Chapter 130: Keep Him Waiting!

“Earlier, we had tallied the votes for the new Blossom Ranking. You came in first place and are the new champion of the Blossom Ranking.” Bai Xiaofei finally had time to have a serious discussion after the strenuous session between the sheets.

“I don’t really care about that bullshit,” Hu Xian’er said dismissively; then, her eyes suddenly flashed. “What about that little classmate of yours? What place did she get!?”

Hu Xian’er, who had shown no interest mere seconds prior, suddenly took a fancy to the Blossom Ranking. Her foxy eyes shone dangerously. She would become competitive whenever Lin Li was involved.

“Second place. She fell short of you by only a few votes.” Bai Xiaofei murmured while he petted Hu Xian’er’s soft, silky hair. This was a question that couldn’t be avoided, but a wrong answer could lead to a grislier death...

“You seem to really care for her. When do you intend to eat her up?” Licking her lips, Hu Xian’er assumed a carefree attitude. It was as if she was encouraging Bai Xiaofei. Appearances, however, could be deceiving. Luckily, Bai Xiaofei was a seasoned veteran!

“I can’t eat anymore! I can’t even finish you off. I need to save all my energy to deal with you!”

Hu Xian’er revealed a satisfied smile, and Bai Xiaofei realized he had successfully pulled himself from death’s door.

“That’s more like it. I have something new to show you next time as your reward.” Hu Xian’er purred and suggestively raised her eyebrows. She made him regret that he couldn’t leap forward in time to the next moment they got together. What kind of technique will she display next time?

Daydreaming, Bai Xiaofei drooled uncontrollably. Hu Xian’er gently kissed him on the cheek then bounced off the bed with a giggle. “I need to return. Last time I stayed out overnight, the other girls in my dormitory interrogated me.”

While talking, Hu Xian’er finished dressing herself. Her clothing was more conservative than it was previously. Unfortunately, seductiveness was innately embedded within her. Regardless of how blandly she dressed, her allure would still be completely fatal to males.

“After tomorrow’s announcement of the Blossom Ranking, just send anyone who bothers you directly to me. I will help you resolve it!” Bai Xiaofei said seriously. This was why he had come looking for her in the first place. Everything that had just occurred was merely an “accident”a beautiful and ecstatic accident.

“Don’t worry. I'm only interested in you, so don’t get jealous. Just be a good boy and wait for me!” Hu Xian’er lifted Bai Xiaofei’s chin with a finger. She gazed at him with a charming look in her eyes before she turned and vanished from the room. At times, subtleness was required to keep things interesting in a relationship, and this was an innate talent she possessed!

Fox demons were really scary...

Bai Xiaofei swallowed his drool and started worrying about his own future. If it had not been for the Nirvana Pearl that had strengthened him by an entire rank, he would have been the one defeated today.

With the pace of Hu Xian’er’s growth, the benefits from the Nirvana Pearl would soon be outclassed. Bai Xiaofei let out a long sigh. He then changed into a new set of clothes and sneakily made his own exit.

Even an idiot would know what people did at this type of motel. So, if he was caught, there would be no way he could explain himself even with a hundred mouths. Fortunately, aside from that weirdo Yun Jingshuang who might have seen him, no one else had noticed him.

The journey back was nerve-wracking but without incident. At last, he successfully returned to the new-student dorms.

Mo Ka’s group of three were already sleeping very soundly, and they were dead to the world. Bai Xiaofei fell into bed and quickly followed suit.

The next day’s sunrise was normal. Bai Xiaofei missed breakfast as usual, which was now a common occurrence. Mo Ka and the others had given up on waking Bai Xiaofei after they had learned their lesson. Bai Xiaofei’s current strength was comparable to a Martial Master. They were satisfied with not getting onto his bad side.

“Excuse me, is this junior brother Bai Xiaofei’s room?” A third-year senior from the Fist of the Beast flagged down Mo Ka, who was bringing back lunch. His respectful tone was so shocking that Mo Ka wondered if he had accidentally borrowed a senior’s uniform...

“You're looking for Big Brother Fei?” Mo Ka asked softly with a sense of disbelief. The rising tide lifts all boats. With his horizons expanded from the experience gained these past few days, Mo Ka no longer froze when meeting a senior.

“Do you know him?!” The senior’s voice was full of excitement. He looked like he was about to pounce Mo Ka.

“Wait, wait, wait! I have some soup here! Big Brother Fei is going to kill me if I spill any of it. Senior, why don’t you wait here if you are free? I’ll go call Big Brother Fei for you.”

“I’m not busy; I can wait!” The senior’s attitude remained respectful until Mo Ka was out of sight. It was only then that he revealed a nasty expression. “Damn your grandfather. If it weren’t for that little fox demon, son of a…, I wouldn’t be enduring this insult!”

The senior revealed his true colors with ruthless cursing. This was, however, all within Bai Xiaofei and the Savage Class’s expectations. They had encountered plenty of these types of people. Unfortunately, it did not matter how arrogant the person could be. Until the transaction was completed, they must behave like a filial grandson! And the grandfather was this guy who was still sleeping, Bai Xiaofei!

“Big Brother Fei, it’s already noon. If you don’t get up now, all of your women will be snatched!” Mo Ka was now an expert at waking Bai Xiaofei. Nothing else worked, but the moment Mo Ka mentioned his women, Bai Xiaofei would instantly have a reaction.

As expected, Bai Xiaofei immediately bounced off the bed when he heard Mo Ka’s words. “Son of a hen, who’s blind and seeking death!”

Mo Ka busied himself with setting the table for lunch while Bai Xiaofei groggily woke up.

“You good for nothing, trying to fool me again. Looks like you want a thrashing, eh!” Bai Xiaofei was still wearing the baggy pants he had worn last night. He gave Mo Ka a sideways glance while he cracked his knuckles.

“Big Brother Fei, this time I didn’t lie. There is a senior from the Fist of the Beast waiting outside. A big guy from the third year. I haven’t seen him around before, and I have a feeling that he has ill intentions.” Mo Ka evilly chuckled as he grasped onto Bai Xiaofei’s weakness.

“Really?” Bai Xiaofei’s facial expression slowly changed, and he could not help but become more serious. He had expected the senior to move quickly but not this quickly. If he had recalled correctly, Yun Jingshuang should have announced the new Blossom Ranking this morning.

“Why would I lie to you? You think I want to shorten my own life? Do you want me to invite him in, or—”

“Keep him waiting for now. This young master has yet to eat. If he can’t wait, he can leave,” Bai Xiaofei sleepily interrupted Mo Ka before Mo Ka finished speaking. It was obvious, however, that Bai Xiaofei’s focus had landed on this senior.

“I agree with you,” Mo Ka said then sat down. He picked up a meat bun and started gnawing it.

“From now on it doesn’t matter which grade. If they come for the Blossom Ranking, keep them waiting and tell them I am busy.” Bai Xiaofei started formulating a new scam. His previous method was becoming old. He needed to draft up a more drastic plan. Otherwise, everyone would get a chance to meet with Hu Xian’er and Lin Li. If that happened for real, it would drive him mad.

Mo Ka briefly hesitated before voicing his worry, “It won’t be a problem to keep them waiting, but Big Brother Fei, we can’t say no to money!”

“Don’t worry. Rather than saying no to money, we will be making a killing!”


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