Chapter 116: As a Master Actor, What Am I Afraid Of?

Bai Xiaofei gulped while recovering from his shock. He gazed straight at the Ruindemon Flood Dragon before him. The magical beast was more than two meters taller than him. In the span of ten-odd seconds, countless ideas flashed through his mind. He ultimately settled on a certain particularly brazen idea.

Perhaps I won’t have to sacrifice myself for honor!

“Answer me, human!” There was a trace of anger in the Ruindemon Flood Dragon’s voice. Yet for some unknown reason, the magical beast remained still.

“Sorry, Boss Ruindemon Flood Dragon, I—”

“My name is Xing,” the Ruindemon Flood Dragon interrupted Bai Xiaofei before Bai Xiaofei could finish speaking. The beast’s words had once again stunned him.

Holy shit, this fellow has indeed reached enlightenment! He even has a name!

“Boss Xing, we had absolutely no intention of disturbing your rest. It’s only because we had heard that you were in some kind of trouble and needed help that we were here bothering you…”

When Xue Ying heard him, her eyes grew wide. She stared at Bai Xiaofei’s back in disbelief. Fortunately, she was behind him and thus blocked from the Ruindemon Flood Dragon’s view. Her expression went unnoticed; otherwise, Bai Xiaofei’s “performance” would have most likely ended prematurely.

“Someone told you that?” Xing’s voice contained doubt this time. He slowly lowered his head and began to approach Bai Xiaofei.

As Xing approached them, an intense stench of blood assailed Bai Xiaofei’s nose. It made him feel as if he had just arrived at a slaughterhouse. The heavy stench suffocated him. Bai Xiaofei, however, didn't dare grimace. He merely waited in silence for the result of his upcoming “judgement”.

“Mhm, you weren’t lying to me. I can smell the scent of the royal clan on you. It seems like Hong’s scan was correct.”

Hong was the Lunapython behind Xing. Hong’s scan result was the only reason why they hadn’t immediately feasted on Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying.

Xing’s words had once again stunned both Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying.

What the hell is the royal clan’s scent? It did not take long for Bai Xiaofei to realize that the only person who could have given him the so-called “royal clan’s scent” was Hu Xian’er…

So the Phantom Fox is actually a King Rank magical beast? Bai Xiaofei inwardly lamented. Little did he know, the royal clan Xing referred to and the King Rank in his mind were as different as the sky and the earth.

As for Xue Ying, she was completely clueless, so she now looked at Bai Xiaofei with an odd glint in her eyes.

What is this kid hiding from me? From her thoughts, it was clear how terrifying a woman’s intuition could be…

“That’s right. I was sent here by the royal clan. She told me that the two of you are talents she could make use of. That’s why she doesn’t wish to see you two continuing to muddle along like this for the rest of your lives.”

Bai Xiaofei continued blabbering. From Xing’s words, he was able to deduce that the pair of pythons were definitely in some sort of trouble. He had no idea what trouble they were in, but this did not stop him from further improvising his “performance”. After all, he had already given Xing a strong first impression.

“But why did you previously attack us?”

Yeah, why the hell did you attack us if you’re actually here to help?

This was a very practical question. However, this seemingly hard question was nothing for Bai Xiaofei. Even if there was only a tiny discoverable loophole, Bai Xiaofei would be able to enlarge it to the point one started doubting reality itself.

“When we arrived, we were under the assumption that we would be helping a Ruindemon Flood Dragon and a Lunapython. Who knew that the two of you would instead pretend to be a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python? You must know that there has never been such a precedent before this.”

Bai Xiaofei weaved a story using the information he had previously obtained from Xue Ying, and he immediately rendered Xing speechless.

