Chapter 125: Coincidence, It’s Just a Coincidence

When the sun rose high into the sky, Bai Xiaofei woke up by himself. This was very rare for him.

“Shit, we still have a competition today! Xian’er, wake up!” Bai Xiaofei shook Hu Xian’er because she was still sound asleep. She only groaned in response.

“No more. Let me off. Next time...can’t we do it next time instead?” Hu Xian'er drowsily opened her eyes in a daze. She spoke pitifully, begging for mercy.

“What are you thinking about? The elimination matches are about to start!” Bai Xiaofei was somewhat excited about the tournament, but Hu Xian’er didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving bed.

“I’m hurting too much. I won’t be participating in today’s match, but I can make up for the points next time. Go without me.” After an entire night with Bai Xiaofei, she was in an even worse condition than when they had done it the first time. Forget about going to the competition, Hu Xian’er was finding it hard to even stand.

“Take care of yourself, then. I will be going ahead to the match.”

“Mhm…,” Hu Xian'er replied softly. Now that she could relax, she quickly and once more fell into a deep slumber. Right now, she was willing to do anything Bai Xiaofei wanted so long as it wasn’t another “round” with him.

After he planted a gentle kiss on Hu Xian’er’s face, he quickly donned his clothes and rushed out. Xue Ying had told him yesterday that the elimination matches would be held at the public square.


“Big Sister Xue, was Big Brother Fei really discharged from the hospital? But he hadn’t returned to the dorm last night!” Mo Ka asked with a trace of anxiety in his voice. The match was going to start soon, and this time, their opponent was formidable. Without Bai Xiaofei, they would most likely be forced to reveal their trump cards.

“He has definitely been discharged, and I previously went over to check. He hadn’t returned to the hospital,” Xue Ying muttered gloomily, her eyes filled with fury.

“Should we just go ahead? If the time is up, it will be an automatic loss for us,” Xing Nan anxiously asked. The opposing class was already in the ring, and not entering would be considered a forfeit.

“Yeah, that’s the only choice we have. Get ready to go!” Xue Ying wore a dark expression and heaved a long sigh. But just as they were about to move, they heard Bai Xiaofei's familiar voice.

“There’s no rush! I’m here!” Bai Xiaofei ran madly towards them, Blackie on his shoulders and Huskie in his arms. He reached the ring before the final few seconds ran out.

“Luckily, I arrived in time!” He heaved a long sigh of relief. Despite running over, he didn’t look tired. With how his body was now, running wasn’t anything much…

“What have you—”

Bai Xiaofei stopped Xue Ying’s words before they could leave her mouth. “Focus on the match first. We will talk afterwards.”

When the Savage Class students saw that Bai Xiaofei had returned, they started emanating a heroic aura.

“Big Brother Fei, we're depending on you for this match!” Fang Ye laughed heartily. With Bai Xiaofei’s return, he would no longer be burdened…

“Yeah, Big Brother Fei, we all missed you so much.” Mo Ka’s words were as corny as ever. An expression of disgust appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face.

As for Lin Li, she kept silent. She merely stood there staring at Bai Xiaofei, but the joy in her eyes reflected how she truly felt.

“Don’t worry. From now on, I'll always be around!” As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei climbed into the ring, which had been built just prior to the tournament. Currently, there were a hundred of these rings in the public square. Each had sufficient space for two classes of thirty students to battle, yet they were still a little small for long range attackers such as Fang Ye and Xing Nan.

“Fellow students, I am the class monitor of class 456, Bai Xiaofei.” Bai Xiaofei introduced himself with a faint smile. This caused the students opposite him to momentarily blank out. Although they hadn’t joined the New Student Mutual Aid Community, they had still heard of Bai Xiaofei. Moreover, they were also one of the classes who had previously helped him…

“We are the students of class 21, but our class monitor is not here today,” said a sturdy-looking puppet master. The full body armor he wore made it clear that he specialized in melee combat.

When Bai Xiaofei heard they were class 21, he was stunned.

If my memory serves me right, this should be Hu Xian’er’s class… What a coincidence!

Bai Xiaofei forced a smile. Now that he knew this, he felt somewhat embarrassed to make a move on them. Feeling helpless, he proposed an idea that was advantageous to them.

“Hu Xian’er is a good friend of mine. Since she couldn’t make it, it’s not right for me to take advantage of your class. How about this? We will each send forward several students for a one on one fight. The class with the most victories will be the winner of this match. As for the fight involving Hu Xian’er, consider it your class’s win. You guys can decide on the total number of rounds.” Bai Xiaofei’s words stunned the students of both classes. The reaction of class 21 was even more intense than the Savage Class, and their faces were filled with disbelief and joy.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely!” Bai Xiaofei smiled as he answered the armored guy. As for the Savage Class, they all sank into contemplation.

They were sure Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t offer their enemy an advantage. However, Lin Li could only guarantee one win, and based on Bai Xiaofei's proposal, the Savage Class couldn’t afford to lose a single match if the opposing class opted for three rounds.

“We have decided on three rounds. The class with two victories will be the winner. Both of us will be representing our class.” The armored guy spoke confidently, a trace of anticipation on his face.

“Lin Li, come and fight.” Bai Xiaofei called Lin Li over, and they stood side by side. Wang Hang was dumbfounded. He had assumed he would be one of the representatives, so he was already prepared to fight.

Is Big Brother Fei fighting personally? But this is obviously going to be a melee battle!

Xue Ying was the only one smiling, whereas everyone else in the Savage Class was stupefied. While they were still in shock, the match began.

“I am Guo Hong of the Onslaught Stream. It is my pleasure to be your opponent.”

“I am Lin Li of the Energy Stream.”

Guo Hong was the representative called out by the armored guy. His steps were light yet powerful, clearly someone who specialized in speed. Unfortunately, Lin Li was the perfect counter for those of the Onslaught Stream who relied on speed.

The judge declared the start of the match. Lin Li summoned her Divine Phoenix Feather Dress without any hesitation, and Guo Hong poured his origin energy into the three puppets he had on his person: gloves, helmet, and bracelet.

His bracelet’s effect was to increase his speed, giving Guo Hong a huge boost to what he already excelled in. It was truly a pity that his opponent was Lin Li…

No matter what, a melee fighter had to enter melee range to fight, and unfortunately for him, entering Lin Li’s melee range was an extremely difficult task.

A muffled bang sounded. Guo Hong was blasted back from where he had come from. He couldn’t even see how Lin Li had attacked. After all, the energy controlled by Divine Phoenix Feather Dress was incorporeal.

“Admit your defeat. With the difference in our ranks, you are no match for me,” Lin Li declared expressionlessly. Guo Hong got up and cupped his hands together to salute her.

“Thank you for going easy on me, Lin Li.” It was an obvious surrender. In any case, they had already given up on the first round before it had begun. Guo Hong had only participated in the fight in order to get a feel for Lin Li’s strength. Unfortunately, he was defeated before he could learn something.

With the end of their fight, the final round arrived. Bai Xiaofei would be fighting the armored guy. Everyone was filled with anticipation, and both combatants believed that victory belonged to their respective selves. Victory, however, had been Bai Xiaofei's all along...


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