Chapter 150: Things Are Getting out of Hand!

“The seventh Newcomer King is Ka Nong, a Martial Master. Rumors have it that his father is a powerhouse from the Martial Alliance. However, no exact details are known. Based on what I have seen, he is a very difficult opponent.”

This was the first time Xue Ying had labeled someone as a very difficult opponent. Surprisingly, it was used on a martial artist instead of a puppet master.

“If it’s a Martial Master, Big Brother Fei can deal with him. After all, Big Brother Fei can now pass as a Martial Master as well!”

Mo Ka laughed and patted Wu Chi beside him, “You better start working hard, blockhead. If it gets out that you can't even beat an Illusion Stream puppet master in melee combat, you'll be laughed out of the academy.”

Wu Chi did not seem to mind Mo Ka’s teasing. He merely answered with a slap.

“Do you really take me for an idiot? Will a normal person compare himself to a freak like Big Brother Fei?”

Everyone sent Wu Chi a pitiful gaze when he said that.

Bro, you are really quite idiotic huh…

“Student Wu Chi, what did you just say about me?”

Bai Xiaofei came up behind Wu Chi with his fists clenched. He had a gloomy expression on his face, resembling a devil from hell.

“Big Brother Fei, that was not what I meant! I was trying to say…”

It was pointless to try explaining himself. A beating was the only way to solve this. After all, beating someone up was the fastest way to teach someone a lesson. Having vented his feelings, Bai Xiaofei felt refreshed and returned to his seat. Xue Ying then resumed her explanation.

“The eighth Newcomer King is Zhao Ziyun, a Master Rank Onslaught Stream puppet master. If Ka Nong is considered a very difficult opponent then Zhao Ziyun is an extremely difficult one. I can guarantee that Zhao Ziyun will definitely be your biggest obstacle to getting first place.”

After Xue Ying’s explanation, Bai Xiaofei flipped to the final page of the pamphlet. On the last page were several short descriptions of Zhao Ziyun. His puppet was the Shattermoon Spear and he was a person with outstanding combative strength.

The great dao could be simple at times. A person who pursued only one path could be very scary as well. Zhao Ziyun was an example of this. He was someone who treated his spear like his own life.

“These are all the Newcomer Kings. Getting first place won't be difficult if you guys can deal with all of them.”

Xue Ying let out a long sigh. It was impossible for her not to feel tired after talking for so long.

The Savage Class members were all hit by the same realization after going through the pamphlet. They had initially believed that getting first place would be easy. It was only now that they realized that they still had a long way to go before they could take the first place.

“Okay. I have memorized everything here.”

Bai Xiaofei still appeared to be quite relaxed. After putting the pamphlet away, he turned around to get a good look at everyone around him.

“Looks like we need to conduct a special training session!” The moment these words were spoken, a mixture of excitement and anticipation appeared on everyone’s faces.

Come at me! I won’t be afraid no matter how strict the training will be. I only fear that the training won’t be tough enough!

Under Bai Xiaofei’s lead, the Savage Class started their special training session. As for Xue Ying, she assumed her responsibility as a full time teacher and concentrated on pointing out the mistakes the Savage Class made. She was rarely this responsible since she spent most of her time idling around in the past.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed. By the time the Savage Class ended their secluded cultivation, they were only one day away from the tournament.

“Have we been training so hard we neglected both sleep and food?” As they travelled, Bai Xiaofei praised himself proudly. The Savage Class members collectively looked at him with disdain.

Neglect both sleep and food? You? You are the one who ate the most and slept the earliest among us!

“That was indeed what we did. But ‘taking a good rest’ is a better description of what you did, Big Brother Fei.”

Chen Hui had been training his “art of talking” as of late. Because of this, he was now a proud member of the group of guys who were frequently subjected to Bai Xiaofei’s abuse.

“Student Huihui, you have gotten very cheeky recently, huh?”

“Why do I feel like you are the cheekiest one instead?”

Xue Ying blocked Bai Xiaofei's way before he could reach Chen Hui and glared at him with an even more fierce expression.

In every class, there would be a handful of good students. In the Savage Class, Chen Hui was the model male student. Because of that, Xue Ying liked him a lot. She was still capable of keeping her favorite student “safe”.

“What do you guys think the format for the first match will be?”

Among the girls, Zhu Sisi was definitely the one who was the most excited about this tournament. From the way she was hopping around vivaciously, she indeed had a dexterity that lived up to her identity as a Blitz Stream puppet master. What she asked was also what the Savage Class was out to find out. They were heading out to wait for the academy’s notice on the first match.

“When I asked the senior sisters of the other years about this, they said that based on Starnet Academy’s usual practice, the first round will usually have the highest elimination rate. That is because the academy is very lazy, so lazy that they will find it hard to manage the subsequent rounds if too many students managed to get through the first round…”

Qi Wei spoke as her eyes glistened. With all the information she had, she was indeed the queen of gossip.

“That’s good, right? We don’t have to waste as much effort on the tournament this way.”

Fang Ye joined the conversation, appearing slightly excited. Influenced by the Savage Class, he now preferred fighting over doing business.

“Not necessarily. Don’t forget that our lovely class monitor still has a ban on him.”

Xu Chen brought up a depressing reminder, waking them up from their sweet dream.

“Stop talking. We are here.” Reminded by Bai Xiaofei, everyone looked up. They thought they would be one of the earlier ones. However, the huge crowd that was already there proved them wrong.

One could never hope to be the earliest as there would always be someone earlier.

“Make way! Make way! We are sticking the notice up!”

The crowd was too huge. Because of this, the teacher in charge of sticking the notice couldn’t squeeze himself through. He was finally able to reach the designated spot only after with the help of two other teachers.

Everyone held their breath. The moment the notice was posted, those standing in front charged over immediately. The poor teachers were nearly stampeded to death.

“Forget it. We can wait.” Bai Xiaofei swallowed when he saw the mad crowd. His suggestion immediately received everyone’s approval.

If they were to enter now, they wouldn’t need to take part in the tournament anymore! After all, half their life force would be exhausted after squeezing through that crowd!

“Holy shit! How can this be?”

“The hell? Has the academy gone crazy?”

“Are they f*cking trying to kill us?”


After a while, the crowd started hurling abuse after abuse. The Savage Class had originally planned to keep waiting but all the commotion made them curious.

“Should we go take a look?” Mo Ka rubbed his hands eagerly.

“Go ahead if you can.”

Xing Nan said as he made an inviting gesture. Mo Ka took a look at his own thin physique before deciding to give up. The Savage Class was finally able to get near the notice after the majority of the crowd left angrily. The instant they reached it, they replicated what the crowd did earlier.

“F*ck! Do they have to be such an ass about this?”

“How are we supposed to do this?”


Curses started ringing through the air. The Savage Class went from being collectively excited to collectively furious. Bai Xiaofei was usually an optimistic person but even his mood was darkened now. Things were getting out of hand!

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