Chapter 131: New Requirements!

Bai Xiaofei ate until his mouth was covered in oil, and he was completely satisfied. He leisurely changed his clothes then briefly took some time to mentally adjust himself before he slowly left the dormitory.

Once outside, Bai Xiaofei’s demeanor flipped 180 degrees. “Greetings, senior brother! I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but recently, I’ve been extremely busy and finally had a chance to take a short break. If it weren’t for Mo Ka’s reminder, I would have forgotten that you were waiting.” If the room wasn’t in such a mess, people might have actually believed that Bai Xiaofei’s words were true.

The senior brother rushed over to greet him, behaving as polite as Bai Xiaofei. “Not at all, not at all. I was bored anyways, so waiting was no problem.”

“Allow me to formally introduce myself. I’m Bai Xiaofei.”

“Shen Tiankuo, third-year student from the Fist of the Beast.”

After the two casually talked about the weather, Bai Xiaofei got straight to the point. “Senior Brother must be looking for me because of the Blossom Ranking.” His eyes held deep undercurrents as he observed the awkward expression Shen Tiankuo revealed.

“I must look pathetic to junior brother, but I have no other choice. I must rely on junior brother’s methods, or I won’t have the opportunity to even catch a glimpse of her.” Shen Tiankuo wore a faint smile on his face, and his eyes showed a trace of anticipation.

“You’re very lucky, senior brother. With the newly updated Blossom Ranking, which came out today, we have decided to give discounts to the first client, and you just so happen to be our first client!”

After Bai Xiaofei finished his sales pitch, Shen Tiankuo was immediately ecstatic. He didn’t have any trouble with meeting the requirements Bai Xiaofei had originally set, and with the new addition of discounts, getting a date was practically in the bag.

“What kind of discounts?” Shen Tiankuo asked. He was so anxious that even his heart fluttered nervously.

“It depends on who you have in mind, senior brother. Please note that each of the beauties has different conditions, and some of them have unconventional conditions.” Bao Xiaofei’s answer wasn’t direct. In a way, his reply contained a question of his own.

If you aren’t looking for either Hu Xian’er or the others, I can begrudgingly give you some discounts. But if you are going to be willfully blind, don’t blame this grandfather for being discourteous, Bai Xiaofei thought while he quietly waited for Shen Tiankuo’s answer.

“The first place, Hu Xian’er!” Shen Tiankuo excitedly blurted out. His eyes were full of enthusiasm, which was unfortunate. Not even god could save poor him now.

“If that’s the case, you have to pass the first condition: ten thousand Starnet Stones.” Bai Xiaofei’s response was calm. The condition so shocked Shen Tiankuo that he became momentarily paralyzed.  

“Ten thousand Starnet Stones?! Wasn’t it previously a few hundred?!” roared Shen Tiankuo. He couldn’t contain his outrage. Ten thousand Starnet Stones was worth a million Amethyst Coins. No matter a person’s origin, this was no small sum. Not only that, this was only the first condition.

“What are you saying, senior brother? Who do you think you can meet with several hundred Starnet Stones? You need to compare this price with the person you’ve selected! Do you know how much effort it cost us to convince Hu Xian’er to agree to this? The ten thousand Starnet Stones is already a discounted price. If this is too expensive, you are free to select someone else,” Bai Xiaofei stated indifferently. Deep down, he couldn’t wait for Shen Tiankuo to give up.

“What about the second place, Lin Li?” Excellent. Again and again, this naughty senior brother courted death.

“That is also ten thousand Starnet Stones. After all, Hu Xian’er’s and Lin Li’s results were close to each other. You must also consider Lin Li’s identity. Whoever succeeds gets the immediate protection of one of the three Legend Rank powerhouses. With this kind of benefit, ten thousand Starnet Stones really isn’t much, is it?” Bai Xiaofei’s voice gradually grew cold. Shen Tiankuo felt as if Bai Xiaofei was looking down on him.

