Chapter 140: The Unexpected Selection!

Under the envious gazes of everyone present, Xue Ying and Lin Li each wrapped one of their arms around Bai Xiaofei’s. Just like that, they dragged him over to register him as their Blossom Emissary. This was probably how a happy man with a harem of beautiful ladies looked like.

“If you like, I will dress up like this for you in the future.”

Bai Xiaofei was elated when he heard Lin Li’s bashful declaration from his left.

“You are really lucky, little pervert. If it wasn’t for Lin Li’s insistence on picking you, you would never be allowed to have a moment of glory during an occasion like this!”

Xue Ying’s voice came from the other side. However, her explanation did little to hide how she truly felt. As she spoke, her delicate hand stealthily reached out to pinch Bai Xiaofei's waist.

Ouch! But I gotta keep smiling!

“No matter what, thank you.”

Bai Xiaofei thanked them sincerely. He was aware that both Lin Li and Xue Ying would never attend such an event if not for his sake. They were not the type who were interested in hooking up with a rich husband.

As far as Lin Li was concerned, apart from the males of the Savage Class, no good man existed. As for Lin Li, every other male in Starnet Academy other than Bai Xiaofei were wimpy brats. After completing the registration, both ladies reluctantly released Bai Xiaofei and went on to join the Savage Class. Immediately, sounds of conversation and laughter sounded from the Savage Class’s group. As for Bai Xiaofei, he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of men.

However, they were not there to look for trouble. Instead, they sought his guidance. It was clear that Bai Xiaofei knew the two ladies very well. None of them believed that Bai Xiaofei would be able to keep the two beauties for himself, which was why they all believed that they still stood a chance. Of course, without Bai Xiaofei's help, they wouldn't stand a chance. Yet, they never thought that Bai Xiaofei's help would have a marked price!

Thus, Bai Xiaofei once again earned a large amount of money by simply providing some worthless information. As the banquet progressed, the beauties of the Blossom Rankings continued to enter one after another. Some of them had picked their respective Blossom Emissaries as well. The crowd grew more and more excited. At the same time, their eagerness to try their luck with the beauties increased. After all, this banquet alone had allowed them to discover some beauties that were previously unknown to them.

Unfortunately, the excitement level of the crowd was still low compared to the arrival of Xue Ying and Lin Li. This persisted until a gorgeously dressed Qin Lingyan arrived. Her reputation as the Ice Goddess was well-known.

Her indifferent and unapproachable disposition caused many males to long for her yet dare not to approach her. This coupled with her impressive background was the reason many people were still paying attention to her despite her rather low rank in the Blossom Rankings. 

However, it wasn't her presence that stunned everyone. Rather, it was her choice. Under everyone’s stupefied gaze, Qin Lingyan leisurely walked towards Bai Xiaofei. She then smiled and held out her hand.

“Fellow student Bai Xiaofei, are you willing to be my Blossom Emissary, someone who will take care of all the unnecessary troubles on my behalf?”

Everyone was stunned. Even Bai Xiaofei was stunned as he made eye contact with the smiling Qin Lingyan.

I would believe it if she wanted to have a one on one fight with. But what the hell is this? How the f*ck am I supposed to prove my innocence after this?

“You will probably tear me apart if I say no, right?”

Bai Xiaofei joked bitterly. 

“Nah, I will hang you on the academy’s gate instead. I prefer hanging corpses.”

Qin Lingyan replied without a change in her expression. However, the chill in her voice made it clear that she wasn’t joking.

“It is my pleasure to be of service!”

If he continued joking around, he may end up losing his life. He thus made the sensible choice of agreeing to her request. Qin Lingyan slowly wrapped her arm around Bai Xiaofei’s and walked away under the eyes of everyone present..

Both of them could feel each other trembling. However, neither of them knew why. Just like that, the two of them trembled throughout until the registration was completed.

After toasting each other, Qin Lingyan met someone she knew and started conversing with them. From the occasional glances they gave Bai Xiaofei, it was obvious that they were talking about him.  

This was far from the end though. It was as if today was a day where everyone’s rationale was to be challenged continuously. Before long, yet another heavyweight appeared. It was Luo Han, the newcomer! Some may say that the newcomer title wasn't suitable for Luo Han. But her other title was definitely enough to shock everyone: Luo Xi’s darling!

Nobody in the Starnet Academy would dare to claim that they did not fear the vice principal. Some even nicknamed her as the Angelic Fiend. When she was in a good mood, you would feel as comfortable as soaking in the spring breeze. 

When she was in a bad mood, you would feel as if you had descended into hell. Of course, her angelic side would automatically vanish the moment anyone with the surname of Bai entered her presence. Luo Xi hated all with the Bai surname, yet under everyone's gaze, her daughter slowly walked towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Mhm…I…I don’t know anyone else. You are the only man I know here. C-can…you be m-my…”

Luo Han was dressed in a set of adorable looking formal attire and emanating an extremely lovable vibe. Her bashfulness was comparable to Duan Yiyi when she first entered the Savage Class.

“So long as you don’t tell Vice Principal Luo about me, I will do anything you want.”

Bai Xiaofei gave a forced smile and lifted his arm. After a slight hesitation, Luo Han slowly reached out and hugged Bai Xiaofei’s arm. Her movements were somewhat off. However, nobody could be bothered about something like posture anymore…

The short trip to the registration area was already sufficient for Luo Han’s face to become as red as a ripe apple. If this went on any longer, her face would probably start bleeding…

Nobody will pick him anymore, right? He already has four of them!

Everyone shared the same thought. By now, describing Bai Xiaofei as their "public enemy" was an understatement. Amid the group of Savage Class students, Xue Ying’s cold gaze was locked onto Bai Xiaofei. This scared him so much he did not even have the courage to return to them. It was in such a situation that the final straw arrived to break the camel…

The Illusionary Symphony and third place on the Blossom Rankings, Chu Liuyan had arrived!

“Are you surprised?”

Chu Liuyun who radiated the aura of an unyielding big sister stood in front of Bai Xiaofei and smiled.

“Will you believe me if I say I’m not? Senior sister, we don’t know each other that well, right?”

Bai Xiaofei gulped. He no longer dared to stretch out his arm anymore. At the current rate, he would be ripped apart alive the moment he left this banquet!

“I heard you’re an Illusion Stream puppet master, right?”

This was a question that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t expected. He nodded lightly in response.

“That’s it then. I’m picking you. Are you willing to be my Blossom Emissary? Just so you know, I am still single!”

It was as if Chu Liuyan couldn't wait to throw the world into chaos. The moment she spoke, Bai Xiaofei felt like dying.

“Don’t even think of trying to reject me. I am your future senior sister. Don’t forget that I am in charge of the Demons of Illusions.”

Bai Xiaofei had only shown a bit of an unwilling expression when Chu Liuyun’s threat came immediately. If a male dared to threaten him, he could beat that person up. But he couldn’t do the same to a female! Especially when she’s a top-notch beauty like this!

It’s over! I’m dead for sure! Bai Xiaofei thought. He clenched his teeth and agreed, “I hope I won’t disappoint, senior sister.”


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