Chapter 124: How Have You Become Even More Powerful?

After a series of tests, Bai Xiaofei confirmed that the explosion of the Nirvana Pearl in his sea of consciousness had strengthened him to a frightening degree.

Firstly, his physical strength had increased, and based on Xue Ying's understanding, he would be as strong as a peak Martial Master if he pushed his current limits.

Secondly, his defensive strength had increased as well. If he focused and tensed the muscles within his body, the physical attack of a beginner Master Rank puppet master wouldn’t do much to him – even without origin energy supporting his body. And if he were to combine it with origin energy, it would be entirely possible to tank an attack from a Grandmaster Rank puppet master.

Lastly, his regenerative ability had also grown much more powerful. Although he couldn’t regenerate himself to a ridiculous extent like the Heart Devourer, he was still able to automatically heal some relatively minor wounds within half a minute.

In short, Xue Ying concluded that Bai Xiaofei was currently akin to a Martial Master disguised as an Illusion Stream puppet master. Anyone who blindly tried to engage with him in close combat would meet a terrible end!

And naturally, Bai Xiaofei currently had no idea that more of the Nirvana Pearl’s energy was still hidden within his origin core.

In high spirits, he completed the hospital’s discharge procedures on his own and ignored the protests of the senior sister in charge of nursing him to health.

What a joke. If I still need to stay in the hospital with this sort of body, then everyone else in Starnet Academy will need to be hospitalized as well.

Xue Ying, feeling selfish, did not tell anyone about Bai Xiaofei’s hospital discharge. She even removed her teacher’s cloak and retrieved two pairs of sunglasses, one for her and one for Bai Xiaofei. One could say she was well prepared for today.

If it wasn’t for her being so well prepared, they would most certainly become the hottest story in the academy. After all, Bai Xiaofei was now well known, and neither of them had interest in making the headlines.

Bai Xiaofei had heard from Mo Ka and the others that Hu Xian’er and the other girls had all visited him while he was unconscious. This meant that about eighty percent of his dream was most likely a reflection of reality.  

After taking a walk around the business district like a pair of lovers, the perfectly contented pair entered a small restaurant because they no longer dared to go to the Hundred Flavor House…

“Did you know that quite a number of little beauties visited you while you were unconscious? You’re quite a stud, eh?” Xue Ying teased while she repeatedly dug into her dessert.

This damn topic again! Bai Xiaofei’s heart thumped. In times like this, one wrong word and it would be the end of him.

“I was unconscious, so I wouldn’t know. I guess they were probably people who knew me from work? You know the Blossom Pavilion can’t properly function without me.” Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei felt that working with Yun Jingshuang couldn’t have been a more correct decision. It was the best cover he could use!

“Oh? Is that so? You must have done very well at work, then. That little fox called Hu Xian’er massaged you when she had visited. She even wore a sorrowful look on her face the whole time. Tsk tsk…,” Xue Ying answered with a cold gaze, blocking his “cover” before he could completely “cover” himself.

Just as he was racking his brain for a way to deal with this, the waitress arrived. It was the senior sister waitress, and to Bai Xiaofei, her appearance was like the dawn of a new era.

“The food is here! Finally! I am starving. This time, I’m definitely going to eat my fill!” Bai Xiaofei immediately buried himself into the food. His face had the "don't talk to me until I finish my food" expression.

Xue Ying curled her lips in anger and lifted her bowl as well. As she ate, she glared fiercely at Bai Xiaofei. It was the most miserable meal Bai Xiaofei had ever eaten… The sky was dark by the time they finished their meals. Xue Ying still hadn't snapped from her grumpy state, so she left Bai Xiaofei on his own after giving him a curt farewell.

Bai Xiaofei was already accustomed to this treatment. In any case, Xue Ying’s anger had never lasted longer than a day, and she would return to normal by tomorrow. After she left, however, Bai Xiaofei felt empty. Having sent Huskie and Blackie away long ago, he had no idea what to do next. Suddenly, he felt an intense chill creep up his back.

“Woof! Woof!” Huskie’s bark sounded in the air. Bai Xiaofei gulped before slowly turning his head. Hu Xian’er’s enchanting face entered his view. Even with a veil, the intense fury within her bewitching eyes couldn’t be hidden.

Huskie, within her arms, excitedly wagged his tail. No clarification was needed; it was obvious Hu Xian'er had found her way here due to Huskie.

“Erm, long time no see…,” Bai Xiaofei awkwardly squeezed out. He felt like slapping himself the moment he had said the words. With their type of relationship, how was that a proper greeting?

Hu Xian’er didn’t say anything; she merely stood there, staring at him. Slowly, a layer of mist replaced the anger in her eyes. Bai Xiaofei immediately panicked.

“Sorry! It’s my fault! Don’t—” Flustered, Bai Xiaofei started apologizing, but before he could finish, Hu Xian’er suddenly tossed Huskie away and threw herself into Bai Xiaofei’s arms. Huskie was completely confused, as he was tossed without warning. His face bore the expression of someone who had been wronged.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei took this chance to send a fierce glare at Huskie. Turncoat! Now you know things never end well for traitors, right?

“Can you stop taking risks by yourself? What am I going to do if you died? Have you ever spared a thought for me when you make decisions?” The more Hu Xian’er spoke, the sadder she grew. Bai Xiaofei felt his heart breaking when he heard her sobbing tone.

“I swear! I definitely thought of you. I have even thought about you many times!” Bai Xiaofei lifted his hand and solemnly swore. He was telling the truth this time. When he was about to die, the one who crossed his mind the most was Hu Xian’er. “But those circumstances had left me with no other choice. Everyone else would have died if I had fled. You wouldn’t want me to be someone like that, right?”

After he finished speaking, Hu Xian’er softly lifted her head, gazing silently at Bai Xiaofei, tears still raining down her face.

“Don’t cry—”

Bai Xiaofei only managed to say two words before Hu Xian’er sealed his lips with her finger. She said, “Don’t speak.”

The next moment, her veil vanished, and her tender lips slowly approached his. Assaulted by the sensations and smells he hadn’t experienced for a long time, Bai Xiaofei lost control of himself. He immediately reciprocated in kind and pulled her into a fierce embrace.

“Wait, there are a lot of people here…” After struggling for a while, Hu Xian’er pushed him away. Blushing, she gasped repeatedly before leading Bai Xiaofei to the business district… Hotels also existed within the Starnet Academy!

Nothing could compare to the raging lust of a couple who had not seen each other for a while. Almost instantly, they entered the proper state of mind to do what they had set out to do. Hu Xian'er went from taking the initiative to becoming passive, and finally, she became powerless in face of Bai Xiaofei’s onslaught. Once again, she suffered a thorough defeat at Bai Xiaofei’s hand.

Hu Xian’er moaned endlessly while they were doing the deed. Although the hotel had rather advanced soundproofing, her moans still penetrated the walls, further stirring the lust of the couples in the other rooms.

One “tsunami” after another was induced by Bai Xiaofei. By the time his relentless attacks stopped, Hu Xian’er was already a limp kitten. She weakly nestled herself into Bai Xiaofei’s embrace.

“Are you the magical beast or am I? How have you become more powerful?” Hu Xian’er asked pitifully as she drew circles on Bai Xiaofei’s chest.

Hu Xian'er's tamed fox behavior aroused him again.

“Come, let me tell you the answer!”

“Ah, no!”

Unfortunately, men only heard what they wanted in the heat of the moment.


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