Chapter 152: Do You Have the Guts to Be a Man?

Everyone was stunned when they heard Bai Xiaofei. It did not take long for them to realize that Hu Xian’er was first place on the Blossom Rankings. The Blossom Pavilion had long ago released the list of requirements for anyone wanting to meet her, with the payment of Starnet stones being first on the list.

“What’s the matter? Were you unaware of this or do you not have enough money? Or did you actually believe that you could go against the Blossom Pavilion?”

Fang Yuesheng’s expression turned incredibly ugly at these words.

How could a new student like him afford twenty thousand Starnet Stones? After all, his title as a Newcomer King didn’t earn him any money.

“Ah, I see now. From your expression, it looks like it’s both. You don’t have enough money? I have seen many people who have tried going against the rules like you. Have you heard about the toad who had no capabilities whatsoever yet longed after the meat of the swan?”

Bai Xiaofei said with a sneer. The class 21 students played along and started laughing as well. Some of them began to jeer at Fang Yuesheng.

“Yeah, the fee for a single meeting with our Big Sister Xian’er is not cheap. Looks like a certain someone does not have enough money for that.”

“Don’t say that. After all, that certain someone is a Newcomer King. He should at least have that much on him.”

“What's the big deal about being a Newcomer King? Isn’t our Big Sister Xian’er one as well? He’s only a Master Rank at most. Does he think that he is a big shot from the Combat Rankings?”

Voice after voice rang out with Fang Yuesheng hearing everything. He clenched his teeth so hard that they nearly shattered. But no matter how angry he was, he could offer no rebuttal to everything that was said. Bai Xiaofei’s appearance had instantly placed him at a disadvantage. 

“Don’t think that you are the leader of the new students just because you have the support of the Blossom Pavilion. In this world, strength is the only thing that is eternally useful.”

Fang Yuesheng spent some time simmering in anger before he finally came up with this retort in hope of trying to regain some advantage.

“I am sorry to inform you that I am indeed someone who enjoys taking advantage of my position to bully others. You can give it a try if you want. See if the Blossom Pavilion is willing to back you up. Naturally, you have to first find a way to enter the Blossom Pavilion though. After all, a large number of toads gather outside the pavilion’s entrance everyday. Although you are somewhat special, Yun Jingshuang can be quite the slacker. He might not even notice you at all.”

The more Bai Xiaofei spoke, the more carefree his tone became. As for Fang Yuesheng, the more he listened, the more agitated he got. A burning fury could already be seen in his eyes.

“Don’t push it!”

The same words were spoken but by a different person this time. Behind Bai Xiaofei, Bai Kai felt extremely pleased when he heard this coming from Fang Yuesheng.

Aren't you a big shot? Why are you saying something like this now?

“So what if I’m bossing you around? Bullying others like this is normal for me. Do you think you are really some big shot? If it wasn’t for you blocking the door like some mad dog I couldn’t even be bothered with you.”

Bai Xiaofei replied with yet another sneer. His mastery in the art of cursing had reached perfection. Every single one of the many students facing him were itching to charge forward and give him a beating. Unfortunately, none of them dared to actually do so.

The money Bai Xiaofei had earned and the people he had befriended hadn’t been for nothing. The current Bai Xiaofei was no longer a lone ranger. He alone represented a huge network of interest groups, with him being the center of this network. Many people would be furious if anything bad were to happen to him.

“Bai Xiaofei, I hereby challenge you to a deathmatch. If you are a man, accept my challenge!”

Fang Yuesheng finally lost all his patience. Glaring at Bai Xiaofei, he issued his challenge, uttering it one word at a time.

“Wow, I have to give it to you for being able to think of something as shameless as this. A death match between a Transformation Stream puppet master and an Illusion Stream puppet master? You are lucky I am in a good mood today. I might really consider this.”

Bai Xiaofei again rained insults on Fang Yuesheng. However, what he said afterwards shocked everyone.

Has he gone mad? He’s fighting Fang Yuesheng by himself?

Naturally, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t gone crazy. Rather he was perfectly aware of what he was doing, more so than anyone else present.

“However, a normal one on one match is way too boring. You asked if I am a man? Well now you’ve got me curious. Do you really have the guts to be a man?”

A ruthless glint flashed in Bai Xiaofei’s eyes as he countered with a question. Fang Yuesheng became nervous. He had meant to back Bai Xiaofei into a corner but now it seemed like he was the one being cornered.

Nonetheless, Fang Yuesheng was full of confidence. He was certain he would be able to beat Bai Xiaofei in a one on one match regardless of the setting.

“Feel free to say what you have in mind. If I so much retreat even a step, I will never approach class 21 ever again.”

After hearing Fang Yuesheng’s oath, Bai Xiaofei sneered once again.

“I don’t need your bullshit guarantee. After the New Student Tournament is over, you won’t dare challenge me anymore even if you are a hundred times braver.”

Unknowingly, Bai Xiaofei had already marked class 21 as his territory that no one else was allowed to touch.

“Fine. I am really curious to see if your head is as hardy as your mouth!”

Fang Yuesheng was clenching his teeth so hard now that cracking sounds could be heard. An intense desire to immediately skin and pull Bai Xiaofei’s bones out of him raged in Fang Yuesheng’s soul.

“What I propose is very simple. When the fight starts, one party will be hitting out while the other will be on the receiving end. The person striking will have no limitations imposed on them while the one receiving the damage will not be allowed to use any energy barriers. Both his feet can’t leave the ground and he will only be allowed to take on the blows with his physical body.”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the ruthlessness in his eyes intensified.

 “So, do you dare play with me?”

The moment Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, everyone was dumbfounded. They had initially believed that he was merely trying to twist the rules to give himself an advantage. Surprisingly, he had proposed such a savage method of fighting instead. But then…this was indeed a very manly way of fighting!

“I accept!. Who will start first?”

Fang Yuesheng accepted the challenge while gulping nervously. He was all out of options anyway. For some reason, his confidence was starting to falter. 

“Since I am the one who proposed this, naturally you will be the first one to attack. Otherwise it would be annoying if you start spreading rumours about me if something happened to you. After all, unlike you I rely on my reputation to make a living.”

Bai Xiaofei sneered and got into his stance. The scolding he gave Fang Yuesheng was truly savage. Bai Kai and the others felt extremely pleased listening to him. However, they were also worried about Bai Xiaofei. Fang Yuesheng was someone who had slashed his way through the elimination matches. His ruthlessness was definitely not exaggerated. Up to now, very few people were still able to move after being hit by his attack.

At this point, Fang Yuesheng was already burning in anger and was in no mood to think about anything else. He only had one thing in his mind now: Cut Bai Xiaofei down!

His origin energy started roiling as he instantly completed his partial beast transformation. It was at this moment that Bai Xiaofei got a clearer idea of how the “humanoid mantis” that Xue Ying had spoken about looked like. After the transformation, Fang Yuesheng’s body became extremely slender while both his arms turned into two sharp blades that shone dazzlingly under the sun.

“BAI XIAOFEI! You won’t have a chance to even leave a will behind now!”

Fang Yuesheng charged forward as soon as he spoke. He moved so fast that most of the people watching only saw a blue flash. After gathering enough energy, he pounced savagely on Bai Xiaofei with both his blades slashing down towards Bai Xiaofei’s head.

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