Chapter 114: The True Bitter Battle

Xu Chen aimed her Crimsonflame Sword at the joining of the python’s two heads.

“Explosive Pierce!”

The moment the sword stabbed through the scales, the explosion effect activated. Several scales blasted off, spraying flesh and blood. One of the python heads was about to bite Xu Chen, but Fang Ye’s bullet instantly struck the python’s head, causing the twin-headed python to shriek in pain. His move saved Xu Chen from her perilous situation.

Zhu Sisi, who had just escaped, immediately followed with a move. As Wu Chi tossed her with all his strength, she once more activated her supplementary pulling ability. Their coordination pushed the speed of her acceleration to its limits. A violet glow appeared on her Martial Goddess’s Boots as she landed a heavy kick on the python’s other head.

“Rapid Strike!”

In less than half a second, three blows struck. The forceful attacks of the three students isolated the two python heads from each other. When this had happened, Wu Chi, who had arrived later than the others, leapt high into the air. Windslash dazzled in his hands as he slashed down heavily on the python head previously shot by Fang Ye.

The claymore clashed with the python’s scales, causing a sharp grinding sound to ring out. It didn’t take long for the scales to succumb and allow Wu Chi’s claymore to cleave into the python’s flesh. Again the python shrieked. It raised its thick, solid tail and whipped it towards Xu Chen’s group, who were on its back.

“Blaze Armor!”

A shield of flame instantly covered Xu Chen’s body. She pulled out the Crimsonflame Sword, and she took the initiative to meet the python’s tail with her own body. As one would expect, the tail sent her flying, but she had managed to buy enough time for Zhu Sisi and Wu Chi to leap off the python’s body, saving them from a dangerous situation.

As they leapt down, Fang Ye launched his fourth attack. This time he aimed and sniped at the joining of the two heads. It was the same spot Xu Chen had blasted off several scales just moments prior.

The shuttle-shaped origin energy bullet drilled straight into the python’s body. The powerful kinetic energy blasted back the python, and an even more miserable cry escaped it, indicating the python’s unimaginable pain. This time the heavy rifle puppet’s shot was right on the mark. If it weren’t for the python’s large size, this single shot would have been enough to end its life.

After his fourth shot, Fang Ye entered a cooldown period, but the python once again crawled up from the ground. Blood gushed from the place Fang Ye’s bullet had struck. The head that had previously released the protective shield spat a clump of mist at its wound. The deep wound immediately healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart sank at the sight of the python’s recovery. The Goldsilver Twin-headed Python was a species that used one of its heads for offense and the other for defense. Normally, each head possessed a single ability. The defensive head, however, had already unleashed two rather impressive abilities.

Unfortunately, they had greatly underestimated this python! It had recovered in a flash and was as good as new. It immediately slammed its body towards its nearby targets: Zhu Sisi and Wu Chi.

“Snowfreeze Pearl, freeze!” a “stone” suddenly roared, which had been standing upright on the side of the road. A frigid surging power blasted the slithering python, slowing its movements.

Zhu Sisi and Wu Chi promptly seized the chance to vanish amid the dense woods.

“Come at me, you stupid hunk!” Chen Hui revealed himself as he taunted the python with his finger. Contempt filled his face.

This was a provocation! The python felt incomparably insulted by his taunt. It clearly sensed that his new challenger was merely a bug-like existence, yet this bug was provoking it! It’s reaction time, due to the frost attack, was slower than usual. Nonetheless, the python howled and turned a head towards Chen Hui. Its mouth opened wide and shot out a clump of poisonous mist-like arrows.

Chen Hui couldn’t escape, but behind him, he had Zhu Nuo.

“Guard! Saintly Heal!”

Zhu Nuo’s Guard ability enveloped them within its radiance and neutralized the impact of the poisonous misty arrows. The Saintly Heal, which shone down on them like starlight, clashed with the arrows’ poisonous mist. The two abilities began counteracting each other and bought Chen Hui and Zhu Nuo five seconds – more than enough time for them to withdraw from the poisoned area.

Despite the pair’s retreat, the Savage Class did not stop attacking the python. They launched a new wave of attacks while the python concentrated most of its attention on Chen Hui and Zhu Nuo.

This time Xing Nan was the main attacker. He had long charged his enlarged arrow to its limits, and when he released it from his hand, it shot forward. Given the size of both the python and the arrow, there was no need for any sort of accuracy. As long as one aimed the arrow in the correct direction, it would hit its target.

And to top things off, Xing Nan’s attack didn’t end with just an enlarged arrow. When the arrow hit and caused damage, the arrow’s origin energy also dispersed and latched onto the python’s body.

“Explode!” Xing Nan lightly snapped his fingers, and his unique origin energy erupted.

A deafening explosion sounded from the python's location, and once again, dust filled the air as far as the eye could see.

Apart from the cloud of dust, the python’s unending cries also filled the air. The dust settled, once again revealing the python. Only a few scales on its nearly twenty-meters-long body remained intact. The blood seeping from its wounds without stop showed how heavily it was injured.

But even in such dire circumstances, the vicious glint in the python’s eyes remained. The python had merely sunk into a dilemma. Xing Nan and Fang Ye were each in opposite directions. No matter which direction the python decided to charge, it wouldn’t be able to take on the other side’s attack. This hesitation, however, didn’t last long, and the python quickly made a choice: attack Fang Ye!

Once again, the python head in charge of defense opened wide its bloody mouth. Fang Ye had long finished his preparations and energy accumulation. Thus, before the python could spit any mist, he pulled the trigger and followed the principle of kicking someone while they were down. The shuttle-shaped origin energy bullet whizzed forward. Just as it was about to land, the situation changed yet again.

The python head on the right opened its mouth, and a golden ray of light shot straight towards Fang Ye’s origin energy bullet. In the blink of an eye, the two attacks clashed. With neither fancy light nor sound, they simply cancelled each other out and vanished into thin air as if they had never occurred.

When she saw this, Xue Ying was alarmed. She had been observing the battle from a distance. An expression of shock crept onto her face.

Light of Obliteration? How is this possible? How can a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python possess this ability?

Something isn’t right! This is not a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python!

As soon as Xue Ying realized this, the heavily injured python shone with a dazzling golden radiance. Bai Xiaofei, hiding in the darkness, saw the python’s actions. His heart throbbed wildly, and a sense of danger quickly rose within him. Almost instantaneously, the blades of grass before the remaining Savage Class members grew wildly. This was a signal to disregard all attempts at concealment and to do only one thing: attack with all your might!

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