True, taking on the appearance of a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python is an ability unique to Hong…

“Sorry for almost injuring your people earlier…”

Xing withdrew the oppressive aura he was emanating. He apologised by lowering his head, which was larger than Bai Xiaofei's entire body. Once again, the intense stench of blood assailed Bai Xiaofei’s nose…

“There is no need to apologise.” Bai Xiaofei endured the suffocating smell and hurriedly tried to persuade Xing to lift his head. “It was our fault for not properly investigating.”

Behind Bai Xiaofei, Xue Ying did not dare say anything in fear of exposing his lies. Based on her current life experiences, it was not enough to let her match his level of shamelessness.

“There is still something I don’t understand. Why did the royal clan send humans to help us? Not to mention, such weak and puny humans.” Magical beasts didn’t normally mince their words. As such, Xing very freely used the word “weak”.

“Well, you know, the relationships among those in the royal clan are not necessarily harmonious. And, if that person made a move personally, a lot of trouble would come knocking. Since I happened to owe that person a favor, I was sent on this mission instead. As for our strength, that isn’t something you need to be concerned with. Won’t everything be fine so long as I can help you with your predicament?” Bai Xiaofei said with a straight face.

No matter how one looked at him, no one would suspect he was in fact making up stories on the fly. Even Xue Ying, who knew the truth, was almost convinced by his words…

“Sorry, I was too suspicious.” Xing was about to lower his head again in apology, but this time, Bai Xiaofei immediately stopped him.

Bro, I really can’t stand the stench of your breath!

“I thought all magical beasts were straightforward? Why are you so indecisive? Anyhow, since I have found you, I will send my bodyguard back first since she won’t be of any help. If she ends up dragging me down, my reputation might even suffer. I still need to rely on my reputation to earn my keep in the future,” Bai Xiaofei said before turning around and looking at the astonished Xue Ying.

“Little Ying, you heard me. You can now return and prepare my bath. If you get the water temperature wrong, I won’t let you off!” While he spoke, Bai Xiaofei frantically signaled for Xue Ying to leave.

“How can I—” Distressed, Xue Ying couldn’t even finish her sentence before her words were stopped in her mouth by Bai Xiaofei.

He rebutted, “Impudent! Do my words mean nothing now? Didn’t I educate you enough last night? Will you only be happy after causing my death?”

Bai Xiaofei’s vicious expression made it clear he wasn’t feigning his anger.

“Your master is right. With your puny strength, you won’t be of much help. It would be better for you to just leave, lest you distract us.” Behind Bai Xiaofei, Xing complemented Bai Xiaofei’s words with a merciless remark. His words caused Bai Xiaofei to inwardly tear up.

F*ck! If even a Grandmaster Rank can’t be of any help, what the hell can I do?

“Did you hear that? What are you waiting for? Scram! Don’t think that you can act impudent before me just because you’re one of my favorite maids!” Bai Xiaofei yelled again. Tears started welling up in Xue Ying’s eyes.


“What did you call me?” Bai Xiaofei interrupted her again as he fiercely glared at her.

“Ma-master, you must return alive…” Infused with incomparably complicated emotions, the word “master” had come out of Xue Ying’s mouth. Bai Xiaofei was inwardly delighted when he heard it. He felt he was making quite the profit here.

Unfortunately, this might be the final profit of my life… This won’t do! If that’s the case, I must profit more!

As the thought crossed his mind, he took a step towards Xue Ying. Under her stupefied expression and before she could say anything, he pulled her into his embrace and planted a kiss on her alluring red lips.

First, she was stupefied. Next, she tried to resist. Then, she accepted it. And finally, she started to respond to his kiss… In the span of a few short seconds, Xue Ying’s emotions had rocked violently. Despite the change in her emotions, she made her feelings clear by lightly closing her eyes.

“Alright. Go. Don’t come looking for me if I don’t return. That will just be annoying.”

After the final sentence, Bai Xiaofei turned and walked away. Hidden beneath his confident and carefree gait was a heart pounding furiously like a galloping horse.

Alright, f*ck it. What sort of trouble are you in, python?


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