Chapter 141: Public Enemy

The entire room exploded with noise when Bai Xiaofei and Chu Liuyun walked away from the registration area. Everyone was talking about Bai Xiaofei instead of the people on the Blossom Rankings. 

Was there an inside story here? Or was Bai Xiaofei truly so attractive? What was so attractive about him, then? Was it the pink outfit he was wearing?! 

All sorts of guesses filled the air. Before the crowd could calm down, something else happened to excite them again. Shortly after Bai Xiaofei and Chu Liuyun completed their registration, a unique music played and Han Qianye stepped onto the stage once again.

“Only one more person has yet to appear. I am sure all of you are dying of anticipation! Everyone, hold your breath and keep your eyes open. Don't miss a single second of what's coming up next!”

Han Qianye paused and inhaled deeply before continuing, “Welcoming the current Queen of Flowers, first place on the Blossom Rankings, HU...XIAN...ER!”

Immediately after her announcement, the music turned intense. Once again, the lighting dimmed, leaving only seven different colored rays of light shining around the room before finally converging at one spot, drawing everyone’s attention to it.

The very next second, an enchanting Hu Xian’er walked out. She wore a light purple skin tight midriff baring suit that was rich in stereoscopic feeling. The shiny dots on the suit made it look as if the entire starry sky was blanketed on her body. The bountiful curve of her chest was completely disproportionate to to the rest of her body and seemed to be on the verge on bursting out of her white blouse at any moment. Her bare waist was visible for all to see, seemingly without an inch of excess flesh on it. Paired with her top was a skintight skirt of similar style. The skirt displayed her perfectly curved hips and showcased her flawless long legs. The purple heels she wore further accentuated the perfection of her legs.

Her attire was not the only thing that grabbed everyone’s attention. Hu Xian’er had not come in her human form.Swaying gently behind her was a purple fox tail, satiating everyone's lust for novelty. The pair of furry ears on her head framed a flawless face that radiated endless charm.

She was indeed worthy of being first place! Just as Han Qianye had said, the moment Hu Xian’er appeared, everyone held their breath. Not because they were obeying Han Qianye’s instructions, but because they had reacted instinctively. They were bearing witness to a beauty powerful enough to suffocate them all.

Under everyone’s gaze, Hu Xian’er started moving. Every graceful step she took seemed to enter the hearts of everyone present, tugging at their heart strings.  Unfortunately for all those present, she seemed to be walking towards…Bai Xiaofei?!!

Bai Xiaofei instantly snatched all the attention away from Hu Xian'er. He was the only person in the entire audience who had the ability to do so, despite how temporary it may be.

Everyone was crying out “no” in their hearts. However, Hu Xian’er still stopped in front Bai Xiaofei. Not only that, she was much more brazen than all the beauties before who had been kept themselves in check. She wrapped both her hands around Bai Xiaofei’s neck and plastered her body against him.

“Do you like this?”

This simple question stunned everyone present and everyone’s mind turned blank.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t any better off either. He gulped down his saliva with great difficulty. He had already forgotten how to think or talk. It wasn’t until Hu Xian’er’s tail gently rubbed against his face that he snapped out of it.

“I’m asking you a question. If you don’t like this, I’ll choose someone else!”

When everyone heard Hu Xian’er complaining, they became excited. They wanted to be treated this way by her as well!

Sadly, they could only dream.

“Nobody can take you away from me. Only I can be your Blossom Emissary!”

Bai Xiaofei swept Hu Xian'er into a princess carry. The complicated gazes of everyone present followed them as he casually walked towards the registration area.

Holy shit! He’s carrying Hu Xian’er! What makes him worthy?! This kid is dead for sure! Yes, dead for sure!

Every single male present started roaring inwardly. If they could, they would skin Bai Xiaofei alive, tear his skin off, feast on his flesh and drink his blood. In short, Bai Xiaofei was now someone who must die as far as they were concerned.

“I have no intention of transforming back into my human form. What do you think about that?” Hu Xian'er spoke softly so that only Bai Xiaofei could hear her. As the sole recipient of this treatment, Bai Xiaofei’s body “reacted” appropriately as a tribute to what she just said. He looked at Hu Xian’er, his gaze stopping momentarily on her furry ears and tail. He no longer dared to imagine what would come next…

F*ck it! No matter what, I better not let anyone find me later!

Bai Xiaofei vowed solemnly, already thinking of a way to escape. He could feel several gazes filled with killing intent were already locked onto him.

This is totally the legendary femme fatale… If this is truly the femme fatale of legends, let it be more fatal then!

After this incident, the banquet’s atmosphere became rather odd. Everyone was still socializing with each other. However, a majority of the males were now focused on socializing with Bai Xiaofei. He hadn't expected this at all. He had actually become the main focus of the Blossom Banquet!

A huge amount of seniors “warmly” greeted Bai Xiaofei with a glass of wine in their hand. They were interested in finding out how Bai Xiaofei had gotten to know these beauties. He had been selected by six of them after all.

Everyone who approached Bai Xiaofei had a smile on their face. However, Bai Xiaofei could clearly sense the hostility within them. He was further stupefied when he saw that the girls who had chosen him as their Blossom Emissary had all gathered together. Seeing how friendly they were with one another, Bai Xiaofei broke out in cold sweat.

Holy shit, why do I feel like something bad is about to happen?

Ultimately, it was Yun Jingshuang’s appearance that gave Bai Xiaofei a sense of security. This was the very first time Bai Xiaofei did not have the urge to respectably maintain his distance from Yun Jingshuang.

“I have underestimated you after all.”

Yun Jingshuang remarked with a smile on his face. However, his smile couldn’t hide the fact that he was currently enjoying himself at Bai Xiaofei’s expense. His expression of someone looking forward to a good show annoyed Bai Xiaofei greatly.

“I am not interested in hearing your sarcastic comments. Do you have any way for me to escape? Whether I survive tonight will depend on you.”

This feeling that his life was in someone else's hands was driving Bai Xiaofei nuts. As the saying goes, a beauty showing interest was a type of happiness. However, there was something called having too much of a good thing...

“Oh? The great Bai Xiaofei is incapable of even thinking of a way to escape? Where are all your tricks now?”

Yun Jingshuang laughed, intending to fully enjoy his role of someone finding delight in the calamity of others.

“Senior brother, don’t forget we are in a strategic alliance. If you continue to watch with folded arms, you will be facing all of Starnet Academy’s future difficulties all by yourself.”

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei could only be somewhat unyielding when facing Yun Jingshuang. He no longer dared to even meet Mo Ka and the rest of his heartless classmates.

“That’s not a problem. I am already used to being alone anyway. At worst, I will go back to how I used to be.”

Yun Jingshuang appeared completely unconcerned. He seemed to have adopted Bai Xiaofei’s shamelessness well…

“Don’t do this to me, Big Brother Yun! My dearest big brother! So long as you need any help in the future, I will be there for you at any time. May heaven strike me down with lightning if I so much as blink when you need help!”

Fine, fine. Since being unyielding won’t work, I will bow my head. I'll do anything as long as I can survive!

“You are the one who made this promise. Don’t forget this in the future.”

Having teased Bai Xiaofei to his heart’s content, Yun Jingshuang said with a smile. Bai Xiaofei may be finding it hard to escape. However, solving this problem of Bai Xiaofei’s was as easy as lifting a finger for him. He only needed to say a few words to solve this issue. If it allowed him to obtain a favor so easily, why not?


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