if it had to die with him.  The core had therefore acted autonomously to protect him, but it was only focused on protecting his life. As for what sort of energy it sent into him, it didn’t care. As such, in addition to the Nirvana Pearl’s blood red energy, the core also released the pink energy that Bai Xiaofei both feared and respected.

The appearance of the pink energy could not escape Hu Xian’er’s eyes. When she saw it, she was slightly frightened and was reminded of the first time she had met Bai Xiaofei. She calmed down then issued a series of orders that somewhat stunned Bai Kai. “Carry him inside and stop everyone from entering the classroom. Without my permission, no one is allowed to get within one hundred meters.”

“How about those from the Furnace of Agarwood?” Bai Kai asked.

“Like I said, nobody can enter! Didn’t you hear me?”

A certain “deed” could only be performed when there was no one around…


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