Chapter 143: As Scheduled

Bai Xiaofei forcefully suppressed the burning instinctual desire ravaging him. It was with great difficulty that he managed to book a hotel room, the entire process feeling like an eternity to him. He was pushed onto the bed immediately after they entered the room, making him lose the upper hand.

“Do you want to have another look at my previous form?”

Hu Xian’er took off her hat and knelt on Bai Xiaofei’s thighs. She nibbled on her lips and asked a question Bai Xiaofei couldn’t say no to.

“I am waiting.”

Bai Xiaofei answered and fixed his eyes on the rare life form before him, not wanting to miss anything. Hu Xian’er leisurely took off her overalls, revealing the attire she wore at the banquet earlier underneath. She activated her origin energy as her fox ears and tail gradually grew.

At the same time, her figure changed as well. She became even more slender while her face narrowed down, further enhancing her foxy eyes.

“Master, how do you intend to train your little fox?”

She languidly sprawled on Bai Xiaofei’s body and gently scratched his cheeks with her fingernails. Her other hand started wandering around Bai Xiaofei’s chest.

I can’t take it anymore!

Bai Xiaofei grabbed both Hu Xian’er’s hands and rolled over, instantly regaining the upper hand. Hu Xian’er began to struggle, playing along with Bai Xiaofei’s aggression.  

“Master, you are hurting Xian’er. Please be gentle—“

An enchanting voice sounded, pushing Bai Xiaofei to his limits. The next minute saw him completely getting down to business. The desire he had been suppressing erupted as he threw all of his inhibitions to the wind. This time, he was even rougher than their first time.

This was the power of Hu Xian’er’s charm. If she wanted to, she could turn any man into a beast. But she would only use this skill on Bai Xiaofei alone. Moans rang out through the room, signaling the start of the main “activity”. Tonight, Bai Xiaofei reveled in a treatment sufficient to drive any man crazy.

Naturally, while Bai Xiaofei was enjoying himself, his neighbors were suffering. Both Hu Xian’er’s enchanting moans and Bai Xiaofei’s frightening endurance extinguished all warmth they felt from their partners. The night passed sile—no, the night passed noisily and finally, the sun rose in the sky, shining its warm radiance upon the world beneath.

Hu Xian'er, still in her fox form, was currently curled up sweetly in Bai Xiaofei’s arms on the soft bed. Bai Xiaofei was already awake and was gently caressing her sleek back.

“Mhm—Please, stop touching my tail…”

Hu Xian’er protested coquettishly, opening her eyes drowsily. She looked at Bai Xiaofei, begging him with her eyes.

Bai Xiaofei continued playing with her tail as if he didn’t hear anything. He learned a secret last night: Hu Xian'er's tail was an extremely sensitive spot for her...

“I will be gentle. It will be fine.”

“Mhm, be gentle then…”

Hu Xian’er answered softly. A red flush crept up her delicate face as she endured the intense sensations coming from her tail.

“Were you cheating last night? Why were you so powerful? You were obviously done, yet...”

Hu Xian’er lifted her head and looked at Bai Xiaofei while asking, her face filled with both doubt and satisfaction. Bai Xiaofei blushed at this question. She was right. He would have suffered defeat in the first round if he hadn't had any help.There was no helping it though, Hu Xian’er in that form was something no ordinary man could endure.

Thus, Bai Xiaofei utilized the pink energy within his origin core… Elsewhere, Revelation was moved to tears when he found out about this. Finally, this stinking brat had matured! The result of his actions was obvious. Powered by the pink energy, Bai Xiaofei ultimately defeated Hu Xian'er. Even in her beast form, she had been “attacked” to the point of going limp…

“Why do you ask? You don’t like it? I remember you being very satisfied last night…”

Bai Xiaofei sniggered pervertedly, making Hu Xian’er blush.

“I will defeat you one day!”

She harrumphed unyieldingly and protested to defend her dignity. She never expected that this protest would invite an “unexpected calamity” upon herself.

“Let's see how capable you really are then!"

Bai Xiaofei declared. He suddenly increased the force of his grip and tightly grabbed Hu Xian’er’s tail.


When a rooster crowed, it meant that daylight had arrived. When Hu Xian’er cried out, it meant that a “disaster” had fallen upon her…

By the time they left the hotel, the sun was already high up in the air, a clear sign that it was already noon. Bai Xiaofei supported Hu Xian’er as she limped along, his expression similar to that of a thief.

“Slow down. I’m in so much pain!”

Hu Xian’er grumbled. Hidden beneath her robe, Hu Xian'er no longer possessed the "dignity" of a magical beast.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about this since her partner was an oddity.

“There are too many people around. Should I carry you instead?”

The two were fully engrossed in this thrill of being in an affair that felt similar to being a thief and intended to play it out until the end.


Hu Xian’er answered softly and slowly climbed onto Bai Xiaofei’s back. From time to time, her pain would occasionally make her let out a moan. Her moans nearly made Bai Xiaofei turn around and return to the hotel once more...

Amitabha! I must control myself. If I don’t go back now, not even Yun Jingshuang can cover for me anymore!

“Just take me back to my dorm. I can’t attend class looking like this anyway.”

While lying on Bai Xiaofei’s back, Hu Xian’er acted as navigator and decided on the direction to go in. Bai Xiaofei moved speedily. In no time, they arrived on Aunty Barrier's turf.

“Younglings, don’t mess around. It will be too late to regret if something bad happens.”

A single glance at Hu Xian'er trying her best to act normal was all it took for Aunty Barrier to know what had happened. She instantly gave them a kind reminder. However, neither Bai Xiaofei nor Hu Xian’er took her advice seriously. The only thing they had in their minds was: We were caught!

After sending Hu Xian’er back, Bai Xiaofei fled speedily and vanished from Aunty Barrier’s view. He directly ran towards the Blossom Pavilion. After giving it an entire morning to simmer, he could now proceed with the rest of his plan! Just as he expected, when he reached the Blossom Pavilion, Xie Guangyun and three other people were already there waiting for him. Based on their previous agreement, it was now time for them to take the stage.

“Brother Bai, you are finally here!”

The first to notice Bai Xiaofei was Xie Guangyun. Instantly, a joyful expression appeared on his face.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, brothers. I was busy dealing with some personal affairs. Come, let us talk inside…”

Bai Xiaofei gave them a random excuse before bringing them into the Blossom Pavilion. Yun Jingshuang had also arrived after being informed by Han Qianye The topic of discussion would affect them all.

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