Chapter 115: Ruindemon Flood Dragon and Lunapython

The two waiting attackers immediately attacked after they received Bai Xiaofei’s signal. Of the two, Wang Hang reacted more quickly. He activated the Shadowflash Shoes and instantly appeared above the python. Powered by the dao of assassins, he transformed into a high-speed spinning drill. Simultaneously, the tip of his Spiral Sword glowed with a violet radiance representing the dao of assassins.

Wang Hang had full confidence in his attack. Unfortunately, the golden radiance surrounding the python stopped the attack the moment it landed. The supposedly laughable shield didn't vanish like it was supposed to. Instead, it turned out to be resilient enough to stop Wang Hang's advance.

With a vicious glint in its eyes, the python head responsible for defense glared at Wang Hang. This was the same head at which Wang Hang had aimed his attack. The head opened its mouth wide in Wang Hang’s direction, looking as if it intended to swallow him whole.

Because he knew his attack had failed, Wang Hang decisively ended his assassination technique. He redirected his origin energy into his Shadowflash Shoes and flickered out of the python’s line of sight.

Although he knew that continuously activating the Shadowflash Shoes would drain his origin energy at more than twice the usual rate, he had no choice. He could sense that death was very possible if he stayed any longer.

Following Wang Hang’s failed attack, Lin Li’s crescent radiant slash arrived. The recently obtained Thousand Star increased the integration and malleability of her Divine Phoenix Feather Dress’s attribute energy. This in turn allowed her to unleash various types of attacks.

She launched a sharp attack. It unfortunately ended the same way as Wang Hang’s. The moment the radiant slash had touched the golden shield, it had lost all power, and the shield had slowly ground the slash into nothingness.

This sight had dumbfounded everyone. Both Wang Hang’s assassination abilities and Lin Li’s Thousand Star were capable of inflicting more damage than Fang Ye’s and Xing Nan’s attacks. Moreover, Lin Li was a Master Rank. Therefore, the Savage Class had a hard time accepting this result.

It wasn’t as if they were novices who knew nothing about the Goldsilver Twin-headed Python. The current situation had far surpassed what they had been prepared for. A Goldsilver Twin-headed Python would definitely not have that golden shield ability.

Xue Ying, rushing towards them, quickly proved this.

“Everyone, leave immediately. Run as fast as you can! That’s not a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python!” she howled, and she clenched her hands so tightly that they started shaking. If her guess was correct, they would be lucky to survive today.

Most of the Savage Class members acted immediately upon hearing Xue Ying’s orders. Disobeying her at a time like this was no different from screwing her over. Bai Xiaofei and Mo Ka, however, remained still.

Bai Xiaofei stayed behind because he had no intention of fleeing. Xue Ying’s reaction hadn’t been this intense even during the encounter with the King Rank magical beast. Although they had been beaten up quite miserably back then, their attacks had still been effective to a certain extent.

Xue Ying’s current reaction proved only one thing: this magical beast was not one she could handle. If that was the case, it didn’t make a difference who stayed behind. In fact, if it was him, he might be able to buy them more time.

Mo Ka remained only because his Floating Blade was still high up in the air. It wasn’t that he couldn’t bear to part with the Floating Blade but that he genuinely wanted to help. The Floating Blade had been gathering origin energy since the start of the battle. Once all the conditions were met, his attack could very well surpass Wang Hang’s. Even a King Rank magical beast would find it difficult to deal with.

Moreover, Mo Ka already understood why everyone’s attack had been ineffective. It was due to the golden radiance surrounding the python! As far as he was concerned, so long as the golden radiance was gone, he would be able to inflict a serious injury to the unknown magical beast.

“Mo Ka, get the hell out of here!”

Since Blackie’s ability was still in effect, Bai Xiaofei was naturally aware of Mo Ka’s actions. After all, Mo Ka was still within the radius of her ability. Bai Xiaofei’s screech shocked Mo Ka out of his deep concentration. Subconsciously, Mo Ka even trembled a bit.

“What is it? Do my words now mean nothing to you?” Bai Xiaofei shrieked for a second time.

Mo Ka was dumbfounded, and he could tell that Bai Xiaofei was truly furious this time. In hesitation and with teeth clenched, he looked towards Bai Xiaofei’s direction. After two seconds, he finally waved his hand and retrieved the Floating Blade.

“Big Brother Fei, Big Sister Xue, you two must return alive!” Mo Ka yelled, turning and running madly, tears welling within his eyes.

“Are you doubting me?” Rage could be seen in Xue Ying's eyes when she saw Bai Xiaofei slowly walk out of the woods.

“I’m still here only because I trust you. You might not be able to haul more than ten dead weights, but it shouldn’t be a problem if I’m the only one, right? Didn’t you say that our time alone is very precious and that we should make use of any second we get?” Bai Xiaofei's words didn't reflect his true thoughts. Xue Ying, however, still couldn’t refute what he said.

“You are courting death!” Xue Ying roared coldly. The only response she got was a smirk from Bai Xiaofei.

“It is my honor to be able to die next to a beautiful woman like you,” said Bai Xiaofei. He then shifted his gaze towards the raging Goldsilver Twin-headed Python. The golden radiance surrounding the python was gradually fading.

When it completely vanished, Bai Xiaofei momentarily blanked out, and Xue Ying furrowed her brows even more tightly than before. The twin-headed python had split into two different pythons. Light-blue markings covered the skin of the larger python, and the entire body of the smaller one was pitch black.

“The larger one is a Lunapython, and it is known to be the best support among python-type magical beasts. It is a beginner King Rank magical beast, equivalent to a human Third Grade Grandmaster Rank.

“The smaller one is a Ruindemon Flood Dragon, and judging from its size, it should still be quite young. Even a young Ruindemon Flood Dragon, however, is a Peak Tier King Rank. This species is moreover capable of using the Light of Obliteration, an ability capable of disintegrating everything. Anyone hit by this ability will be close to death, if not outright killed.

“When there is a pair of both a Lunapython and Ruindemon Flood Dragon, the two would normally don some sort of disguise. Still, this is the first time I’ve seen a pair going so far as to take on the appearance of an entirely different magical beast. If my guess is correct, this should be a mutated Lunapython.”

During Xue Ying’s explanation, the two huge beasts slithered towards them. Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying instantly felt a deep sense of oppression weighing down on them. At this point, escaping was impossible. Bai Xiaofei only hoped that Blackie’s scenery simulation could buy them more time. At the very least, he needed to guarantee Xue Ying’s escape…

“You’re definitely no match for them. So, don’t hesitate when I later tell you to run, or else, there’ll be no point in me staying behind,” Bai Xiaofei said and stood in front of Xue Ying with absolutely no intention of turning back.

The Ruindemon Flood Dragon stopped before Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying. It suddenly hissed in the human tongue, “Humans, why have you disturbed our rest?”

Its words instantly stunned Bai Xiaofei.

Holy shit? This fellow has gained enlightenment? To the point that it’s capable of speaking the human language?


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