Chapter 126: Quick and Continuous Battles!

Everyone else retreated from the ring. In the ring, Bai Xiaofei made an inviting gesture to the armored guy.

“I am Bai Kai. Pardon my offenses!”

After saying this, Bai Kai charged straight at Bai Xiaofei. It was no secret that Bai Xiaofei was from the Illusion Stream. Bai Kai wasn’t looking down on Bai Xiaofei. However, he was sure that the moment he entered Bai Xiaofei’s melee range, victory would be his.


Bai Kai’s main puppet was the Berserker’s Armor. It had similar effects to Duan Yiyi’s Frenzy, the only difference being that it was slightly stronger. On his hands were a pair of gauntlets that were the same as Shi Kui’s. Strengthened by his gauntlets, he slashed his claymore down on Bai Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei stood there unmoving even as the attack was about to land.

What the hell is Big Brother Fei doing?

Everyone in the Savage Class had the same thought racing through their mind. However, the very next second, they all witnessed a stunning scene. Bai Xiaofei’s sharp observation skills allowed him to make an accurate judgment of how to deal with this attack. He slanted his body to the side, causing Bai Kai’s attack to land on the ground. Bai Kai’s attack created a crater in the ground, clearly demonstrating the prowess of this attack.

Unfortunately, this attack had no effect. After dodging, Bai Xiaofei clenched his right fist tightly before sending a punch straight towards Bai Kai’s ribs. With a muffled bang, Bai Xiaofei’s punch landed on Bai Kai’s armor. Everyone believed that this punch wouldn’t amount to anything. However, as the receiver of this punch, Bai Kai was assaulted by an intense pain. Bai Xiaofei's single punch nearly caused Bai Kai to vomit his dinner from last night. But things were far from over.

After this punch, Bai Xiaofei sidestepped to Bai Kai’s back. At this moment, Bai Kai had yet to regain his footing. Despite that, he was still able to react speedily. Bai Kai aimed the claymore straight at Bai Xiaofei.

An eye for an eye! That was his plan. Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei’s right hand was faster, so Bai Kai didn't have the chance to do what he wanted. The moment his right wrist was grabbed by Bai Xiaofei, it was as if his sword wielding hand had been shackled by an iron chain. Bai Kai could no longer move his hand no matter what he did.

“It’s over!”

Bai Xiaofei said dryly. He gathered his strength in his fist and sent Bai Kai flying with a punch to his chest. This exchange might have taken long to narrate, however, the actual fight had only lasted a few seconds. Both classes were so shocked by the result that they simultaneously gulped down their saliva.

He…is a puppet master from the Illusion Stream? Are you sure he’s not a martial artist instead?

Bai Kai forcefully swallowed the blood that was welling up inside. He struggled to his feet with great difficulty. A slight trace of fear could be seen in his eyes when he looked at Bai Xiaofei again. 

“I lost...”

Although he didn't want to admit it, he still surrendered. He could tell that Bai Xiaofei had already held back earlier. Otherwise, if Bai Xiaofei had attacked his head, he would be even worse off than now.

With this, the result of the match was decided. One side was happy while the other was sad. The dejected students of class 21 left the ring while the students of the Savage Class surrounded Bai Xiaofei. They were flooding him with all sorts of questions.

“It is a long story. Focus on the matches first. I will tell you guys during lunch, okay?”

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t stand the onslaught of questions and answered with a forced smile. After silencing them, he looked over to Xue Ying. He could see that Xue Ying had yet to recover from her anger. As such, he took the initiative and spoke first.

“This is only the first step. Trust me, you will not leave Starnet Academy.”

Bai Xiaofei walked over to Xue Ying and guaranteed with confidence. The solemn look on his face and the perfectly straight posture he assumed was entirely capable of charming countless maidens into a trance.

Xue Ying was no exception. After hearing his words, she couldn’t help but be somewhat touched. However, he did not get the chance to revel in his success for long. Not even two seconds had passed before her punch shot towards him.

“Don’t think that I have no idea what you are planning. Tell me, where did you go last night?”

Sometimes, being touched was still insufficient to make one forget one’s fixation.

“Stop hitting me! Big Sister Xue, I’ll tell you! I went looking for grandpa last night! I was afraid that there would be side effects with the Nirvana Pearl. But I didn’t want to worry you either. That’s why I went to ask him myself.”

Seeing that his first plan had failed to work, Bai Xiaofei used the second excuse he had prepared. In any case, no matter which lie he told, it would be better than being ripped apart after telling her the truth. As expected, this excuse worked. Even though Xue Ying still didn’t entirely buy what he said, she still let him off. After all, the new match was about to start…

After dealing with class 21, the remaining four classes were all the classes from the commoner’s district. Out of the four, two of them came forward and asked for Bai Xiaofei’s autograph before surrendering. One class chose the option of using five fights to determine the victor. They were even allowed to select the five people to represent the Savage Class. The match ended after Duan Yiyi, Zhu Nuo, and Xing Nan defeated them with their bare hands.

The final class suffered the most miserable fate. Having learned a lesson after observing the previous class’s defeat, they decided to have a group battle instead. As a result, they were defeated bare handed by the Savage Class before they could even see their puppets.

After they were done with the morning matches, the Savage Class held a celebration. They used Bai Xiaofei’s discharge from the hospital as an excuse and had a feast at the Hundred Flavor House. Naturally, the money for this meal came from Bai Xiaofei’s pocket. He was initially unwilling to pay. However, he surrendered after Xue Ying tried probing him about last night.

Feel free to slaughter my wallet. In any case, it is better than being ripped apart!

During lunch, Bai Xiaofei gave them a brief summary of what had happened to him. Everyone gazed at him with admiration. However, the crowd quickly got over it. Bai Xiaofei's fortuitous encounter was awesome but he almost lost his life because of it. As far as they were concerned, they could do without such an encounter.

After lunch, the Savage Class continued with the competition. Repeating what they did in the morning, at the end of each match, Bai Xiaofei would immediately tell the judge to prepare the next one. The speed at which they progressed dumbfounded the judge.

From the looks of it, they are planning to rush their way until the end!

Most low rank puppet masters shared the same weakness of having insufficient melee combat prowess. Therefore, the training Xue Ying gave them during their first month became the perfect tool to help them hide their true strength during the match. They would occasionally encounter some rare low rank puppet masters who were good at melee combat. However, these opponents were still no match for Lin Li’s Divine Phoenix Feather Dress.

In any case, the news about Lin Li being in the Savage Class was no longer a secret. Since the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress couldn’t be used as a trump card any longer, they might as well let her make full use of it. Using this strategy, they won all four of their afternoon matches easily. Thus, they completed their mission of nine victories per day.

“Big Brother Fei, I feel like if this continues, it won’t be a problem for us to place first. I don’t even feel any pressure dealing with these opponents.”

Mo Ka said excitedly on their way back to the dormitory. The entire group of males agreed wholeheartedly with what he said.

“We were just lucky. Out of all the classes with New Student Kings, we have only encountered class 21. Moreover, Hu Xian’er wasn’t around today. On top of that, do you really think that the two representatives they sent today had truly shown their true strength?”

Hit by the harsh truth, the males were all stunned.

“What do you mean?”

“They are hiding their real strength. Their thinking is the same as ours. Therefore, never ever assume that this is an easy tournament until the end.”

Then, Bai Xiaofei paused. On his solemn face, a trace of confidence surfaced. He continued, “However, the first place will definitely be ours.”


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