Chapter 119: It’s over?

Without any suspense, the Light of Obliteration struck the Heart Devourer. Under their hopeful gazes, the attack reduced the majority of its body into nothingness.

Hell f*cking yeah! I refuse to believe you can still be alive after this! Bai Xiaofei thought triumphantly. He stared at the Heart Devourer and would not take his eyes off it for even a second. Unfortunately for him, reality taught him a harsh lesson in the next instant. The Heart Devourer was indeed still alive.

“Xing! Don’t stop!” Bai Xiaofei shouted and charged out when he saw that the incapacitated Heart Devourer could still regenerate its body.

When Xing saw that the Heart Devourer had survived his attack, he was stunned motionless, but Bai Xiaofei’s shout woke him from his stupor. He recovered and started launching one Light of Obliteration after another towards the Heart Devourer’s remains. Unfortunately, even after Xing reached his limit, the Heart Devourer still remained as a single piece of flesh, and this very piece was still tenaciously regenerating.

During the bombardment, however, Bai Xiaofei had managed to discover a certain red pearl within the Heart Devourer. Not only did the pearl successfully tank one Light of Obliteration, the flesh surrounding it always seemed to be the source of the Heart Devourer’s regeneration.

“Do you still have any other attacks? Force out that pearl!” Bai Xiaofei asked upon reaching the center of the battlefield. Xing, however, shook his head in a fluster when he heard the question.

“I do!” Hong roared as he rushed over. He aimed at the semi-healed flesh and spat a green clump of poison mist at it. The sound of corroding flesh immediately rang out. Even so, the speed of corrosion was still slower than that of the regenerating flesh…

Seeing this, the three of them stared blankly.

Do they really have no choice but to wait for death? But what else could they do? A sense of despair rose within Bai Xiaofei. He gulped then spat out a word that stunned both Xing and Hong.

“Run! What are you two still blanking out for? Take me and start running! Run as fast as you can towards Starnet Academy!” As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei leapt onto Xing’s back and harshly slapped Xing’s head. He was definitely the first person in history who dared to do this to a Ruindemon Flood Dragon.

Xing took one look at the Heart Devourer, which had already regenerated half its body, and decided to listen to Bai Xiaofei. He started moving as fast as he could towards the Starnet Academy.

Once again, Hong enhanced their speed with his ability, and he demonstrated the kind of speed two King Rank magical beasts were capable of reaching.

As for Bai Xiaofei, he only had one thought in his mind: Please take longer to regenerate!

Several kilometers later, he suddenly stopped Xing. “Stop!”

Based on both the remaining distance to the Starnet Academy and the Heart Devourer’s regeneration speed that he had witnessed, he knew that it was no longer possible for them to reach Starnet Academy in time. Therefore, Blackie was now their only hope.

“Remember, no matter what happens, don’t move!”

Having warned Xing and Hong, Bai Xiaofei poured his origin energy into Blackie and once again activated scenery simulation. The three of them simultaneously blended into their surroundings. If Bai Xiaofei had any other option, he would never have done so. After all, this was similar to infinitely waiting for their death right where they stood. Unfortunately, there was no other way.

Before long, the Heart Devourer arrived as expected and proved that Bai Xiaofei had made the right decision. If they had continued fleeing, they would’ve been caught on the way to the academy. Regrettably, once the Heart Devourer reached their hiding spot, it did not continue forward like Bai Xiaofei had hoped. Rather, it slowly came to a stop. This made Bai Xiaofei extremely anxious.

“You guys are indeed very smart to stop running. But then, aren’t you underestimating me too much?” commented the Heart Devourer. A pair of snow white wings unfurled from his back, and as he flapped his wings, he slowly rose into the air.

“All of your unique scents and energies stopped here. If my guess is correct, you are using the same method you used in the beginning to hide, right? It may be true that I have no means of detecting you all when you’re hidden like this, but then again, it doesn't matter even if I don't know your exact location!"

As the Heart Devourer spoke, he flapped his wings faster and faster. The airflow around him grew berserk before, finally, countless blades of wind took form in midair. Like an army of soldiers, the blades waited for the Heart Devourer’s command.

“Come out!” With a hearty laugh, the wind blades shot out indiscriminately. They tore everything around him: flowers, grass, trees, soil, rocks... By the time the tempest ended, only a single spot remained intact – only Hong's activated shield was safe from the destruction.

“A human! So it turns out there is actually a human with you! No wonder you guys are so crafty today. Everything that had happened must have been planned by you, human!”

The Heart Devourer landed on the ground and slowly headed in their direction. As its terrifying aura loomed over them, the group found it difficult to breathe.

“We have brought disaster upon you, friend. Escape by yourself. We will try to buy you more time!”

In these final moments, a trace of indifference appeared in Xing’s voice. After putting Bai Xiaofei down, he exchanged glances with Hong. They then charged at the Heart Devourer. Their charge proved pointless, however. Roaring in anger, the Heart Devourer used only one attack to send both Xing and Hong flying.

“After exhausting your Light of Obliteration, you are no different from trash. You still dare to think that you can slow me down with a similarly trashy Lunapython?” The Heart Devourer sneered as it stepped on Xing. “I will keep your lowly life around a while longer so that you can personally witness how this accomplice of yours will die because of you.”

The Heart Devourer taunted then slapped Xing away. Next, he leisurely walked towards Bai Xiaofei.

Xing struggled to get up as he roared at Bai Xiaofei, “Friend, why are you not running?”

Bai Xiaofei, however, could only laugh bitterly.

Run? How the f*ckin’ hell am I supposed to run? You couldn’t even last two seconds! As if I can f*cking outrun this fellow!

Bai Xiaofei inwardly cursed with all the profanities he knew. Next, he gulped and looked at the Heart Devourer heading towards him.

“He’s right, why are you not running?” When the Heart Devourer arrived near Bai Xiaofei, he gazed at him with a toying look, and a human-like expression appeared on the Heart Devourer’s face.

“Since I’m going to die anyway, can I ask you a question?” Contrary to the Heart Devourer’s expectation, Bai Xiaofei did not pee himself in fear. Rather, he asked a question in an incomparably calm manner.

“Oh? You are quite interesting, human.” The Heart Devourer licked his claws and keenly fixed his gaze on Bai Xiaofei. “Go ahead and ask. I am in a good mood.”

“As far as I know, there are no magical beasts in existence with such a terrifying regeneration ability. How did you obtain this god-like ability?”

The word “god-like” made the Heart Devourer feel excellent.

“That is a question I can’t answer. After your death, why don’t you ask the person in charge of souls?” As he said this, the Heart Devourer lifted his claws. However, he paused at the next second upon hearing Bai Xiaofei’s following words.

“I don’t need you to tell me in order to know the answer. It’s because of that red pearl, right? I suppose you won’t be able to survive if anything happens to that pearl, right?”

These words brought Bai Xiaofei an extra second of survival. In fact, he provoked a profound fear from the Heart Devourer.

“Stinky brat. Not even your soul can hope to survive now!”

A ruthless glint appeared in the Heart Devourer’s eyes as he slammed his claws down on Bai Xiaofei…

It’s over! I am really going to die now! Think, brain! Is there any other way to drag this out? Mhm, seems like there really isn’t….


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