Chapter 120: Bai Xiaofei’s Crisis

“Lightning Execution!”

During this intense moment, a dazzling, white radiance descended from the sky. Bai Xiaofei only perceived a flash before his eyes and a humming sound within his ears before he became senseless. Shortly after, he began to slowly recover his sight. Before him, the scorched-black Heart Devourer slowly turned to ash then scattered into the air. Concurrently, a familiar voice entered his ears.

“Stinky brat, you’ve really got guts, eh? You dare ignore the academy rules and enter the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range?”

Lei Shan’s voice held a trace of anger, yet when Bai Xiaofei heard it, he had a sudden urge to cry.

Hell yeah! I don’t have to die after all!

“Grandpa! You are finally here!”

It had indeed crossed Bai Xiaofei’s mind that Xue Ying would call over Lei Shan. He never expected, however, that Lei Shan would be so slow that Bai Xiaofei would think for sure he would die. He prepared to whine to Lei Shan, but then...

“Watch out!” Xing’s voice rang from behind him, making him instinctively turn.

Before Bai Xiaofei could figure out what was happening, a red flash entered his mouth. He clutched his throat and rolled on the ground for a long time; nevertheless, he still swallowed the pearl with a gulp.

“Holy shit!”

After realizing what had just flown into his mouth, Bai Xiaofei dug his fingers into his throat. Unfortunately, even after vomiting his breakfast and lunch, the pearl was still nowhere to be seen.

Imagining the Heart Devourer regenerating within his stomach was enough to make Bai Xiaofei start vomiting again. Unfortunately, his stomach was completely empty by now. Nothing came out during this new round of vomiting.

Lei Shan had initially planned to teach Bai Xiaofei a harsh lesson, but when he saw what happened, he ran anxiously to Bai Xiaofei. He hadn’t foreseen this sudden development. He knew about the Heart Devourer, and based on his understanding, his earlier attack should have been enough to annihilate it. He had therefore momentarily dropped his guard, but from the looks of it, he had been too careless.

“What’s going on?” Lei Shan asked nervously. Bai Xiaofei was someone he looked favorably upon. If anything bad were to happen to him, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself – forget the fact that Revelation wouldn’t let him off.

Bai Xiaofei still felt disgusted by what he had previously imagined. “I am—”

After only two words, a sharp pain suddenly assaulted his mind. The sensation, like ten thousand needles stabbing into his brain, caused him to collapse to the ground for a second time.

“It hurts! It hurts so badly!” Bai Xiaofei howled. The pain this time was worse than when he had activated Lunisolar Brilliance for the first time.

Lei Shan, upon seeing him like this, further panicked. He crouched beside Bai Xiaofei and placed a hand on him. But the moment he touched Bai Xiaofei, an unknown energy repelled his hand, interrupting his attempt to check what was happening within Bai Xiaofei’s body.

“How is this possible?” It was the first time Lei Shan had experienced something like this. Based on their strength differences, there was no way he couldn't send his origin energy into Bai Xiaofei’s body.

With great difficulty, Bai Xiaofei resisted the pain and weakly called out to Lei Shan. “Grand...grandpa…”

“How are you feeling? What’s going on?”

Instead of answering Lei Shan’s question, Bai Xiaofei struggled to say something that had temporarily stunned Lei Shan: “Let…let Xing and Hong…off…”

The very next second, Bai Xiaofei stopped his painful struggle and lay silently on the ground like a corpse…

Both Xing and Hong dragged their badly injured bodies over to Bai Xiaofei. Their concern for him far exceeded their fear of Lei Shan.

“Lord…,” Xing said apprehensively. His tone and gaze clearly showed he was there to check on Bai Xiaofei.

“I don’t know what’s happening to him either. I only know that he’s still alive, and until I bring him back, we won't know how long he can live or whether he can recover. As for the two of you, you may leave now.”

Towards the end of his sentence, Lei Shan was clearly in some sort of dilemma.

A Ruindemon Flood Dragon that has a Lunapython as a companion would become a great threat to humanity once it has fully matured. It is primarily because there are too many dangerous magical beasts such as them that the Infinite Mountain Range has become humanity’s forbidden zone.

But ultimately, Lei Shan still decided to respect Bai Xiaofei’s decision.

“Many thanks, Lord.” Xing’s gaze rested on Bai Xiaofei for a long time before he finally decided to leave. “Lord, if he awakens, please pass my message to him. Tell him that I shall keep the favor he has done for us close to heart. If the opportunity should present itself, the two of us will repay him with our very lives.”

After saying this, Xing and Hong slowly vanished from Lei Shan’s sight.

Lei Shan heaved a long sigh, wondering if he had made the correct decision. He then turned to look at Bai Xiaofei. Using his origin energy, he rose a piece of ground beneath Bai Xiaofei into the air, carrying Bai Xiaofei with it. Next, he headed towards the Starnet Academy with Bai Xiaofei in tow.

Without Lei Shan sparing a thought for conserving his origin energy, they moved at a speed faster than even Revelation when he flew using his own puppet. The journey, which originally required at least ten to twenty minutes, was shortened to only a few minutes.

When they arrived at Starnet Academy, Lei Shan directly flew to the Furnace of Agarwood and charged into its medicine room. He howled to the student on shift, “Summon all the Healing Stream members ranked at head teacher and above. Tell them it’s an order from me!”

Lei Shan then rushed to the high-level treatment area on the fifth floor.

Before long, a bunch of Healing Stream puppet masters wearing teacher’s and chairman’s cloaks gathered in Bai Xiaofei’s room. Lei Shan stood by the side with a gloomy expression. The fury in his eyes grew when he saw that none could help Bai Xiaofei.

No longer able to restrain his anger, Lei Shan scolded them viciously. “Screw you all! What’s the point of keeping you Healing Stream people around? There are so many of you, yet you can’t even wake up a single student?”

No one in the room, not even the chairman, dared to lift their head or say a single word. It had been a very long time since they had last seen Lei Shan so angry.

“I might know what’s happened to him,” meekly commented a third-year student who stood outside the room, dressed as an intern. Everyone immediately turned to face her.

“What the hell are you all doing blocking the way? Get lost and make room for her!” Following Lei Shan’s howl, everyone retreated from the room, looking dejected and allowing the student to enter.

“May I take a look at him first?” the student asked nervously as she gazed at Lei Shan with inquiry. Her voice was a bit unsteady.

“Anything is fine so long as you can wake him.” Lei Shan’s tone finally grew less harsh.

The student summoned her puppet under everyone’s hopeful gazes: an exquisitely made flute. Once she activated it with her origin energy, the short flute started playing a pleasant melody on its own. Simultaneously, a layer of ash-gray radiance appeared around Bai Xiaofei’s body. The student then slowly placed her hand on Bai Xiaofei’s forehead.

The crowd was stunned, but then very quickly, intense joy replaced their shock. One ought to know that until now not a single person had been able to touch Bai Xiaofei without being rebounded. Her mere act of touching him was already significant progress.

Shortly afterwards, the female student retrieved her hand and lifted her head. She looked at Lei Shan with an expression of regret.

“I know what’s wrong with him, but I can’t help him.”

Her statement extinguished everyone’s hopes, and apprehension appeared within Lei Shan’s eyes.

Is there really no way to save Bai Xiaofei?


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