Chapter 129: The Plan Couldn’t Keep up With the Change in Circumstances

Bai Xiaofei took his time and ate slowly during the dinner hosted by Yun Jingshuang. After all, Yun Jingshuang by far was the person he feared most in Starnet Academy now. However, this wasn’t the case for Mo Ka and the others. The moment they found out the dinner was on Yun Jingshuang, both males and females of the Savage Class rolled up their sleeves with every intention of eating to their hearts’ content. Yun Jingshuang was dumbfounded when he saw how they behaved at the dining table.

When the bill came, Yun Jingshuang started tearing up as he recalled Bai Xiaofei’s reminder. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret. After eating their fill, the Savage class eagerly volunteered their services to Yun Jingshuang the next time he needed help, promising they would be available for him anytime. On the surface Yun Jingshuang may have agreed to this, however in truth he had already listed the students of Savage Class on his internal blacklist with no intention of seeking their help ever again.

Only someone who has gotten his head squished between a door would ask these fellows for help again!

“You guys go back first. I need to look for Big Sister Xue to discuss the New Student Tournament.”

After the dinner, Bai Xiaofei freed himself from the group of male students and went off by himself.

“Old Fang, don’t you think that Big Brother Fei is hiding someone outside? Why does he keep coming up with excuses to leave on his own? What’s more, he has been staying out overnight quite frequently.”

Mo Ka pulled Fang Ye over and asked, his face filled with curiosity. Fang Ye was their counselor when Bai Xiaofei wasn’t around.

“Would you believe me if I said no?”

Fang Ye did not give a direct answer, yet the answer was a clear one. 

“Heh heh, let’s guess who it is then!”

Xing Nan added, his eyes lit up brightly like a lantern in the dark. Wu Chi and the others weren’t any better off either. Everyone looked at Fang Ye expectantly.

“I wouldn't dare to say even if I knew. Do I look like I’m tired of living?”

Fang Ye pushed everyone away and looked at them in disdain.

“Damn Old Fang, you are getting cocky recently, huh? You dare look down on us now? Bros, let’s go!”

Under Mo Ka’s lead, everyone rolled their sleeves up and started walking towards Fang Ye while grinning widely. Fang Ye immediately broke out in cold sweat.

“Wang Hang, aren’t you supposed to be my bodyguard? Stop these beasts!”

During his moment of crisis, Fang Ye looked towards the only person that could help him. Unfortunately, the answer he received made him feel like dying.

“I seem to remember you ripping up my proof of slavery...”

As he spoke, Wang Hang lifted his head slightly and started gazing upon the night sky.

The stars are so beautiful tonight! Why have I never noticed this in the past? Mhm, I must get Qi Wei to join me the next time I look at the stars…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei ran like the wind towards the female hostel after separating from the group. The moment he approached, the Great Barrier God appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

“If you dare take another step forward, I promise that you will be crawling back to where you came from!”

Aunty Barrier glared at Bai Xiaofei fiercely with a broom in her hands. Her reputation had dropped greatly after people found out about Bai Xiaofei's intrusion into the female hostel. For a period of time, the number of male students attempting to try their luck skyrocketed exponentially. She could no longer remember the last time she was this worn out. Bai Xiaofei was naturally the cause of all this.

“Calm down, Aunty. I’m not coming over!”

Bai Xiaofei stopped promptly and tried to quell Aunty Barrier’s anger. He then took out a purple colored hair from his storage ring and slowly split the hair into two.

“I am retreating now. Aunty, calm down!”

As he spoke, he slowly took two steps backwards. However, Aunty Barrier was still glaring at him. She wasn't even this guarded against thieves!

A while later, a figure languidly appeared, completely covered by loose clothing. It would have been difficult to figure out the person’s identity in the darkness if they didn’t know them well. However, Bai Xiaofei was someone who was very familiar with this person, which was why an expression of joy appeared on his face.

Yes, it was Hu Xian’er. The hair Bai Xiaofei had taken out earlier had been given to him by her. It was very difficult to enter the female hostel. On the other hand, it was child’s play to notify Hu Xian’er that Bai Xiaofei was here. When Aunty Barrier saw Hu Xian’er come out, she snorted coldly. She then vanished into the darkness of the night, resuming her role as the hidden guardian of the female hostel. Her job was to prevent males from entering, not to prevent females from coming out.

“How may I help you?”

Hu Xian’er asked gently, a trace of joy in her voice. As far as she was concerned, being able to see Bai Xiaofei was enough to make her happy.

“I have something important to tell you.This isn’t a good place to talk, let’s go somewhere else.”

As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei grabbed Hu Xian’er’s hand and started leading her away. Her hands were soft and delicate, almost as if they were boneless. While they rushed towards the business district, Hu Xian’er started blushing.


The heavens must bear witness to my sincerity! This really wasn't my original intention! My plans have merely failed to keep up with the changes in circumstances…

After entering the hotel, Hu Xian’er started slowly taking off her loose outer garments. Her graceful figure was revealed, stunning Bai Xiaofei right where he stood. What she wore inside proved more fatal than not wearing anything at all.

The purple sleeveless cheongsam she wore displayed her curves perfectly. The deep slit on the hem of her dress revealed a pair of long and slender legs, causing Bai Xiaofei to gulp. Hu Xian’er gradually turned around, revealing an even more fatal sight. The back of her cheongsam was actually bare, showing a fair back that stirred one’s imaginations. The only thing keeping the cheongsam on her was the butterfly knot on her neck, enticing Bai Xiaofei to pull it...

“How is it? Do you like it?” 

Bai Xiaofei blushed. Every word coming from Hu Xian'er's mouth was provoking his hormones. It was only now that Bai Xiaofei understood why fox form Transformation Stream female puppet masters were so popular. 

“You caused my brain to stop functioning. Therefore, you must pay for it!”

As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei pulled Hu Xian’er into his embrace and in an overbearing manner and pushed her against the wall.

“We’re not lying down today. You can keep the dress on!”

Hu Xian’er replied with a soft groan and shut her eyes. She rested both arms around Bai Xiaofei’s neck. Shortly after, the “storm” began…

Half undressed, she welcomed her lord. He who obtained her heart would obtain her body. If her eternal companionship could be obtained, both power and wealth were no longer important.

Holding Hu Xian’er in his arms with her cheongsam all messed up, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt his confidence waning.

Is my self control really this bad?

As he contemplated this, he looked at Hu Xian’er who was gazing at him with fluttering eyes.

Fine, this really isn’t my fault.

“Are you satisfied this time?”

Hu Xian’er started drawing circles on Bai Xiaofei’s chest with a look of joy on her face. Under normal circumstances, she was no match for Bai Xiaofei. However, with the little “trick” she had pulled, she was now capable of putting forth a “fight”…

This “trick” was something she had learned by herself. Bai Xiaofei was floored when he heard her ask this. He then tightened his hold on her, as if he was afraid of losing her. A wife who can self teach herself is a keeper!


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