Chapter 122: Nirvana Pearl and Awakening!

The moment the Nirvana Pearl exploded, a terrifying force filled the entire sea of consciousness.

Bai Xiaofei and Huskie bore the brunt of the explosion and were directly flung away. Thanks to Huskie's protection, however, Bai Xiaofei only suffered minimal damage, but poor Huskie didn’t get off so easily. After the explosion, his body, which was as large as a mountain, greatly shrank.

On the other hand, the giant was ready for the explosion, and so he seized the opportunity to run like the wind. Prepared as he was, though, quite a number of shockwaves still struck him, which was, however, still better than outright dying.

“What the hell is this kid? Why is his animate puppet’s soul so powerful? This won’t do. I can’t stay here any longer. I need to leave!”

The giant made up his mind. Although to be precise, he was no longer a giant since he was now the same size as Bai Xiaofei... But for convenience sake, we will still refer to him as the giant...

After making up his mind, the “giant” tried to leave Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness. Suddenly, he felt a chill creeping up his spine, causing him to turn around. What he saw completely crushed all his hopes of escaping. A black cat no smaller than Huskie was charging towards him. With a wave of her paw, she reduced him to a wisp of green smoke. Thus, the giant was eliminated.

As the saying goes, those who drowned are usually swimmers as well. The giant had spent his life wreaking havoc in other people’s sea of consciousness. To think he would meet his end in Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness... In a way, this was karma.

With the explosion of the Nirvana Pearl, however, Bai Xiaofei faced a brand new trial. The huge amount of energy within the pearl was released into his sea of consciousness, and as a result, his sea of consciousness began absorbing it.

The process of absorption triggered a reaction much more intense than what he had experienced when the giant had entered his sea of consciousness. In other words, Bai Xiaofei was in extreme pain, a pain that came from his very soul.

He frantically rolled about on his bed. By his side, there was only an intern senior sister in charge of nursing him. The other healers who were supposed to treat him were long gone. Seeing Bai Xiaofei’s intense reaction flustered the senior sister, and unsure of what was happening, she ran for help. Unfortunately, it would be useless even if help arrived. Only Bai Xiaofei could save himself now.

The only fortunate thing was that his sea of consciousness would soon reach the maximum capacity of energy it could absorb. The crystal-clear mirror in his sea of consciousness had turned completely blood red, and unfortunately, there was still a huge amount of energy left from the Nirvana Pearl.

To deal with the surplus energy, the sea of consciousness’s self-defense mechanism kicked in and pushed it to the outside. This so-called outside was in fact Bai Xiaofei’s physical body. Thus, although Bai Xiaofei's soul had just experienced torture, he now had to go through a new round of physical torture, and the pain was as intense as ever.

Unfortunately, his body could absorb far less energy than his sea of consciousness. In the span of a few breaths, Bai Xiaofei already looked as if he was a cooked lobster, his skin growing redder by the second. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, in about eight or ten seconds, his body would be stuffed full of energy to the point of exploding.

The origin core within his dantian could no longer keep still, and without Bai Xiaofei controlling it, the origin core began revolving by itself. With this, the Nirvana Pearl energy within his body found an exit point and started rushing towards it.

The origin core demonstrated a remarkable level of tolerance. Like a bottomless pit, it started absorbing the unique energy, but the process wasn’t enjoyable. Bai Xiaofei acted as an energy transfer station, much like how Mo Ka had done in the past. Compared to Mo Ka’s experience, however, Bai Xiaofei’s transfer speed was far greater.

Bai Xiaofei rolled off the bed onto the floor, and by the time help arrived, he had already curled into a ball. His entire body wouldn't stop shivering. A tiny river had formed beneath him from the endless cold sweat pouring from him due to the intense pain…

In his daze, Bai Xiaofei felt as if he was in a long, long dream. In the dream, he was first beaten up by a bunch of big hunks with wooden clubs. Then, he was dropped into a hot spring. Finally, an extremely comfortable feeling flooded his entire body.

While he soaked in the hot spring, beautiful women would occasionally arrive to massage him. Furthermore, he was familiar with all these beauties!

Xue Ying, Lin Li, Hu Xian’er were all present…

Of course, apart from the beauties, a bunch of coarse males were in his dream as well. Bai Xiaofei decided to pretend they didn’t exist and so didn’t bother to get a clear look at their faces.


“Senior sister, our Big Brother Fei won’t lie here for the rest of his life, right?” Mo Ka sobbed beside the bed.

“I don’t know.”

“Have there been any recent changes with our Big Brother Fei?” Xing Nan asked in a hopeful tone.

“Still the same. He will only moan in comfort when massaged by a woman. Other than that, he has not reacted to anything else,” the senior sister answered expressionlessly. Ever since she had started nursing Bai Xiaofei, she had to answer similar questions at least a hundred times per day. The number of people concerned with Bai Xiaofei’s well-being was much more than anyone had expected.

“Another person confessed to Lin Li today. If Big Brother Fei doesn’t wake up, we may lose Lin Li to the enemy! What would we do then?" Wu Chi muttered in a muffled voice, a worried expression on his face. Right after his mutterings, Bai Xiaofei’s eyelids slightly twitched.

“Big Brother Fei moved! His eyelids moved just now!” roared Shi Kui, whose gaze had never left Bai Xiaofei. Everyone immediately surrounded the bed.

“Big Brother Fei? Big Brother Fei! Can you hear me? It’s Mo Ka!” Mo Ka shouted and shook Bai Xiaofei’s body. Unfortunately, there was no reaction whatsoever.

“Ah! I got it! Just now, Big Brother Fei only reacted after hearing Wu Chi talk about others courting Lin Li!” Shi Kui shouted in excitement. The eyes of Xing Nan and the others immediately lit up.

“Big Brother Fei, do you know that ever since you’ve fainted, not a day has passed without other guys surrounding Lin Li?!” said Xing Nan. The moment he said so, Bai Xiaofei’s eyelids started to twitch.

“Yes! It’s effective! Go on!”

“Don’t forget about Hu Xian’er! She has been confirmed as a future member of the Blossoms Ranking – and a popular one as well. There are probably around eight hundred, if not a thousand, male students following her everywhere. Quite a number of seniors have already declared that Hu Xian’er can only belong to them.”

This time, it wasn’t only Bai Xiaofei’s eyelids that were twitching. Even the corner of his mouth did so.

“Yes! There’s also Big Sister Xue! Ever since you fell unconscious, male teachers have been courting her every single day. Do you know what she said? She said that if you take any longer to wake up, then by the time you do, you can immediately attend her wedding!”

“What the f*ck? She dares?!” With a bang, Bai Xiaofei leapt off the bed. Both his eyes were opened wide, his face filled with fury.

Mo Ka and the others were stupefied, but immediately after, they cried loud with joy, “Big Brother Fei is awake!!!”


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