Chapter 134: Start Raking in the Money!

By the time Bai Xiaofei left the Blossom Pavilion, one thing had been thoroughly confirmed, and it didn't require a witness or to undergo the test of time to prove it: Bai Xiaofei's name would leave its mark, an insurmountable legend, in Starnet Academy’s history.

His silver tongue placated one Blossom Ranking beauty after another. Xue Ying, Qin Lingyan, and his previous associates from the Blossom Ranking also indirectly helped him.

One after another the beauties were convinced of Bai Xiaofei’s plan, and the amount of people who expressed their willingness to participate ultimately increased to eighty-two. The remaining eighteen were all third-year senior sisters, and from their perspective, Bai Xiaofei’s proposal had yet to show any results.

Nonetheless, Bai Xiaofei still gave them an opportunity to reconsider because he firmly believed it wouldn’t be long before they came knocking of their own accord. By then, they would no longer have the advantage!

Bai Xiaofei hummed a catchy tune, and with every step he took, he looked behind him. Once he was confident that no one was following him, he quickly sped away. As of this moment, the people he feared were still at the Blossom Pavilion. If any of them caught up with him, he could forget about having any peace and quiet for the remainder of the day.

Meanwhile, Fang Ye and company were about to go crazy trying to find Bai Xiaofei…

“Boss, I’ll sell 100,000 Starnet Stones!” After squeezing through the crowd, Bai Xiaofei happily smiled as he slapped down his bid in front of Wang Hang, Xing Nan, and company. They all looked extremely haggard from being so busy.

“Big Brother Fei!!!” Xing Nan raised his head and cried out joyfully when he saw Bai Xiaofei. “You finally returned. Old Fang is about to fold! Hurry up and come with me!” He immediately grasped hold of Bai Xiaofei and dragged him forward.

The surrounding crowd voluntarily parted and opened a path for them. They curiously appraised Bai Xiaofei, who was a new student who had become an iconic figure.

“Are you going to trade or not!” With a slight pause, an impatient voice called out from within the crowd.

“Trade, trade, trade! Of course, I’ll trade!”

Wang Hang had originally wanted to take a breather, but he once again dove into his frenzied work environment. Qi Wei was also extremely busy helping at the perimeter of the crowd.

From afar, Bai Xiaofei quickly saw that Fang Ye was in the middle of dealing with a group of seniors. He immediately realized what Xing Nan meant by “about to fold”.

From the moment Bai Xiaofei laid eyes on him, Fang Ye never stopped wiping the sweat from his brows. Not one of the seniors standing beside him were easy to deal with. It was only due to Xu Chen’s presence that the seniors exercised a modicum of restraint. Otherwise, their anger would have long overwhelmed Fang Ye.

“Dear senior brothers, our Big Brother Fei has returned!” Xing Nan shouted from a distance and successfully attracted their attention. Amid the crowd, Fang Ye released a long sigh of relief and hastily sat on the ground.

Finally, I’m free!

“It has been hard on all of you. Go over and help Wang Hang. I’ll take over from here on out.” Bai Xiaofei didn't immediately acknowledge the seniors. He instead gave Fang Ye an encouraging smile.

Naturally, the seniors were dissatisfied by his behavior. Bai Xiaofei, however, had the same response for everyone. So what if you have an issue with my behavior? What can you do to me?

“I already know why the honored seniors are here, so we can just skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point.” Just moments prior, the seniors were indignant, but after Bai Xiaofei spoke, they revealed expressions full of excitement. The true nature of these beasts was displayed without restraint.  

“First, if you are here to represent a senior, please leave. I will only discuss Blossom Ranking’s business face to face with the clients themselves. If anyone is discontent, you can come find me at any time.” As the sound of his words faded, the expressions of some of the people within the crowd turned bleak.

“Kid, do you know who I represent?” said a second-year student.

“Damnit, who cares who you represent. You just need to scram when I want you to scram. Damnit, don’t waste my time over here!” Without waiting for Bai Xiaofei to speak, a buff third-year student shoved the second-year who had just spoken. This third-year senior brother had a body built like a small mountain. His crude actions demonstrated that if the second-year dared to utter one more word he would immediately beat him down.  

“Right, right, right! Hurry up and scram! Don’t delay my important matters!”

Everyone else went with the flow. The agitators could no longer argue with Bai Xiaofei, and in the end, they resentfully departed.

“Senior brothers, thanks for the cooperation. However, there are no changes to the rules, and I hope everyone is mentally prepared. If you are dissatisfied with anything, you can leave at any time. I won’t condone any form of extortion, including the use of force.” Bai Xiaofei finished his words with a sinister facial expression. Everyone attending, including the third-year students, instinctively got into a defensive stance.  

He’s a new student? Why does his bearing feel so weird?

The same doubts arose within everyone’s heart. Bai Xiaofei, however, did not give them any time to acclimate to this change, and he immediately continued speaking. “Next, I would like to list the conditions for those of you who are interested in having the opportunity to interact with the beautiful ladies on the Blossom Ranking. I hope all of you will listen carefully.”

After a slight pause, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath. “The first condition is wealth. Starnet stones are the only acceptable payment. The top three places require twenty thousand. Fourth to tenth requires fifteen thousand. Tenth through thirtieth requires ten thousand. Thirtieth to fiftieth requires eight thousand. The remaining fifty require five thousand.”

After hearing these words, everyone stood frozen in place. Earlier many people had happily sold their Starnet Stones on the side as they had waited. They finally understood why Bai Xiaofei had bought Starnet Stones at high prices.

Shortly after, one person could no longer restrain himself, and he abruptly leapt forward.  

“Little bastard! Damn you, your obsession with money must have turned you insane! Why don’t you go rob someone for twenty thousand Starnet Stones!” Little Mountain was the one who had jumped out, but Bai Xiaofei’s response was an indifferent gaze.

“Senior, would you dare to stand here and yell at me if I had intended to be a robber? Believe me, since I ventured to set these conditions, I have the confidence to back them up. You can test me if you don’t believe it.”

Bai Xiaofei’s voice grew cold, and his face hardened as if a layer of frost had spontaneously appeared. He faced off against Senior Little Mountain with a glare that didn’t contain the slightest hint of fear.  

“Damn you! I will punish you today!” Little Mountain cursed and took out his puppet. The puppet was a great sword that was as wide as a door. Before he even had the chance to lift it, however, three successive, glowing round objects fiercely shot out and struck the great sword in his hand. The great sword was sent flying, and the collision caused waves of numbing pain to throb within Little Mountain’s thumb and forefinger.

From the side, Fang Ye casually aimed the muzzle of his gun at Senior Little Mountain’s head.  

“Heavy rifle puppet. It has the destructive power to take the life of those below the Grandmaster Rank. If it wasn’t for the fact that we didn’t want to spill blood here, those three rounds would have hit the spot at which he now aims,” Bai Xiaofei emotionlessly informed Senior Little Mountain, who was having difficulty gulping down some saliva.

How is this a damn new student?!

“In view of senior’s recent actions, you have been blacklisted. If you make any deals here, every one of them will cost you double the price unless you manage to compensate me until I am satisfied.” Bai Xiaofei’s dispassionate statement was filled with finality. Then he said, “In that case, what are your plans now, senior?”


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