Chapter 149: Information About the New Student Kings!

On their way back from the conference hall, the Savage Class was feeling the most downcast they had ever been. The New Student Tournament did not have a fixed format. Like the entrance examination, there would be changes each year. Bai Xiaofei’s two puppets were the best tools to deal with such uncertainties. Unfortunately, this tool was now sealed. Bai Xiaofei was now no different from a martial artist.

“This is not necessarily a bad thing for us.” Bai Xiaofei had been thinking about this for the entire way. Just as they were about to reach their class, he abruptly spoke. The others were slightly stunned. Even Xue Ying turned her head to look at him.

“What do you mean?” Xue Ying asked. Unlike the other teachers, she would have to leave the academy if the Savage Class did not manage to take first place in the tournament.

Therefore, it was impossible for her not to feel anxious.

“Firstly, I rarely need to do anything whenever our class is fighting anyway. Since Huskie’s ability is not suited for tournaments either, sealing my puppets is equivalent to sealing only Blackie.”

“Secondly, Vice Principal Luo only banned my puppets. I myself wasn’t banned from participating. Didn’t you guys say before that my biggest asset is my brain instead of my combat strength? By banning me from using my puppets, Vice Principal Luo Xi is actually helping me maximize my worth instead.”

“In any case, we have been trying to hide our real strength all along. But I won’t need to do that anymore. Nobody will know Blackie’s ability even after the first match.”

The more Bai Xiaofei spoke, the more animated his face became. He had now successfully convinced himself. Unfortunately, to the others, it sounded like he was only trying to comfort them.

“But…” Xu Chen wanted to say something but was immediately interrupted by Bai Xiaofei.

“No buts. There will be a hundred classes participating during the first match. You think you guys aren't enough to beat them? When have you guys ever been so lacking in confidence?”

This time, everyone’s eyes lit up.

True, it’s just a hundred classes! Among these classes, only less than twenty of them are a threat to the Savage class. The chances of encountering a class like that in the first match itself should be quite low!

Their mood improved when they thought of this. Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei’s puppets were only banned for one match.

“So can we now move on to analyzing what’s truly important for this match?” After helping everyone regain their confidence, Bai Xiaofei looked at Xue Ying, clearly excited. The Savage Class had been very busy for the past few days but this hadn’t been the case for her. She had spent all her free time gathering information. The New Student Kings happened to be one of the things she had focused on while gathering information.

“ Let’s go back to class first. There’s too much information. It will take a while to finish sharing it.”

Xue Ying’s mood had also improved. She immediately entered a proper state of mind and turned around before continuing to walk in front. The dispirited expressions on the Savage Class students was gradually replaced by excitement. After returning to their class, everyone sat in a circle. It was now Xue Ying’s turn to take the stage.

“As mentioned previously, nine people have been elected as Newcomer Kings. Excluding Lin Li, I have information on eight of them here.”

Xue Ying took out a thick stack of paper as she spoke. After each person took a pamphlet, Xue Ying started her presentation.

“Let us start with someone we are all familiar with, Hu Xian’er.”

Xue Ying did not forget to send a vicious glare Bai Xiaofei’s way when she said the word “familiar”.

“She is a Master Rank Transformation Stream puppet master. Her actual transformation form is still unknown. However, we do know that her transformation form is a magical beast. So far, she has demonstrated high agility and powerful physical strength. She also seems capable of ignoring all defensive shield abilities as well. This is an extremely scary opponent when it comes to melee combat.”

“Her classmates are not pushovers either. Her seventeen classmates comprise of two Ranged Stream, three Support Stream, four Onslaught Stream, two Defense Stream, two Energy Stream, a Martial Warrior and three Assassin Stream puppet masters.”

“Among them, there is the Ranged Stream, Support Stream, Onslaught Stream and Assassin Stream each have people who are very hard to deal with. From the few fights they have been involved in so far, it is clear that these people are the core of their battle tactics.”

After Xue Ying finished her explanation, they all started studying the pamphlet in their hands. All the abilities their competitors had previously used were listed in the pamphlet. Even so, there wasn’t much information about them.

As they had predicted earlier, the truly strong students were all hiding their strength.

“Just Introduce the Newcomer Kings for the other classes. We can skip their classmates for now.” Bai Xiaofei raised his head and interrupted Xue Ying before she could continue.

“As you wish. The second Newcomer King is someone you guys have encountered before. His name is Tai Shan, an Energy Stream puppet master who specializes in shaping. He is also a Master Rank puppet master. The only ability he has shown so far is sand control. Even though he has been trying to hide it, he is probably specialized in crowd control and defense from the way he carries himself in fights.”

Everyone trusted Xue Ying’s judgment. Therefore, Tai Shan who had previously played rock paper scissors with Bai Xiaofei was now labeled as a backline fighter by the Savage Class.

“The third Newcomer King is Luo Han, the daughter of Luo Xi. She is a Master Rank Support Stream puppet master. I have nearly zero information on her since she has never fought before. To win all their elimination matches, her class has been relying on a Transformation Stream puppet master whose transformation form is a berserk gorilla. My guess is that their core strategy will revolve around the teamwork of these two.”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart thumped when he heard Luo Han’s name. This bashful little girl had left quite an impression on him during the Blossom Banquet. Surprisingly, she was actually an officially elected Newcomer King as well.

Like mother like daughter! 

“The fourth Newcomer King is Fang Yuesheng, a Master Rank Transformation Stream puppet master. His puppet soul is Bluemoon, a dexterous magical beast with extremely strong offense. His transformed form closely resembles a humanoid mantis. He was the one who slashed his entire way through the elimination matches for his class. He hasn’t been seen using a second or third ability so far.”

When the Savage Class members heard that there was yet another Transformation Stream puppet master, they frowned. Why is everyone in that stream? Is that stream very popular now?

“The fifth Newcomer King is a Master Rank Energy Stream puppet master, Yan Suzi. She is 67th place on the Blossom Rankings and specializes in flame energy. She is very good in crowd control and prolonged battles and has earned the title Queen of Flames from the elimination matches. The best way to deal with her in fights is to end the fight as soon as possible. Her abilities are all listed in the pamphlet. You guys can read it yourselves.”

“The sixth Newcomer King is Xiang Tao, a Master Rank Assassin Stream puppet master. Among the Newcomer Kings, he is the easiest one to deal with. All three of his puppets have been analyzed by me. All the information is listed on the pamphlet. If you guys encounter him, just deal with him accordingly. I dare say that if it wasn't for the fact that he is a Master Rank, Wang Hang alone can beat ten of him.”

Xue Ying seemed very confident when she talked about Xiang Tao’s abilities. She seemed to be as familiar with them as if they were her own.

“It doesn’t matter if he is a Master Rank. Ranks don't matter to assassins.”

Wang Hang had been silent all along but now, he suddenly interrupted proudly. This was how he always reacted whenever the topic of assassins came up.

“I will remember these words. When the time comes, this Xiang Tao guy is yours.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and skipped the page detailing Xiang Tao as well.

Two more to go!

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