Chapter 121: Sea of Consciousness!

“Holy shit, where the f*ck is this?” Bai Xiaofei cursed then looked around in a daze. When he raised his head, he couldn’t see anything above him. The space around him, however, was incomparably bright, and there was a mirror beneath his feet that was so shiny it could blind a person. As he gazed at his empty surroundings, the mirror seemed to infinitely stretch.

“This is your sea of consciousness. To be precise, this is where your soul is stored,” a familiar voice rang out. Upon hearing it, all of Bai Xiaofei’s nerves went taut.

It was the voice of the Heart Devourer!

Bai Xiaofei looked towards its source and saw the red pearl that had entered his body. A clump of hazy mist wafted from it and slowly took the form of a miniature giant over five meters tall.

“You are the Heart Devourer?” Bai Xiaofei asked. He gulped, having a bad premonition.

“Both yes and no. The Heart Devourer was merely a body in which I had resided. In fact, what you see now is my actual body.” The giant spoke with pride written across his face.

“You’re a human?” A terrifying thought rose within Bai Xiaofei’s mind, and he once again gulped down his saliva.

That’s right. It had taken a human form.

“You are quite a smart kid, eh? It’s a pity you don’t have long to live.” With a faint smile, the giant slowly sat down. “As a reward for soon giving me your body, I will clarify some of your doubts. Go ahead and ask. I will definitely tell you the answer if I know it.”

The giant seemed very pleased with Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness. He couldn’t stop smiling whenever he looked around.

“You’re going to possess my body?” Bai Xiaofei asked with fear written all over his face. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of any way to deal with the giant.

“Why else would I have wasted so much effort to enter your sea of consciousness? However, I truly never expected your sea of consciousness to be so wide and stable. Looks like your cultivation technique is quite high ranked, huh?” The giant appeared satisfied; his expression was that of a person who had picked up a treasure.

“So, you had also taken over the Heart Devourer’s body?” Bai Xiaofei asked a second question, and slowly, some of his doubts were cleared.

“What do you think? Aren’t I amazing? Truth be told, I really loved that body. Given enough time, I would have reached the Transmogrify Rank with it. Oh well, this is quite a nice alternative as well. After all, a magical beast’s body can’t compare to a human’s.” The giant gradually stood up then lazily stretched. “Alright. I doubt you have anything useful to ask anyway. Time for me to eat!”

The giant walked towards Bai Xiaofei, completely confident in his chances of success.

“Aren’t you being too egotistical? You yourself said that this is my sea of consciousness. Are you thinking of misbehaving on my turf?” Bai Xiaofei braced himself and began struggling to control his sea of consciousness. He wouldn't be able to accept it if he died like this...

“Haha, ignorant kid. The sea of consciousness is uncontrollable. Moreover, we are both currently in soul form, and the strength of a soul body is directly proportional to its size. Based on our size difference, I wouldn’t even need much effort to deal with you.”

At these words, Bai Xiaofei’s face fell. He could tell that the giant wasn’t lying to him, in which case it really seemed he wouldn’t stand a chance.

If so… I’d better run!

Bai Xiaofei ran madly after setting his mind to it. Prior to losing his consciousness, he had recalled that Lei Shan had already arrived, and Lei Shan should currently be thinking of a way to save him. So long as he could drag this on long enough, he could still stand a chance…

"Kid, where do you think you're going?" Before Bai Xiaofei could complete his plan, the giant blocked his path. “Don’t assume I will be slow just because I am huge. The speed of a soul is also directly proportional to the soul’s strength.”

After teaching Bai Xiaofei something new again, the giant stretched his hand towards Bai Xiaofei.

If Bai Xiaofei was caught, he would definitely be eaten, but he couldn’t outrun the giant!

What to do? What should I do?


Just as Bai Xiaofei felt like death was near, an extremely amiable bark sounded within his sea of consciousness.

“Ah, I forgot that you have animate puppets contracted to you. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to eat more—” The giant turned towards the source of the bark midway through his sentence. What he saw caused him to choke on his own words, and immediately, immense fear appeared on his huge face.

Mind in complete chaos, the giant stuttered, “This…how…how is this possible…?”

Bai Xiaofei, who had also looked over, wasn’t any better off. The only difference between him and the giant was the ecstasy that followed his own shock. Huskie had appeared in his sea of consciousness! Not only that, he was as tall as a mountain!

“I seem to recall you saying that the soul’s strength is directly proportional to its size, right?” With a cheeky grin, Bai Xiaofei waved at Huskie. “Hold him down!”

Huskie excitedly and immediately reacted to the command. He moved his terrifyingly thick legs, and in the blink of an eye, he reached the giant. Next, he pressed down with his paw – a literal manifestation of a disaster descending from above!

The “giant” couldn’t put forth any sort of fight against Huskie. Only fear and shock covered his face.

“Well, I can’t answer your question, so this is goodbye.” Bai Xiaofei waved his hand at the giant before giving Huskie a command.

“No, no, don’t kill me! If you spare me, I will give you the Nirvana Pearl!” The giant shrieked out of desperation, and because the term was new to Bai Xiaofei, he successfully piqued his interest.

“Nirvana Pearl? The pearl that had allowed the Heart Devourer to regenerate without limits?”

“That’s right!” Afraid that Bai Xiaofei was unaware of the Nirvana Pearl’s usefulness, the giant immediately blabbered out the pearl’s most attractive function. “It is a pearl condensed from the essence of a Phoenix’s flesh. So long as there is energy, the body housing it can infinitely resurrect!”

Bai Xiaofei had personally witnessed what the pearl could do; therefore, his eyes sparkled like stars.

If I have that ability, I won’t fear anything in future fights!

“Do you think you’re in any position to negotiate? Give me the Nirvana Pearl, and I will allow you to go free. Don’t worry, I’m a man of my word.”

“Do you think I’m an idiot—”

Before the giant could even finish his sentence, Bai Xiaofei resolutely commanded, “Huskie, do it!”

The next second, Huskie gradually increased the pressure exerted by his paw, and the giant’s body began shrinking bit by bit.

“Stop stop stop! I will give it to you!” the giant howled as he resisted the pain with great difficulty.

At Bai Xiaofei’s command, Huskie stopped exerting pressure.

“Catch it!” The giant forced the Nirvana Pearl from his own body then slowly tossed it towards Bai Xiaofei. Just as Bai Xiaofei was about to grab hold of it, a cruel smile, however, appeared on the giant’s face.

“Haha! Die! As if I’d let you have something I can’t have!”


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