“It’s only ten thousand Starnet Stones; I’ll pay! Is it possible to pay in Amethyst Coins?” While talking, Shen Tiankuo pulled out an Amethyst Card. Unfortunately, the next sentence Bai Xiaofei spoke almost caused him to start coughing blood.

“Sorry, senior brother. According to the conditions the two of them set, they only want Starnet Stones. To them, Amethyst Coins are just numbers and not at all useful.”

Ten thousand Starnet Stones was an unimaginable number, who could have that many? When normal people acquired a Starnet Stone, they would usually either use it for themselves or sell it. After all, this was a treasure that could directly increase one’s Origin Energy for cultivation! Bai Xiaofei, however, had absolutely no intention of yielding.  

“Good, you wait here, and I’ll go prepare it!” With some difficulty, Shen Tiankuo squeezed out these words while he gritted his teeth in determination. Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei was merciless and smacked him down again.

“Senior brother, if you don’t hurry, I can’t guarantee that someone else won’t show up and take your spot. If you lose your first client privileges, you will need to prepare twenty thousand Starnet Stones.”

Shen Tiankuo inspected Bai Xiaofei and reevaluated him. All the good impressions he may have once held toward Bai Xiaofei were now gone. Shen Tiankuo, however, could only comply and swallow back any words he wished to utter.  

“Alright, I will make haste!” After choking out these words, Shen Tiankuo turned around and left in such a hurry that he did not consider summoning a puppet.

After everything quieted down, Mo Ka crawled out of the dormitory. “Did he fall for the scam, Big Brother Fei?”

When Bai Xiaofei saw the disgusting smirk on Mo Ka’s face, he almost wanted to give him a beating. “Is there anyone we can’t scam once I’m personally involved? Go and look for Fang Ye right now and have him set up a trade for Starnet Stones using the New Student Mutual Aid Community. One Starnet Stone for 150 Amethyst Coins, no trade limits. If he runs out of money, go borrow more from our shopkeeper backers or directly buy them using debt invoices. It’s best if this news can be spread to the other grades, too. Also, remember to add one extra condition: the trade will only last until 9:00 pm tonight, no extensions after the deadline.”

Bai Xiaofei coldly laughed as he imagined seeing a group of people who wanted to cry but couldn’t shed tears. Come, come everybody. The more the merrier. This grandfather promises to scam you dry!

Even without knowing what Bai Xiaofei was planning, Mo Ka decided to immediately start the operation. Bai Xiaofei was the kind of person who wouldn’t let a hunting bird go unless he saw the rabbit. Today, he had decided to invest all their capital. That could only mean a huge return was coming soon! With this in mind, Mo Ka felt his motivation increase, leading to an extra burst of speed.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was on his way to pay a visit to Yun Jingshuang at the Blossom Pavilion. There were a few details that needed his personal attention…


After leaving Bai Xiaofei’s dormitory in a rush, Shen Tiankuo looked for a few second-years whom he was familiar with in order to gather enough Starnet Stones. Under normal circumstances, these people would be willing to help him. These second-years also had a few first-years under their control. Using this pyramid scheme, gathering ten thousand Starnet Stones shouldn’t be difficult.  

Nonetheless, he seriously underestimated Bai Xiaofei. Due to his miscalculation, he paid an extremely painful price!

There was no issue at the first level with the second-years. When his second-year junior brothers started going to the first-years, however, they discovered a problem. The first-years no longer had any Starnet Stones. Even those who had them didn’t want to exchange them. This was because the price they offered was the regular 1 for 100. The black market would usually consider this price to be on the higher side, but now the price was too low.

With the New Student Mutual Aid Community’s speed of spreading news, the exchange rate of 1 Starnet Stone for 150 Amethyst Coins had made a splash throughout the entire Starnet Academy. All the students believed the New Student Mutual Aid Community managers had gone insane, so they decided to seize this opportunity to clean them out. Therefore, with the store owners’ enormous financial backings, the New Student Mutual Aid Community became a bottomless pit that swallowed all the Starnet Stones!


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