Chapter 118: Tricking the Heart Devourer!

After an in-depth discussion with Xing, Bai Xiaofei obtained two pieces of useful information. Firstly, Xing and Hong were able to repeatedly disguise themselves as a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python. Secondly, Blackie’s scenery simulation was capable of fooling the perception of a King Rank magical beast. Equipped with this knowledge, Bai Xiaofei finally felt it was possible to fight against this enemy. For him, this was the glimmer of light amidst the darkness.

“There will only be one chance. Our victory or defeat will depend on it. The two of you must therefore seize the opportunity when it comes. Otherwise, it will not end well for us.”

Bai Xiaofei clarified their current situation with Xing and Hong one final time. He then vanished into the woods, and Xing and Hong started heading towards the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range.

There was no need to wonder why Bai Xiaofei didn’t try to escape. No matter how fast he could run, there was no way he could be faster than a King Rank magical beast. He continued into the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range. Before long, a sense of oppression started weighing upon his mind. There was a reason why the Infinite Mountain Range was known as both the paradise of magical beasts and humanity's forbidden zone.

“No wonder my godfathers and godmothers have never brought me to play in the Infinite Mountain Range. This place really isn’t meant for humans...” Bai Xiaofei softly muttered to himself.

As he advanced, not once did he dare to relax his nerves. Beside him, Huskie and Blackie were also on high alert. In a way, they felt more oppressed by the atmosphere because their perceptions were much stronger than his.

Along the way, Bai Xiaofei sweated profusely. The moment he had lost track of how many times he had wiped the sweat off his forehead, Xing and Hong came to a stop. This was the agreed upon signal to indicate that they had entered an active area of the Heart Devourer.

“Blackie!” Bai Xiaofei called before pouring his origin energy into her. Never before had she been so cooperative.

Blackie’s scenery simulation activated at maximum range, which made Bai Xiaofei slow down yet again. This time, not much of his surroundings were altered by the scenery simulation. Only his own appearance changed. As such, not much origin energy was used.

As for Xing and Hong, they started moving again. From the way they moved, it was as if they were some rookie magical beasts that had unknowingly ventured into the territory of a higher ranked magical beast. Bai Xiaofei wasn't disappointed because, shortly after, some sound could be heard from the dense woods.

Xing and Hong revealed a startled expression then started frantically slithering out of the Heart Devourer’s area.

A silver shadow sprang forward and flashed in front of Xing and Hong faster than they could blink. It left a gash almost half a meter long on Hong's body. These were the same scales that the Savage Class had previously had great trouble dealing with, yet in front of this silvery flash, it was as if these scales were non-existent.

When the silvery flash stopped, the magical beast appeared before Bai Xiaofei, looking completely different from what he had imagined. It had the body of a cheetah, bird-like claws, a tiny head resembling a hyena, and a furless three-pronged tail. In fact, the tail looked like a lengthened loach.

Simply put, this magical beast looked as if it had been pieced together from different beasts. Although its appearance was ugly, its strength did not fail to live up to Bai Xiaofei’s “expectations”. Its brief attack was already enough for Bai Xiaofei, Xing, and Hong to know they were up against a tough opponent.

Xing and Hong played their parts very seriously and continued to act as the fake Goldsilver Twin-headed Python. A miserable cry escaped their mouths, and an intense fear and desire to live appeared within their eyes. The Heart Devourer seemed incredibly used to seeing such an expression and even appeared to find it enjoyable.

The Heart Devourer gazed at the twin-headed python as if the python was a toy. It launched a second attack, still at a speed Bai Xiaofei couldn’t keep up with. There was, though, no need for him to keep up. With a silvery flash, a bloody opening as big as a human head appeared on the twin-headed python’s body where the heads were connected. With an intense unwillingness, the two heads collapsed to the ground.

The Heart Devourer stood on its prey and let loose a long hiss of victory. Next, it started tearing at the “Goldsilver Twin-headed Python”, intending to harvest its heart for a feast. Little did it know, this twin-headed python was no longer the same twin-headed python it had seen.

Blackie was capable of creating and materializing the image of any non-living object. Bai Xiaofei’s strategy was therefore quite simple. He would wait until Xing and Hong were “killed” and no longer living objects before using Blackie’s ability on the Heart Devourer.

It did not take the Heart Devourer long to dig out the desired heart. After eating it, however, the Heart Devourer felt that something wasn’t right. Its strength hadn’t grown! In fact, there was no reaction whatsoever! The Heart Devourer realized something was wrong, but at this point, it no longer mattered. Sufficient time had been bought for Bai Xiaofei’s plan to come into play.

The real Xing and Hong were already done separating their bodies. Xing’s Light of Obliteration shot straight towards the Heart Devourer’s head. The Heart Devourer immediately found itself in great danger, and it promptly formed at least three types of defensive shields around itself. Regrettably, these shields were as weak as paper under the Light of Obliteration, and all dissipated after less than half a second. Unfortunately for Xing and Hong, this delay of half a second was already enough for the Heart Devourer.

The Heart Devourer narrowly moved its vitals out of the way, causing the Light of Obliteration to only hit its neck. Nevertheless, half its neck vanished from the single hit. From this it was clear how terrifying the Light of Obliteration was, but what stunned Bai Xiaofei even more than this was the Heart Devourer's frightening vitality!

Even in such condition, the Heart Devourer did not look like it would die. In fact, the missing part of its neck was regenerating at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“It’s you two!” After the attack, the camouflage that Bai Xiaofei had placed on Xing and Hong subsequently disappeared, exposing their real body to the Heart Devourer. The “corpse” that the Heart Devourer had just feasted on revealed itself to be merely a huge rock that Xing and Hong had previously swallowed.

Without wasting time, Xing charged over to the Heart Devourer after his first attack failed. His only chance was during its moment of recovery. With Hong's assistance, Xing managed to sharply increase his own speed by more than a rank.

Simultaneously, Bai Xiaofei took action. A resounding thunderclap rang throughout the forest. Next, a Thunderfeast Tiger, actually Huskie in disguise, leapt out and dashed straight towards the Heart Devourer.

The sight of the Thunderfeast Tiger clearly bewildered the Heart Devourer. It instinctively dodged aside because the attack of a King Rank Thunderfeast Tiger would be fatal for it. But just as Huskie reached the Heart Devourer’s previous location, Bai Xiaofei withdrew his origin energy and caused Huskie to transform back into a harmless puppy.

The sudden change once again stunned the Heart Devourer.

What the hell is this?

Xing had been prepared for the Heart Devourer’s pause. As such, the Heart Devourer’s two short moments of distraction had successfully created a perfect window of attack for him. A reinforced Light of Obliteration shot straight towards the Heart Devourer.

This was their final chance. If it failed, none of them could hope to survive. They watched with their eyes wide, forgetting to even breathe…


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