Chapter 133: Shocking Words in Blossom Pavilion!

Over time, more and more people joined the crowd in the Blossom Pavilion to socialize. Contrary to what most people would believe, the group of beautiful girls were not plotting or scheming against each other. Rather, they were laughing, joking, and having a good time.

Getting jealous and vying for attention are the actions of the ignorant. Real beauties are more intelligent than that! Witnessing the scene before him, Bai Xiaofei had a better appreciation for Yun Jiangshuang’s words. It was exactly as he had said. No one in attendance were mundane characters.

During this interlude, Lin Li returned and slowly walked back to him. She had been taken away by Xue Ying, and the difference between now and then was that she was no longer wearing her new student uniform. She now wore a formal dress in the same model as Xue Ying’s but in a different color. This accentuated the differences between their appearances. Xue Ying’s skillful hands had turned her silky long hair into a fairy-like flowing cloud hairstyle, and a small lock of hair hung down to highlight Lin Li’s exceptionally beautiful face. Her every frown and smile caused Bai Xiaofei’s heart to throb.

If Hu Xian’er was a hottie who made people weak in the knees, Lin Li was a beauty who took people’s breath away!

“Just like I told you, changing into these clothes would cause him to act this way. How about it? Wasn’t I a hundred percent correct?” Xue Ying teasingly looked towards Bai Xiaofei while resting both hands on Lin Li’s smooth, bare shoulders.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was already completely mesmerized by the alluring interaction of these two beautiful women. If the moment could be frozen in time, his life would be completely fulfilled.

“Do you…like the way I am now?” Lin Li asked meekly as she walked forward to stand in front of Bai Xiaofei. Her blushing face added an extra layer of distinctive charm to her appearance.

“You are my Little Lili. No matter how you are dressed, I will always like you.” Bai Xiaofei gently rubbed Lin Li’s nose after he regained his composure. In response, Lin Li revealed a happy smile.

Xue Ying, observing their actions from the sidelines, couldn’t help but feel a little sour on the inside. Nevertheless, she did not regret her actions.

“Sister Xue helped me...” Lin Li spoke up to once again express her gratitude toward Xue Ying. It was a positive trait of an innocent person: any kindness shown to her would be deeply ingrained into her heart.

“Don’t misunderstand. I just don’t want others to have the impression that the girls of our class lack fashion sense. How can you let others outdress you when you’re clearly ranked second? Coincidently, I had ordered two matching dresses at the same time, so helping you is not much trouble at all,” Xue Ying quickly explained.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei was already interpreting her explanation from a different angle.

So, this is Xue Ying’s dress. Then again, they do have similar figures.

Making his final evaluation, Bai Xiaofei continuously swallowed his saliva as his eyes wandered up and down both women. Twins were every man’s dream. Xue Ying and Lin Li were not exactly identical, but looking at them now, they were pretty similar.

“Everyone, please be seated. According to tradition, there are still some matters I have to go over.” Just as the atmosphere between the three of them turned more and more awkward, Yun Jingshuang’s voice filled the room. Gradually, the numerous girls inside the lounge of the Blossom Pavilion responded and sat down in their designated seats, one after another.

The senior sisters who were about to graduate sat together. The rest were seated according to the Blossom Ranking. The seats of the top three ranks were placed in a position of honor and were different from everyone else’s. Hu Xian’er’s seat was even more luxurious than the other two’s.

Even among beauties, comparisons could be made as to who was prettier. All women had their own sense of vanity, and at times, this sense of vanity had to be satisfied. In this case, their placing in the Blossom Ranking was the tool to satisfy it. As for whether someone’s heart would be hurt by this, it would rely on their respective emotional intelligence. After all, the ranks in the Blossom Ranking were publicly acknowledged.

Hu Xian’er turned towards Lin Li and gave her a friendly smile as she sat down. Lin Li responded with a smile of her own even though she was originally a bit hostile towards Hu Xian’er.

Presently, Yun Jingshuang started speaking again.

“First of all, congratulations to everyone. Whether you are a new or returning member of the Blossom Ranking, I believe your future within Starnet Academy will be extremely wonderful.…” Yun Jiangshuang started his lengthy opening address. Not a single person among the many girls caused a disturbance, and they instead listened quietly. In passing, a portion of the speech mentioned some of the rules of the Blossom Ranking.

After the opening address, all the girls went through a round of self-introductions. This was a necessary procedure and was also the most anticipated event for many of the people present. According to tradition, the self-introductions were the assembly’s last issue of business, but this time, it changed due to Bai Xiaofei’s appearance.

Although Bai Xiaofei had interacted with quite a number of people on the Blossom Ranking, not all of them had met him. Besides, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t yet famous enough to be a household name. It was therefore understandable that those who didn’t know him began to frown when they saw a new student appearing in such an event. Bai Xiaofei understood the reason behind their reactions, but he could not allow this to continue! After all, what he had to do today was very important!

“Surely a lot of people seated here are familiar with the junior brother next to me. It’s also ok if you aren’t. I hope everyone will next give this junior brother a moment of your time. I believe he will surprise you!” After exciting the crowd, Yun Jingshuang walked off the stage with a faint smile and turned the host duties over to Bai Xiaofei.

“Dear beautiful senior sisters, how are you? Let me first introduce myself. My name is Bai Xiaofei. I am the person in charge of the New Student Mutual Aid Community. At the same time, I am also a member of the selection committee for this year’s Blossom Ranking.” Bai Xiaofei’s mild smile astonished quite a number of people not familiar with him. Although they had never seen him in the flesh, the reputation of Bai Xiaofei of the New Student Mutual Aid Community was still somewhat well known. After all, what he did last time had caused such a huge uproar.

“I only have one objective in coming here today. It is to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement with everybody seated here.” Bai Xiaofei decided to get straight to the point without any more pleasantries.

“Junior brother, how do you plan on partnering with us?” asked a third-year senior sister. She ranked 32nd out of 100 people, which was relatively high. Judging by the expression on her face, however, she seemed to be purposely trying to make things difficult for Bai Xiaofei.

“It’s very simple. From now on, I promise to cover everyone’s expenses at all the stores within Starnet Academy. Additionally, I will shoulder all responsibilities of dealing with any person or problem you don’t want to deal with. The only thing I require from each of you gorgeous ladies is for you to lend me your voice in support of my pursuits when the time comes. Oh, and attend some activities too.”

When the sound of his voice receded, everyone in the entire room was dumbfounded! Those who knew Bai Xiaofei originally thought he just wanted to grow his existing business endeavor, but they never thought he would place such large stakes this time. Those who had no prior experience with Bai Xiaofei were already stupefied.

What kind of notion was an offer to cover expenses at all stores?!

“Junior brother, boasting in this kind of place will not be a smart thing to do…” Another senior sister faintly expressed her opinion, as she was no longer able to tolerate his boasting. But, she could not be blamed for her thinking. Even Xue Ying thought Bai Xiaofei’s proposal was too good to be true.

Truthfully, his proposal was just too difficult to accomplish, and it was completely unrealistic from a normal person’s perspective.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll answer any questions you have, one at a time!” Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and grinned. An aura of confidence started to emanate from him.


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