Chapter 132: Admiring Blossoms in Blossom Pavilion

Bai Xiaofei did not have the luxury to be distracted by the market turmoil outside. He had more important matters to take care of. Whether Fang Ye was digging a grave or building a mansion would be determined by the success or failure of his grand scheme. Bai Xiaofei’s current task was to attend the first assembly of the newly updated Blossom Ranking at the Blossom Pavilion!  

Bai Xiaofei had the rare honor to be Yun Jingshuang’s special guest. Other than Yun Jingshuang, he was the only man to have ever attended the assembly since the establishment of the Blossom Pavilion! If it was anyone else, it would never happen in their wildest dreams…

“How about it, isn’t this a great feast for the eyes?” Holding a glass of juice, Yun Jingshuang slowly walked towards Bai Xiaofei. Unlike male gatherings, no one here drank alcohol.

“The most beautiful people of Starnet Academy are gathered here. It is no longer a question of whether it is a feast for the eyes, alright? I feel like my eyes are about to go blind from the light.” Bai Xiaofei joked then turned serious. “Big Brother Yun, there is something I don’t understand. I don’t know if I can ask you.”

“What if I told you that I already know what you want to ask?” Yun Jingshuang caught him off guard with his mysterious smile and response – a response Bai Xiaofei hadn’t expected him to have prepared.

Bai Xiaofei retorted, “That seems a bit uncanny since I’ve yet to ask you anything.” He thought back to what had happened, and he was confident he hadn’t revealed anything.  

“It’s the same question I had asked at my first meeting, so it’s nothing to be surprised about,” Yun Jingshuang responded. He briefly paused to gather his thoughts then slowly took a deep breath. “You wanted to know why everyone – including those who are about to graduate – responded when I proposed the gathering even though they knew the Blossom Pavilion had no influence.”

When Yun Jingshuang finished, Bai Xiaofei was surprised to discover he had revealed his own thoughts. While Yun Jingshuang’s version was more thorough, it was exactly what he had intended to ask.

“And that reason is…?” Bai Xiaofei asked weakly, though he was already partially convinced.

“It’s simple. It’s because people are social animals, and while we may not be like the monkeys in the Infinite Mountain Range with their simple hierarchical systems, we’re not much different. With humans, we are connected to each other by our relationships, which are like an enormous, invisible net. The Blossom Pavilion is just a strand within it.”

Despite Yun Jingshuang’s explanation, Bai Xiaofei still looked confused and baffled. Yun Jingshuang took a sip of juice then continued to clarify. “Many men share a common goal: the pursuit of beautiful women. And naturally, the girls who join the Blossom Ranking are among the most beautiful. Of all the Starnet Academy’s female alumni, the ones in the Blossom Ranking go on to marry the most influential people. They will then share the connections they had made in the academy with their spouses. In short, the Blossom Ranking is a sorority of the wealthy. You should understand what this term means.”

When Yun Jingshuang looked at Bai Xiaofei, he revealed a faint smile and noticed the look of enlightenment on Bai Xiaofei’s face. Bai Xiaofei had never previously considered this perspective.

Bai Xiaofei said, “Therefore, neither the Blossom Ranking nor I have the clout to convene this assembly. Rather, it was the group of girls planning for their futures who had all the control.”

Bai Xiaofei thoroughly understood after Yun Jingshuang finished the lecture, and consequently, his worldview had completely changed. Starnet Academy wasn’t a destination for its students but a starting line. Within the entirety of the Starnet Continent, it was merely a playground for the elite. Only when these people arrived on the world stage would they showcase their true talents.

“You have given me an extremely valuable life lesson,” Bai Xiaofei proclaimed with gratitude as he slowly absorbed his new insights.

Yun Jingshuang could clearly sense the tremendous changes occurring within Bai Xiaofei at this moment. This was the difference between an ordinary person and a genius. The latter had a higher speed of comprehension and the ability to adapt to new situations, allowing them to more quickly absorb information in order to use it in the future!

“Now, tell me the real reason you came here. Don’t tell me that you are merely here to enjoy the sight of beautiful women.” Yun Jingshuang took another sip of juice then playfully looked at Bai Xiaofei. He could enlighten Bai Xiaofei’s mind, but Bai Xiaofei would give him a new surprise each time they met.

“You will find out very soon!” After adding to the suspense, Bai Xiaofei resumed the role of an observer who was enjoying the comings and goings of the orioles and swallows. This place was a man’s paradise, and he was aware that not just anyone could enter. He would be a bonehead if he didn’t treasure this golden opportunity.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t get too carried away, because shortly after, Hu Xian’er and Lin Li arrived one after the other. Hu Xian’er was composed, and she observed from a distance so as to not expose their relationship. On the other hand, Lin Li did not care for appearances. All she could think about was being next to Bai Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei therefore gained an extra little tail that stuck close behind him. In addition to this little tail, there was also a tempting yet dangerous sticky rice cake, Xue Ying!

“You’re a very impressive lowlife, eh. You actually came to the Blossom Pavilion to chase skirts.” Today, Xue Ying was not dressed in her favorite casual outfit. Instead, she wore a tight, low-cut black dress. As she walked, the side slit in the seam of her skirt revealed a portion of her smooth, long legs, making them faintly visible. Her shoulder-length hair gave her an incomparably dashing appearance, and a pair of black stilettos accentuated her amazing hourglass figure.

Bai Xiaofei fell into reverie as he looked at her.

“Hey? Why are you spacing out? Which beautiful girl are you staring at?” Xue Ying waved her hand in front of Bai Xiaofei’s face while she pouted. From her interactions with Lin Li, she had realized that Lin Li was not one to gossip. Therefore, she was able to be more laid back around her.

“A beautiful girl is standing before me. What else could I be looking at?” Bai Xiaofei responded without hiding any appreciation.

“Silver-tongued devil. Let’s go, Little Lili. Let’s not stand in the same place as this playboy. Let me introduce you to some little beauties,” Xue Ying stated, while trying to lead Lin Li away. Lin Li, however, was reluctant to leave Bai Xiaofei’s side until Xue Ying leaned over and whispered something into her ear. Finally, a red-faced Lin Li left with Xue Ying.

Before leaving, Lin Li did not forget to say to him, “Wait for my return.” It was as if she was afraid Bai Xiaofei would disappear.

“If I had known you would be here earlier, I would not have come.” Shortly after Lin Li’s pair had left, Bai Xiaofei heard a cold snort behind him. The innocent Bai Xiaofei laughed awkwardly before turning around to face the frosty face of Qin Lingyan.

“Senior sister, I’m currently the person in charge of all your expenses. I’m going to be sad if you talk about me like that,” Bai Xiaofei said while feasting his eyes on Qin Lingyan.

Qin Lingyan also wore something different rather than her usual school uniform. It was enough to give Bai Xiaofei an eyeful. She was wearing a luxurious, snowy blue dress that reached all the way to the floor, and a slight application of makeup had given her appearance an added feminine appeal.

As expected, the pursuit of anyone on the Blossom Ranking was warranted. Bai Xiaofei could hardly recognize them after just a simple makeover and change of clothes.

“Please correct your use of words. What I gained is what was owed to me as remuneration. Don’t ever lump us together in one breath!” Qin Lingyan coldly snorted again then walked around him and left. It was as if the more time she spent with Bai Xiaofei, the more pounds of flesh she would lose.

“Great, I got dumped again.” Bai Xiaofei complained out loud even though it didn’t bother him. Hehe, I can finally go back to “admiring flowers”!


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