Chapter 137: Verbally Battling the Various Heroes!

“My first issue is regarding Starnet Stones. We might be rich, but it’s still a little troublesome to gather such a large number of Starnet Stones. That’s why we would like to know if Amethyst Coins can be used as a replacement.” Huo Long’s first question clearly revealed what they were worried about.

“Of course you can. However, it has to be in accordance to the current exchange rate of Starnet Stones in the academy.” Bai Xiaofei agreed without much hesitation. However, his additional condition shocked everyone else in the room.

Current exchange rate?

“Now I remember. A large number of Starnet Stones were purchased by someone yesterday. That was probably your handiwork, right?” Someone else asked.

“Thank you for your praise, senior. It wasn’t much, just a little trick. Since the beauties have already listed their requirements, it’s all right if I take this chance to make some money, right?” Bai Xiaofei explained with a sly look in his eyes. He had no intention whatsoever of keeping this a secret.

You guys are right!! I am scamming your money! What can you do about it? Turn around and leave? Eh, but it seems like they truly can turn around and leave if they want…

“That is a smart little trick. However, if all of us refused to agree to this, will you still be able to sell off all those Starnet Stones that you bought? I reckon there are not many people in the academy who have the financial capability to buy such expensive stones from you, right?”

Huo Long countered, directly pointing out Bai Xiaofei’s weakness. He had underestimated Bai Xiaofei, though. Bai Xiaofei’s weakness was well protected by an “armor” this time!

“Only the top hundred richest in the academy are listed in the Wealth Ranking. However, those ranked from 101 to 200 should have the financial capability to buy the Starnet Stones off me as well, right? If I offered them marketing services on top of the Starnet Stones, I’m pretty sure they would be willing to support me in this.”

“I doubt you guys would be willing to wait that long anyway. There is only one Blossom Ranking. Beauty is different from wealth. A difference of a single rank is as huge as the sky and earth.” Bai Xiaofei declared before taking a sip off his tea. He was still suffering from the effects of the alcohol he had drunk last night.

“Junior, I wonder if you are aware of how terrifying the threat wealth can bring.”

Huo Long asked with a sinister expression. His words were clearly a threat. If he couldn’t deal with this in an amicable manner, he would use force instead. This was quite a good plan. Unfortunately, the response he received was an unexpected and frightening one.

“You are Senior Huo Long, right?”

Bai Xiaofei asked, standing up abruptly. Huo Long was slightly stunned when he saw this. He instinctively stammered out a reply.


“I hate being threatened the most. Do you know what happened to the last person who threatened me?”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, fury started creeping onto his face.

“You better…”

Huo Long firmly believed that Bai Xiaofei would not dare to do anything to him, hence his lapse of judgement. The next thing he saw was a shiny fist…

Huo Long failed to avoid Bai Xiaofei’s sudden attack in time. With the fist landing flatly on his face, he was already lucky to still be conscious. Putting up any sort of resistance was simply impossible…

“Inside Starnet Academy, the influence you guys have will never exceed the Blossom Ranking. Those outside of Starnet Academy would never dare to enter unless they want to seek death. I won't be leaving the academy until four years later. By then, none of your underhanded ways would be able to scare me. Therefore, never ever try to threaten me. I will never bow to threats!”

Bai Xiaofei rebuked coldly as he walked towards Huo Long and lifted him up.

“You mentioned that I can’t do without your support right? Well, let me demonstrate me losing one of your patronage, then. From today onwards, so long as I, Bai Xiaofei, am here, you, Huo Long, will never be able to lay a finger on anyone in the Blossom Ranking.”

Saying this, he hauled the dumbfounded Huo Long to the door before tossing him out. He then closed the door without saying anything else.

“Now, how about you, seniors?”

Bai Xiaofei turned around and asked. Despite the smile on his face, his cold gaze still sent a chill up their spines.

Looks like force won’t work here…

“That idiot Huo Long was only speaking for himself. We are all willing to accept your suggestions, junior.”

With Huo Long gone, a new leader stepped out. Different from Huo Long, this new leader was a scholarly and gentle looking person.

“How would you like to be addressed, senior?”

“Yang Fengnian.”

Bai Xiaofei couldn't help but sigh inwardly when he heard the senior's name.

Damn. It wasn’t easy kicking one bomb away, but the second one just has to appear immediately after…

“The current rate is one to five hundred. If you find this price acceptable, you can all start now. I believe you guys already have the forms. Just fill them in, hand me the money based on the conditions listed in the form and I’ll take it that you guys have fulfilled the first requirement.”

They were expecting Bai Xiaofei to set a high exchange rate, but the rate had been much higher than they anticipated. Unfortunately, since Yang Fengnian had already agreed to it, the others had no choice but to swallow their regret. After receiving their forms, Bai Xiaofei gained a new understanding on how rich these people truly were. It turned out that eighteen of these people had chosen Hu Xian’er and Lin Li as their targets! 

Either one of these two would cost them ten million Amethyst Coins! When did Amethyst Coin became so worthless?

The life of these wealthy spendthrifts was indeed something a poor kid from the mountains like Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t understand. For the first time in his life, Bai Xiaofei’s hands went limp just from handling money.

“Now that the first requirement is fulfilled, let us move on to the second requirement. Yun Jingshuang has already explained what a Blossom Ticket is. However, we need to know if there are any ways of speeding things up. If we proceed according to the listed rules, the progress is way too slow.” After fulfilling the first requirement, Yang Fengnian set his sight on the second requirement.

“There is nothing we can do about that. But fear not, the means of obtaining Blossom Tickets will increase gradually. So long as you guys are willing to pay, you have nothing to worry about.” Bai Xiaofei spoke very bluntly. Then again, these people preferred using money to sort out everything.

For them, anything that could be solved with money was not a problem. Earlier, ego was the only reason Huo Long had attempted to make things hard for Bai Xiaofei. As far as he was concerned, a mere unknown new student like Bai Xiaofei was unqualified to talk to him as an equal.

As a result, his pride caused him to suffer. However, Yang Fengnian was much smarter than him. Initially, he had observed as a third party. After realizing that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t an ordinary person, he made the sensible choice of decisively cooperating with him. Otherwise, he would most probably have ended up being blacklisted by Bai Xiaofei as well.

“I hope the means of obtaining more Blossom Tickets will be soon, then. We can’t wait any longer.” After paying up, Yang Fengnian became even friendlier. After all, he couldn’t spend his money for nothing…

“Don’t worry, you guys will definitely be the fastest batch.”

Bai Xiaofei assured them with a smile on his face. Unlike the friendly attitude he was displaying on the outside, how he really felt was completely different.

Everything about you guys is great, except for your targets. That's very unfortunate for you guys.


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