Chapter 139: The Banquet Begins, Welcoming the Hundred Blossoms!

“You didn’t buy new clothes after all.”

Yun Jingshuang imitated Bai Xiaofei’s trademark grin and raised his eyebrows as he spoke, giving Bai Xiaofei goose bumps.

“What are you trying to do?”

Bai Xiaofei instinctively took a step back and covered his chest with both hands.

“You have two options. Either you wear the clothes I have prepared for you, or you can forget about attending the banquet tonight.”

As he spoke, Yun Jingshuang took out a set of formal clothing still in its packaging from his storage ring. But the color of the outfit...

“I swear, there’s no way I’m wearing this!”

Bai Xiaofei raised his hand and vowed solemnly.There was a determination rarely seen in his eyes.


“Wow, Big Brother Fei, you look good.”

Mo Ka immediately commented the moment he entered through the back door. It was hard not to notice Bai Xiaofei given how flashy his clothes were. 

“Mhm, I agree with Mo Ka this time.This outfit suits you very well. I suggest that you continue dressing like this in the future.”

Xing Nan immediately remarked, he was more than happy to add on to the chaos.

“You guys, keep talking if you want to die that badly. I promise I will deal with every single one of you after this.”

Bai Xiaofei’s face darkened.

“Big Brother Fei, you should see the look on your face right now. An ugly face does not fit the exquisite set of clothing you are wearing!”

Fang Ye was the perfect example of a person who wasn’t afraid of death. He added another comment despite Bai Xiaofei’s threat. The group of more than ten people started laughing heartily. Fear rose in Bai Xiaofei’s heart as he realized that these bastards were no longer afraid of him!

“Big brothers, spare me. Given a choice, there's no way I would be wearing something like this. What if I treat you guys to a meal the next time we go out?”

Bai Xiaofei looked down at the completely pink outfit he was wearing. His downcast expression accurately represented his current emotional state. He couldn’t do anything about it as he had ultimately failed to convince Yun Jingshuang.

“Two meals or you can forget about it.”

Wu Chi became excited the moment he heard about food. His passion towards food was just as strong as Huskie’s.

“That’s right.”

“I agree.”

Recently, the Ming brothers had been undergoing an existential crisis. Although they had been working hard to earn a living all this while, the only work they had done was physical labour, which would explain why they were currently filled with resentment.


Bai Xiaofei accepted his fate to shut their mouths. Wu Chi felt somewhat regretful when he saw Bai Xiaofei giving in so easily.

I should have asked for three meals…no, four meals instead!

“Let’s go. I heard that all the attendees today are either handsome or rich guys. There won’t be any of them left if we get there late.”

Qi Wei interrupted the guys. Wang Hang felt a chill in his heart when he heard her. She noticed that Wang Hang looked off and immediately explained herself.

“Don’t overthink. I am only trying to find a good guy for our Yiyi. She has been hanging around you bunch of dumb guys for so long yet not a single one of you know to appreciate a good girl like her.”

This was a good explanation. At the very least, it managed to clear Wang Hang’s discomfort. However, this did not apply to the others.

“Oh? How about our Miss Qi Wei? Don’t you need to find someone for yourself as well?”

Bai Xiaofei teased roguishly. “Big Brother Fei, stop talking nonsense. She is already taken. Be careful of your words or else you might get assassinated one day.”

Xing Nan spoke and emphasized the word “assassinated”. Wang Hang lowered his head when he heard him. Once again, he felt like entering this class was a mistake…

“Don’t listen to their bullshit. None of them are talking about you, so don’t be embarrassed.”

Fang Ye patted Wang Hang’s shoulder and comforted him “earnestly”. He still hadn’t forgotten the previous incident where Wang Hang had ignored him when he needed help. The group bantered with each other, releasing all the tension they had accumulated over the past several days of hard work. This was how the Savage Class was supposed to be: a group of cheerful people!

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. If we are late, there won’t be anything left to see.”

Bai Xiaofei rearranged his suit and his expression before leading the Savage Class into a bright and shiny room. By the time the Savage Class arrived, one third of the banquet was already over. The beauties of the Blossom Rankings were currently entering the room in their prescribed order amid the crowd’s applause.

This was also part of Yun Jingshuang’s arrangement. The beauties of the Blossom Rankings would enter one after another in batches in order to keep the crowd’s excitement at peak level. The act of entering the room was equivalent to the beauties’ formal attendance to this banquet. After their arrival, some of them would group together and start chatting while others would be waiting for men to approach them.

Interestingly, apart from those on the Blossom Rankings, there were quite a number of beauties who attended the banquet using admission tickets as well.

These additional beauties had either been bought along by their respective male partners or were close friends with those ranked on the Blossom Rankings. Naturally, there were also some lone wolves among them who were mostly there to find a rich significant half other.

The latter was also the group that was the most active in this banquet. Some of them had already successfully attracted some attention. Whether their effort would pay off would depend on their abilities. In short, one could say that this banquet organized by Bai Xiaofei and Yun Jingshuang had a much larger significance than they had first imagined.

“Please hold your breath, everyone. The next to enter are a pair of beauties as beautiful as faeries. Be sure not to blink when they appear!”

Han Qianye announced as she bounced out vivaciously. She was acting as the host tonight. Accompanying her were Huskie and Blackie. Huskie was holding a plate of beef and stuffing himself full with food while Blackie was sprawled on Han Qianye’s shoulder with her eyes shut.

After Han Qianye’s announcement, the lighting of the room dimmed, leaving a single spotlight shining down on the stage. Next, two graceful figures leisurely walked out, one in black and the other in white.

“What the f*ck? It’s Little Li!”

“The one beside her is…Big Sister Xue?”

Qi Wei cried out in alarm twice. No matter the gender, everyone in attendance locked their gaze on the two newcomers and were conquered by their astonishing beauty. Their mere presence was sufficient to surpass all other visuals. At that moment, only the sound of people gulping could be heard.

“Introducing second and seventeenth place on the Blossom Rankings, Lin Li and Xue Ying!”

Han Qianye’s voice rang out once again, pulling everyone out of their reverie.

“Now let's see who these two beauties will select as the lucky chosen winner?”

Once again, Han Qianye's words caused everyone's hearts to start pounding. The males in attendance who had no female company all looked over with high hopes.

Lin Li and Xue Ying scanned the room before stopping on their target simultaneously. After smiling at each other, they slowly walked down the stage. One step, two steps, three steps…As they approached, all the men's hearts would start pounding wildly. And when the two beauties walked past them, they would become disheartened without fail.

Finally, the two beauties stopped before Bai Xiaofei. Everyone looked on in stupefaction.

“Your suit is very unique. Would you like to be our Blossom Emissary?”

Xue Ying asked teasingly. For a moment, everyone forgot to breathe.

The first Blossom Emissary had appeared! Moreover, this emissary had been chosen by the two top beauties! Envy, jealousy, hatred and all sorts of other emotions begun to surface. Bai Xiaofei instantly became public enemy number one. At the same time, many others got their hopes up when they saw that it was Bai Xiaofei who had been chosen instead of someone else. Under the numerous gazes with complicated emotions attached, Bai Xiaofei smiled and placidly answered, “I am honored to be of service.” 

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