Chapter 148: The Legendary “Making Things Difficult for Someone”

After dealing with all the bosses, Bai Xiaofei’s busy life of profiteering finally came to a hiatus. Since the number of Blossom Tickets they had released wasn’t enough to bring trouble to their doorstep, Bai Xiaofei could afford to rest for a while.

Bai Xiaofei left Yun Jingshuang and Lu Linyun the responsibility to transform the Thousand Aroma Restaurant. His excuse for not helping out was that he was busy preparing for the New Student Tournament. Although they knew that this was only an excuse, they did not say anything.If they were to disregard everything else about Bai Xiaofei, he was still just a sixteen-year-old kid. He hadn’t even gone through his coming of age ceremony yet and was different from old foxes like them.

What they didn't know was that Bai Xiaofei was not like other teenagers his age. After a break of several days, the completion of the elimination rounds was announced. Sadly though, nobody was paying attention to it anymore. One hundred classes had been qualified from the elimination rounds. According to the academy’s announcement, the principal was going to give a speech, making it compulsory for everyone to attend.  After being roused repeatedly from bed by his three roommates, Bai Xiaofei was pulled to the place where the speech was to be held while still half-asleep.

Land was expensive in the Starnet Academy. Only academy infrastructure such as the conference hall would occupy a wide space. The conference hall could easily accommodate more than ten thousand people. Moreover any facilities one could wish for could be found here, making this an incomparably luxurious conference hall.

Currently, the total number of people present was less than two thousand even after including the teachers. Therefore, everyone had a good seat.

“Why are you guys this late? Are you tired of living?”

Xue Ying had never dressed this formally before. Beneath her teacher’s overcoat, she was wearing a cultivation shirt and trousers. Of course, even clothes this formal would emanate a seductive charm when worn by Xue Ying…

“I had a meeting with Yun Jingshuang and the others last night so I overslept a little. Anyhow, we still made it in time, right?”

Bai Xiaofei explained himself with a pitiful look on his face. His three roommates next to him did not even dare to lift their heads. They had obviously been talking nonsense until late last night. They had no doubts about Bai Xiaofei's lying abilities now.

“Go sit down now. Even the gods won't be able to save you if you're any later than this.”

The four promptly slipped into their respective seats as Xue Ying admonished them. Right after they sat down, Lei Shan walked up the stage. He appeared to be in good spirits today.

“Big Brother Fei, you have my heartfelt respect for daring to oversleep even on a day like this.”

Xing Nan turned around and expressed his admiration before promptly turning to face the front again. He sat obediently like a child on his best behavior.

“Firstly, my congratulations to everyone present. The fact that you have been able to distinguish yourself from eight thousand others proved that all of you are outstanding students. Therefore, on behalf of all the teachers, I welcome all of you.”

The moment Lei Shan spoke, a thunderous applause sounded in the hall. Unlike Bai Xiaofei, the majority of the people in the room were seeing Lei Shan for the first time.

“At the same time, I would like to congratulate the head teachers of the one hundred selected classes. The academy is aware of all your hard work. Therefore, all of you will be officially hired as teachers of the academy after the New Student Tournament is over.”

The moment Lei Shan stepped onto the stage, he made two explosive announcements. One could say that this was a successful opening speech on Lei Shan’s part. Yet, despite this sensational speech, Bai Xiaofei still fell asleep. There was no helping it, he was too tired! When Mo Ka and Shu Kui noticed Bai Xiaofei was no longer awake, they broke out in cold sweat as they continued listening to the principal's speech.  

Should we wake him up? If we don’t, we would be held as accomplices if caught. But even if we do, based on Bai Xiaofei's personality, he'd just go right back to sleep. Besides, he would even seek revenge on us later…

The two of them finished listening to Lei Shan’s speech while suffering from this dilemma. Of course, none of them had any idea of what Lei Shan’s speech had been about. The only thing occupying their minds was whether Bai Xiaofei would be caught dozing off.

Fortunately, Heaven was fair. Even though old man Lei Shan was in a good mood today, someone else wasn’t! After Lei Shan’s speech, Vice Principal Luo Xi took the stage. She was supposed to be making a speech on behalf of all the teachers, yet the first thing she saw when she arrived on stage was the one student who behaved differently amid the crowd of students – Bai Xiaofei.

“The sleeping student seated on the second seat of the last row, stand up!”

Her ice-cold voice rang out. Instantly, the entire conference hall sank into silence. Everyone looked at where Bai Xiaofei’s trio was. The exact same words rose in both Shi Kui’s and Mo Ka’s mind: We’re finished…

“Big Brother Fei, wake up!”

They hastily urged. However, Bai Xiaofei did not even spare the stage a glance after waking up. Rather, he immediately stood up and started heading towards the exit.

“Oh it’s over? That was fast...”

The quiet hall became even more silent. At this point, it was so quiet that you could hear a strand of hair fall. The deathly silence finally fully woke Bai Xiaofei up. He gulped down his saliva before turning around to look at the stage. A bad premonition started welling up in his heart. Next, the sight of Luo Xi’s murderous expression entered his view.

I’m screwed…

This was the first thought to cross his mind. It did not take long for his prediction to come true.

“Student, I have a question. Why were you sleeping during the Headmaster's speech?”

Everyone held their breath. Bai Xiaofei was already known to everyone here. To them, this was a collision between the two big shots of the academy and something that wasn't seen often.

“I have a disease. Whenever I listen to a speech that sends me into a booming enthusiasm, I will start to feel unbearably sleepy. The better the speech, the deeper my sleep will be. The speech by Principal Lei Shan earlier was truly splendid, to the point that my disease kicked in…”

Bai Xiaofei was an expert in talking bull with a straight face. However, he was also the only person who dared to say such nonsense to Luo Xi. Naturally, the price he paid for this would be a disastrous one.

“Get your ass up here!!!” With a roar, Luo Xi’s demonic side took control of her. Bai Xiaofei did not dare to show any disobedience and promptly ran up to the stage.

“I don’t care how big of a deal you are. So long as you are in the Starnet Academy, you will remain a student of the academy and be subjected to the rules of the academy! Your sleeping during such an occasion is the same as disrespecting all the teachers here. Do you take the academy’s discipline for nothing?”

The moment Luo Xi started scolding, she was like a radio that had been turned on. Practically everything about Bai Xiaofei was scolded by her, as if he was completely worthless. Offstage, Mo Ka was keeping track of the time. He noted that Luo Xi spent a total of ten minutes scolding Bai Xiaofei.

As a comparison, Lei Shan’s earlier speech had only been thirty minutes long… In a way, this incident today indirectly increased Bai Xiaofei’s fame yet again.

“I have heard of how cocky you have been among the new students. Since that’s the case, let me see how cocky you can get. I am placing a ban on you. During the first match of the New Student Tournament, you are forbidden from using any puppets!”

The moment she said this, everyone sank into silence. The Savage Class students had their mouths agape in shock. Onstage, even Bai Xiaofei himself was slightly dumbfounded.

Holy shit, is this an example of the legendary "making things difficult for someone"?


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