Chapter 12 Illusion Stream Puppet Master

“The academy permits teachers to threaten students?” Bai Xiaofei asked rhetorically. He wore a serious expression, and his brows were knit tightly together.

“The academy encourages teachers to use their own methods to teach their students. I can just say it was for the sake of tempering your obedience.” With a serious expression, Xue Ying abused her power. From her actions it was clear she was no pushover.

“Obedience? Don’t think that I come from some small village and don’t know a thing. We’re in an academy, not an army, so why would we need obedience?” Bai Xiaofei laughed lightly. His expression seemed to say, “I’ve already seen through you.”

But, Xue Ying didn’t reveal the slightest panic.

“Yes, you really are from a small village. Could it be that you haven’t heard that more than 60% of those who graduate from Starnet Academy enter the numerous armies of the various empires?” As she countered with a look of contempt, Xue Ying finally had the upper hand for the first time.

“Hello, Big Sister Xue!” 

Xue Ying, however, hadn’t even enjoyed her complacency when the words she’d looked forward to for so long had drifted out from Bai Xiaofei’s mouth. For some unknown reason, Xue Ying didn’t feel any delight from Bai Xiaofei’s submission. She instead felt frustrated, but she no longer had a reason to make things difficult for him.

Xue Ying followed the principle of creating a reason when one had no reason to make things difficult, so she glared coldly at Bai Xiaofei and gave him a “difficult problem”. She said, “Clean up the classroom and repair the door before the next student comes in. Otherwise, you can wait to receive death!”

The plot didn’t develop towards the direction she envisioned...

“Big Sister Xue, I’m done.” Bai Xiaofei, who was neither out of breath nor faintly flushed, stood before Xue Ying. Her face was ashen. He had completed the task with skill and ease.

Earlier when Bai Xiaofei was working, Xue Ying had looked outside countless times, but the entire “commoner’s district” didn’t have a single visitor, let alone their classroom.

“Exactly how good were your results? Could it be that you were first?” Xue Ying’s voice was filled with disbelief as she scanned Bai Xiaofei once more before her.

Bai Xiaofei smiled lightly as he made a slightly modest remark. “If nothing unexpected had happened, I should be. After all, no one had arrived at the entrance when I had entered it.”

“But why would the one who finished first be sent here? You should have gone to the excellent student—” Xue Ying spoke halfway before swallowing the rest of her words because being the head teacher of the worst class in the entire academy wasn’t something to be proud of.

But, who was Bai Xiaofei? A few words of Xue Ying were already sufficient for him to confirm what he’d suspected for a long time.

“It’s nothing, I just went to see Vice Principal Luo during the final test,” he said casually. He didn’t feel too great a sense of loss because to him there wasn’t much difference between a class of excellent students and a class of inferior students.

It’s fine so long as I don’t starve to death!

“What about Vice Principal Luo—” Xue Ying’s eyes suddenly opened wide like saucers, and she stared at Bai Xiaofei in disbelief. “You’re surnamed Bai, yet you actually dared to go see her!!!”

Xue Ying’s surprise vanished in the blink of an eye, as she had immediately found an explanation. “Err…right, you probably didn’t know…”

Her explanation hadn’t been firmly established when Bai Xiaofei instantly struck it with an explosive blow, causing her to be dazed. He said, “It’s not what you think. Someone warned me that she hated people surnamed Bai to the extreme.”

“You knew, yet you still went?! Are you an idiot?!” She looked at Bai Xiaofei as if he was an idiot and doubted his intelligence.

“Don’t you feel it’s very interesting like this?” Bai Xiaofei excitedly asked, but Xue Ying lightly shook her head. He used this opportunity to strike a heavy blow to her, shaking his head as he said, “Alas…there really is a generation gap between us.”

Contrary to his expectations and despite the fact he could discern she was furious, Xue Ying didn’t flare up. She forcefully endured it.

“It’s fine. It isn’t a bad thing for you to have come here. In spite of this classroom’s shabbiness, your head teacher is absolutely the most outstanding!” As Xue Ying struck her ample chest, her complacent expression was actually somewhat similar to Bai Xiaofei’s.

“Then, if you’re so outstanding, why are you the teacher of this class? I heard from the female senior in charge of registration that this class seems to be called…the Savage Class?”

“Nonsense!!!” Bai Xiaofei obtained a reply at the first possible moment – a rather agitated reply. “In theory, our class does take the leftovers after the other classes have taken their choices, but results don’t represent everything! Gold can be hidden anywhere. Do you understand!?” Xue Ying glared angrily at him, acting as if a sore spot of hers had been stabbed.

Her angry glare, however, didn’t last for long because it quickly transformed into an expression of looking at a treasure of inestimable value. “Just like you. Your results clearly ranked you at first, yet you were sent here because of your ignorance. Trust me, there’ll be more capable people in this class!”

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly took two steps back as goosebumps arose all over his body. Once he moved a safe distance away, he felt much more at ease. “Big Sister Xue, I understand now!”

“Alright, that’s good.” Xue Ying revealed a satisfied smile as she looked at Bai Xiaofei again. “ must be extremely formidable since you were able to be first, right? What ability does your first puppet have? What’s its grade?” 

As Xue Ying spoke, she bent over to look at Huskie, who had been squatting to the side. She instantly transformed into a “moe” young woman while her flawlessly developed figure caused Bai Xiaofei’s mouth to go dry from the sight of her.

“It’s so cute. It’s surely at least at the violet grade, right!?”

“Err, you might be disappointed…” Bai Xiaofei scratched his head and revealed a rare blush.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Blue grade is fine as well. What’s the little fellow’s type?” After a moment of embarrassment, Xue Ying changed to a tone of consolation.

“Illusion Stream!” Bai Xiaofei was extremely fervent when he spoke these two words, and his feeling of pride wasn’t the least bit feigned.

Xue Ying, however, was utterly stunned.

“A blue-grade Illusion Stream puppet?!!!” All the pleasant surprise on her face froze, and her tone fully displayed her current feelings.

“What? Is the Illusion Stream not good?” Bai Xiaofei wore an innocent expression. This was his true thought because as far as he was concerned, the Illusion Stream was the strongest.

“Not good? It isn’t just bad! Among all the people I know, there isn’t a single expert who’s from the Illusion Stream! There isn’t even a Master Rank Illusion Stream puppet master among them!

“In my opinion, even if you didn’t ignorantly go see Vice Principal Luo, you’d still be sent here in the end because there is no one who would choose a puppet master whose first puppet was of the Illusion Stream!” The disappointment on Xue Ying’s face grew more obvious the more she spoke. In the end, it even transformed into despair.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be one in the future. There always needs to be someone to create history, right!?” Bai Xiaofei chuckled once again, and he didn’t take Xue Ying’s reaction to heart at all.

Just as his foster mother had told him, there wasn’t a strongest type of puppet – only the puppets most suitable to a puppet master! And the Illusion Stream was most suitable for him, Bai Xiaofei!


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