Chapter 135: Meeting the Sponsors Again

“Fine, you got me, kid!”

Senior Brother Little Mountain glared at Bai Xiaofei before turning around to leave. Bai Xiaofei slowly smiled and shifted his gaze to the others.

“Does anyone else have any other objections?”

There were definitely still some objections. However, with the previous person as an example, nobody was foolish enough to still open their mouth.

“If no, I will continue.  For the second requirement, you will have to gather different amounts of Blossom Tickets based on your respective targets. If your target is the first ranker, you will have to get one thousand tickets. Each successive rank will require fifty lesser tickets with the minimum amount not lower than two hundred tickets.The Blossom Pavilion will host a new event tomorrow. You guys will know what a Blossom Ticket is by then. I hope everyone will grasp this chance when the time comes.”  

“The third requirement requires you all to defeat the Blossom Emissary of your respective targets. Of course, you can also bribe the emissaries to fulfill this requirement. What to bribe them with will depend on the respective emissaries. The list of the Blossom Emissaries will be released tomorrow as well. I wish everyone luck.”

“The final requirement is to bring along a present for your target. If you do not know what your target likes, you can find out from me. Of course, a fee will be charged for this.”

After saying all this, Bai Xiaofei inhaled deeply and a relaxed smile formed on his face. On the other hand, many of the seniors felt like committing murder. This list of requirements would require them to spend a huge amount of money!

“I know that fellow seniors here must be thinking that this is too costly. However, you have all participated in the election of this term’s Blossom Ranking and I believe everyone is aware of the quality of our ranking this time round. As for whether you are willing to spend the money or not, that is your concern, not mine. I will be announcing the new rules tomorrow. You guys are the only batch of students who get advanced notice on these rules. Therefore, if you guys are still interested, please make your preparations as soon as possible.”

Bai Xiaofei had no intention of saying anymore. The moment he finished his speech, he turned around and walked towards the other Starnet Stone purchase point, leaving behind a crowd of baffled seniors. Bai Xiaofei was truly serious this time. He wanted to make history in the Starnet Academy: starting out as a rookie too poor to even afford a proper meal, he would climb up the Wealth Ranking!

It may sound ridiculous, but Bai Xiaofei was confident that he could achieve this.

This was especially true after Yun Jingshuang’s guidance. Previously, Bai Xiaofei had looked down on the Blossom Ranking, to the point of him turning the Blossom Ranking into a low-end commodity. Now that he knew the significance of the Blossom Ranking, he would transform it into a money making machine instead! The Blossom Ranking had such potential indeed!

“Fellow students, purchase of the Starnet Stone will be suspended temporarily. We will resume the purchase two hours later. As compensation for the delay, the new price will be 180 Purple Coins per Starnet Coin! We hope as well that everyone will help to spread the word about this. As we will no longer be selling Starnet stones after nine o’clock, so make sure you seize this opportunity!” announced Bai Xiaofei as he stood on the table set up by Wang Hang and the others. Both the temporary suspension of purchase and the price increase triggered an intense reaction from the crowd.

After making the announcement, Bai Xiaofei and the others left the stage and squeezed out of the crowd with great difficulty. The crowd took a while to absorb this new information, after which they started gradually dispersing with excitement written all over their faces.

Time to collect more Starnet Stones!

This was what most of them had in mind.

“Big Brother Fei, what are we doing?”

Fang Ye asked doubtfully, with no idea of what was going on.

“Naturally, we are going to eat. We are already at the restaurant anyway. Aren’t you hungry?”

This stunned everyone. None of them had expected Bai Xiaofei to formally stop the purchasing process and to increase the price just so they could have the time to grab a meal.

“Oh right, Fang Ye, go and call the bosses over. I have something I need to tell them. At the same time, draw up a new proposal. There will be more bosses joining the partnership soon. Feel free to decide on the membership fee, just make sure it’s not too low.”

Bai Xiaofei smiled and told Fang Ye. Fang Ye became very excited. 

“I will go immediately!”

“I’ll go with you!”

Since Xu Chen was no longer trying to keep their relationship a secret, wherever Fang Ye went, she followed. As a result, they got to spend more time with each other as well. As the saying goes, one has to be brave for the sake of love! If one did not dare to be forceful, how could one talk about love? Just look at our fellow Bai Xiaofei…

Cough, cough. This is a mistake. What happened to our Bai Xiaofei was purely accidental, readers, please do not learn from him...

Once again, God of Fortune Bai Xiaofei arrived at Hundred Flavor House. By now, the Savage Class were considered VIPs by the staff of the Hundred Flavor House. Before long, Fang Ye arrived with several other people. Bai Xiaofei was stunned when he saw that Feng Wuhen was also among the crowd.

“It has been a while, fellow bosses and Brother Feng. You are all looking well!”

Bai Xiaofei greeted them warmly. The bosses responded with an even warmer greeting. One ought to know that Bai Xiaofei was now the equivalent of the God of Fortune for them. Ever since they started working with Bai Xiaofei, their businesses had improved by more than ten percent. Numerous other shops in the same line were crushed by them. Therefore, the moment Bai Xiaofei mentioned that he needed to borrow some money, none of them hesitated. Every one of them acted as if this was a great opportunity.

However, they still didn't have enough money, hence why the bosses invited Feng Wuhen.

“Brother Bai, what big business are you going to do this time? You seem to be making this a much bigger deal than what you did previously.”

After taking their seats, Chu Dangyang represented everyone and asked the question they were all waiting for. Even the members of the Savage Class were curious. Apart from Bai Xiaofei, Yun Jingshuang was probably the only one who knew something about this new plan of his. After all, Yun Jingshuang had also contributed some ideas to this.

“Making this a big deal is merely the first step. What comes next is what’s truly important. Let me inform you all in advance that each of you will come to rejoice in your decision today.”

Having successfully piqued everyone’s interest, Bai Xiaofei lifted his wine cup.

“There is one problem though. I dare not make Brother Feng any promises. Although puppets are a necessity for everyone, it does not change the fact that there are only so many puppets that everyone will buy. Therefore, there is not much room for growth in this business…”

Bai Xiaofei looked at Feng Wuhen and chose to told him the truth. Keeping secrets from one’s business partner was a taboo.

“What I’m optimistic about is Brother Bai’s character. Any sort of partnership is merely my secondary objective here. After all, I am simply an employee at the Ethereal Pavilion. The performance of Ethereal Pavilion does not mean much to me.”

Feng Wuhen replied indifferently, courting a look of distrust from Fang Ye.

As if you’re just a normal employee. Even if the Ethereal Pavilion is an organization with wealth rivaling a country, it is still impossible for them to allow a normal employee to authorize a transaction of fifty million Amethyst Coins.

Of course, Fang Ye kept these thoughts to himself. There would be great repercussions if he had said them out loud.

“I can only say thank you, then. Many thanks to Brother Feng’s generosity.”

As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he toasted Feng Wuhen. They then sat down after smiling at each other. Opportunity was something that would always remain unclear. You never knew when an acquaintance would prove to be a great help. Lin Li was an example of this. When they first met, Bai Xiaofei had assumed that she was just a random clingy beauty.

With the participation of the bosses, the liquor did not stop flowing during the entire meal. During this dinner, Bai Xiaofei revealed an extremely shocking plan. This very plan was precisely what made the four bosses start rejoicing over their decision to cooperate.


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