Chapter 138: Blossom Banquet

The Starnet Academy was once again filled with noise, only this time it was flooded with curses. Everyone was cursing the Blossom Pavilion for having gone mad over money. Even those on the Blossom Rankings could not escape being cursed.

However, the ones cursing were mostly the common students. Those with even a slightest bit of capability remained calm. After all, different people view things differently. The ones cursing only saw a chance to court some girls while the cool-headed ones were able to see the true value of the Blossom Rankings.

Several of those who had seen the true value of the Blossom Rankings were already making a move. But unfortunately for them, the first problem they stumbled upon was the lack of Starnet Stones. Just as everyone was going crazy looking for Starnet Stones, Bai Xiaofei made another announcement. This announcement was released through the New Student Mutual Aid Community, announcing that dorm room 807 where Bai Xiaofei resided would be selling Starnet Stones at an exchange rate of one to five hundred.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard this. It turned out that there was a reason for the seemingly stupid thing he had done yesterday. He had actually reaped the benefits so soon! Suddenly, those who had sold their Starnet Stones yesterday started complaining endlessly. Those who didn’t were rejoicing.

They were planning to raise the prices of their Starnet Stones, intending to make use of this chance to earn some profit. However, these students were a minority. If one wanted to get enough Starnet Stones, Bai Xiaofei was their only source.

With no other options left, many started searching for Bai Xiaofei with the hope of getting a good deal. Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei refused to meet anyone that day. Apart from this, another piece of news shocked the entire academy as well.

A Blossom Banquet would be held! This was something that had never happened in Starnet Academy before. Therefore, everyone’s interest was piqued when Yun Jingshuang announced this using his identity as the manager of Blossom Pavilion for the first time. 

As the name implied, the Blossom Banquet was a sort of banquet. Based on the official announcement, this was a banquet held to let everyone know the beauties of Blossom Rankings better. Everyone in the Blossom Rankings would be attending this banquet. However, only five hundred guest slots were allocated for those not in the Blossom Rankings.

There were three ways to obtain a slot: the first was through a lucky draw which would be held at noon at the Blossom Pavilion. Each draw would cost ten Amethyst Coins. A total of fifty slots would be given away through this method. Five thousand draws would be sold and each person would only be allowed to buy a maximum of ten draws. Each draw would have a one percent chance of winning a slot.

The second way was through being invited by the people on the Blossom Rankings. A hundred slots were allotted for this. One could say that these slots were a free gift from Yun Jingshuang as there was nothing to be earned from them.

The third way was through direct purchase. After the noon lucky draw, Yun Jingshuang would start selling admission tickets in batches. Fifty tickets would be sold per batch and there would be six batches in total. Each person would only be able to purchase two tickets maximum per batch. The price of the tickets would increase after each batch. For the first batch, the price was set as one thousand Amethyst Coins per ticket.

Apart from joining the banquet, holders of the admission tickets would be able to exchange their admission tickets for Blossom Tickets as well. This was the first known method of obtaining Blossom Tickets after the requirements of the Blossom Rankings were announced.

Therefore, the importance of the admission tickets was clear for all to see.  Many people intending to get close to the beauties on the Blossom Rankings were already making preparations to get the tickets. Similarly, those intending to make use of this opportunity to earn a large profit were doing the same. But it wasn’t long before questions were raised. Only 450 slots were available through all these methods. Where were the remaining fifty slots? This question was answered very shortly.

Right after the announcement was made, Bai Xiaofei released a sales notification. He would be selling the remaining fifty slots at the price of fifty thousand Amethyst Coins per slot with no limit on the number of purchases per person. Once again, curses resounded through the Starnet Academy. This time, all the curses were concentrated on a single target. However, it was also amidst this sea of curses that all of Bai Xiaofei’s fifty guest slots were sold in a flash. It was no secret that all of them had been purchased by the big shots from the Wealth Rankings.

After all, they had already spent around ten million Amethyst Coins for this.Several million Amethyst coins were nothing to them. By this point, a clear sequence of business progression was revealed to the masses. Nearly eighty percent of Bai Xiaofei’s plan was now revealed.

When everyone looked back at what Bai Xiaofei had done, they all shared the same feeling towards him: admiration! This was an admiration strong enough to make one prostrate before him!

“There seem to be a lot of people cursing you now.”

While waiting for the banquet to start, Yun Jingshuang started teasing Bai Xiaofei with a slight smirk on his face. He had been managing the Blossom Pavilion for over two years and had never been able to fill it with so much vigor. Yet, Bai Xiaofei had been able to accomplish this in a manner that benefited both parties.

“Let them curse. I won’t lose anything anyway. The money I stand to earn won’t be any lesser because of their curses.”

Bai Xiaofei replied indifferently.

“In the long history of Starnet Academy, you are the first person who has managed to snatch the limelight from the New Student Tournament. I heard that nobody is watching the elimination matches anymore.”

Yung Jingshuang said, clicking his tongue in wonder.

“Even if I didn’t do all this, there is still nothing interesting about the elimination matches.The capable ones have already obtained the qualifications to participate in the tournament. The remaining matches are between weaklings.” Although Bai Xiaofei was once a weakling, he had no sympathy for them.

In his opinion, weaklings were people who were too lazy to improve themselves and not worth his sympathy.

“A lot of people will be hurt by what you just said."

Yun Jingshuang shook his head. He did not seem to agree with Bai Xiaofei.

“It is for the best if they get hurt. Don’t you feel that some people are truly worthless? The more comfortable they are, the more they tend to stay idle in their comfort zone. On the other hand, they may actually be triggered to take action if they were provoked.”

Bai Xiaofei paused and turned around to look at Yung Jingshuang.

“So wouldn't you say it's a good idea to hurt them?”

Yun Jingshuang was slightly stunned before an expression of praise appeared on his face.

“You have convinced me.”

Yun Jingshuang toasted Bai Xiaofei with a slight smile on his face.

“I am already looking forward to your achievements after you leave the Starnet Academy. Although it is still far in the future, I have a feeling you will definitely accomplish brilliant things. At the very least, it would be worthy of being recorded in history books.”

Yun Jingshuang was not stingy with his praise. Not a day went by where he didn't learn something new about Bai Xiaofei.

“Hopefully things will go as you say. However, my godfathers and godmothers all hope that I live a peaceful and ordinary life.”

After taking a sip of his fruit juice, Bai Xiaofei thought of the people from the Gorge of Heroes again. It hadn’t been that long since he left. However, the memories of the Gorge of Heroes kept resurfacing recently. Although it wasn’t as interesting as the outside world, it was still a place filled with warmth for him. Perhaps it was as Xue Ying said, that was the feeling of home.

“I am very curious. Why are you trying so hard to make money? Are you in need of money for something?”

Yun Jingshuang asked after a slight pause.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I'm just doing this for fun?"

Yun Jingshuang was stunned to see Bai Xiaofei's serious expression. Then, he laughed. 

He believed him.

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