Chapter 142: The Favor of a Beauty Is Hard to Accept

Time passed and the banquet finally ended. Compared to what Bai Xiaofei and Yun Jingshuang had initially expected, the banquet had successfully fulfilled its purpose. Naturally, the only exception to this was Bai Xiaofei's current plight.

With Han Qianye’s announcement that the banquet was over, several hundred guests gradually left. As hosts, Bai Xiaofei and Yun Jingshuang were seeing the guests off.

“Thank you for your help today. If possible, I will plead for leniency from my mom for you…”

Luo Han mustered up her courage and spoke to Bai Xiaofei, her face blushing all along. Then, she fled like a frightened rabbit before Bai Xiaofei could even reply. When Bai Xiaofei saw this, a bitter expression appeared on his face. He'd rather she would never mention him in front of Lou Xi.

“Little troublemaker, I will be waiting for you at the Demons of Illusions. Make sure not to disappoint me, okay?”

Chu Liuyun came over not long after Luo Han left. Before she left, she glanced at Bai Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei couldn't help trembling when her captivating eyes landed on him.

Should I consider not going to the Demons of Illusions after all?

“You were quite outstanding today, eh? Don’t forget what you promised me. I’ve been thinking of getting another puppet recently. Come look for me when you have the time.”

Qin Lingyan spoke with her usual ice-cold expression. Yet her words left a lot of room for imagination. At the very least, Yun Jingshuang was now thinking some improper thoughts.

“You're quite the ladies' man, eh? Looks like you'll be patronizing the hotels quite frequently now.”

Yun Jingshuang smirked and started teasing Bai Xiaofei again. For him, teasing Bai Xiaofei was now something he took great joy in doing.

“Be quiet! I'll be needing your help very soon!”

Bai Xiaofei cautiously reminded Yun Jingshuang while looking around nervously at the same time. Shortly after, Hu Xian’er walked over, naturally radiating a charming aura. Unlike the others, she did not say anything to Bai Xiaofei. What she did was gaze profoundly on Bai Xiaofei while transforming back into her fox form. Her purple fox tail swayed around a bit before she went back to her human form.

“Looks like tonight won’t be a peaceful night for a certain someone.”

Teasing was addictive. It was obvious that Yun Jingshuang was already hooked on it. 

“Shut up! Someone is coming!”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the Savage Class swarmed him.

“Big Brother Fei, you have to give us a proper explanation when you return tonight!”

“Yeah! We are all waiting for your explanation!”

“Big Brother Fei, come back soon!”

The guys all rushed over to have a word with him, with the girls having no intention of being outdone as well.

“Class monitor, you must be fair. We want to know the same things as the guys as well!”

Zhu Sisi jumped out and took the words out of Qi Wei's mouth. On her face was a teasing smile, clearly revealing her desire for gossip.


Bai Xiaofei hesitated. He did not dare to say anything as the credibility of his words was truly too low.

“He might not be able to return tonight. I still have some matters to discuss with him. If things progress as expected, he will probably have to spend the night here.”

Right at this critical moment, Yun Jingshuang showed his sincerity. A few short sentences successfully calmed Bai Xiaofei down.

“I see…”

Mo Ka and the rest sighed. Having their excitement extinguished, they all looked dispirited.

“F*ck! What is the meaning of this? Are you guys asking for a beating?”

Bai Xiaofei clenched his fist, seemingly intending to showcase his prowess. The group immediately ran away laughing merrily.

“Big Brother Fei, we will be waiting for you to return and tell us your story!”

Xing Nan yelled on behalf of the Savage Class after putting some distance between them. As for the girls of the class, they left as well, each with a different sort of smile on their faces.

Next, Xue Ying and Lin Li who looked like a pair of twins walked over to him. Xue Ying had a frosty expression while Lin Li had a pitiful expression.

“You have truly gone overboard today. Little Li, let’s go.”

Xue Ying said, pulling Lin Li with her as they turned around and left. But they had only taken a few steps when Lin Li suddenly broke free of Xue Ying’s hand.Turning around, she threw herself into Bai Xiaofei’s arms.

“I’m not angry. Everything is fine as long as you don’t abandon me. You won’t abandon your Little Li, right?”

As she spoke, her tears ran down uncontrollably. Her pitiful voice broke Bai Xiaofei’s heart. Who would have expected that Lin Li, a girl seen as an unyielding elder sister, would actually have such a fragile maiden’s heart?

“How could I ever abandon you? My Little Li is so beautiful. Today was just something out of the ordinary. I don’t even know some of those other women! Don't think too much. No matter what, nobody can replace you in my heart.”

Bai Xiaofei consoled her. Helping Lin Li up, he gently wiped away the tears on her face.

“Look at you, you look like a calico cat from crying so much. You'll ruin your looks if you keep crying. I am a shallow person. I might not want you anymore if you are no longer beautiful.”

Lin Li was shocked by Bai Xiaofei’s solemn expression when he said this and immediately stopped crying.

“Lin Li will stop crying. You are not allowed to dump me!”

Lin Li stared at Bai Xiaofei unyieldingly, a trace of stubbornness visible in her large eyes. 

“Mhm, I won’t dump you.” Bai Xiaofei smiled in satisfaction and patted Lin Li’s fair shoulder lightly. Lin Li's smooth bare shoulders caused his heart to pound.

“Lower your head.”

Lin Li fixed her gaze on Bai Xiaofei and abruptly made a request that made him scratch his head in confusion. Nonetheless, Bai Xiaofei did as he was told. Immediately after, an ice cold sensation landed on his lips while at the same time his nose was assaulted with pain from being knocked into. By the time Bai Xiaofei realized what had happened, a blushing Lin Li had already returned to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying shot Bai Xiaofei another furious gaze before slowly vanishing into the dark night with Lin Li.

“Sigh, the favor of a beauty is the hardest to accept. I am regretting my decision to lie for you. It feels as sinful as helping a tyrant in his oppression.”

Yun Jingshuang let off a long sigh, showing his true thoughts.

“You are a freak with a biased opinion on the two genders. Therefore, you are not qualified to judge me. Let’s pack up, I need to leave now.”

Having safely crossed the river, Bai Xiaofei immediately destroyed the bridge. This let him fully vent all the grievances he had accumulated throughout the night.

“I should just go and turn myself in. Lying isn’t a good thing to do.”

“Big Brother Yuuun—“

Seeing that Yun Jingshuang was really about to go after Xue Ying and Lin Li, Bai Xiaofei instantly transformed into a cute little boy and started pulling him back.

“Big Brother Yun, I was just joking. How could you take me seriously?”

Bai Xiaofei begged while blinking his eyes cutely, causing Yun Jingshuang to break out in cold sweat.

“Stop. Fine, I concede. You may leave now. I don’t need your help to clean up here…”

The instant Bai Xiaofei was liberated, he vanished without a trace.

I have been waiting for you to say this!

Hu Xian’er was currently waiting at the business district, now fully covered up again. She had been bored out of her mind until she saw Bai Xiaofei. With a flash, she pounced onto Bai Xiaofei and coiled around him like an octopus. Without saying anything, their lips connected.

After a good while, their lips parted, snapping the translucent thread linking them. Feeling the remaining fragrance on his lips, Bai Xiaofei could no longer control himself.

“Remember what you said earlier. I intend to teach my little fox a lesson tonight!”

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