Chapter 113: Strengthening Session and the Goldsilver Twin-headed Python

The qualifier for the New Student Tournament would start half a month before the end of the training period for the new students. The announcement was made to the academy not long after Bai Xiaofei’s group had heard about it from Xue Ying. As if they had taken stimulants, the new students suddenly began to furiously train.

Some of them heard about the Savage Class’s training method from who knows where, and they had begun to run laps around the public square in a bid to copy Bai Xiaofei’s group. Unfortunately, while their intentions were good, they would need someone like Xue Ying to benefit from their training.

Without anyone pushing them, it would already be considered a high percentage if one percent persevered. Nonetheless, the strength of the new students would collectively rise. After all, a last minute preparation would still help, no matter how minimal.

Of course, the Savage Class was not idle while this happened. Under Xue Ying’s leadership, they attended theoretical classes during the day and entered the Infinite Mountain Range at night.

The Savage Class had left the Academy for the Infinite Mountain Range three times in the past seven days. Unfortunately, they didn’t progress as smoothly as they had hoped. During the first two excursions, Xue Ying’s chosen targets didn’t appear.

On their third excursion, they stumbled upon a King Rank magical beast and were ultimately chased and beaten into retreat. If Xue Ying hadn’t put her life on the line to protect them, everyone in the Savage Class would have perished in the Infinite Mountain Range.

Also during this incident, they had realized that Xue Ying only had a single puppet.

Although everyone was curious, no one asked her about it. There was no way Xue Ying couldn't form a contract with a second puppet; therefore, she must have had her own reasons for using just one puppet. Bai Xiaofei chose to respect her decision to remain silent.

“Big Sister Xue, why don’t we call it a day? It’s been over two hours…” suggested Bai Xiaofei while he crouched beside Xue Ying. He didn’t want to see Xue Ying take anymore risks after the last incident. The feeling of powerlessness that came from wanting to help but being unable to was enough to make him want to kill himself by running into a wall.

“Not yet. All of you must discover your limits before the tournament so that you can make better progress in your training. There is no need to worry about me. I can still handle the magical beasts in this area.”

Xue Ying firmly rejected Bai Xiaofei’s suggestion. Her voice contained a trace of stubbornness. She might not be the most qualified head teacher, but she was definitely a responsible one. Thus, the long wait began again…

“Here it comes!” Xue Ying released a subdued shout, and a gorgeously colored twin-headed snake entered their sight. They were finally rewarded for their patience.

It was a Goldsilver Twin-headed Python, an Enlightened Rank magical beast. The snake seemed to have sensed a trace of danger. Both its heads carefully scanned its surroundings. But despite its enlightened intelligence, it was unlikely for the python to discover the Savage Class. After all, they were thoroughly prepared for this.

After thoroughly scanning its surroundings, the python lowered its guard. It slowly slithered towards a huge tree. From its bulging belly, it had clearly finished hunting and was currently digesting its prey. When she noticed this, Xue Ying was secretly delighted. In truth, Bai Xiaofei’s group still struggled to deal with peak Enlightened Rank magical beasts. It would be much safer for them to deal with the snake in this state.

“I’ll leave it to you guys for now. As usual, I’ll be in charge of keeping watch!”

After she spoke, Xue Ying silently retreated, leaving Bai Xiaofei to assume command. He had long since finished observing their surroundings, and the others were already in their respective positions as well. They waited only for Bai Xiaofei’s signal.

“Blackie, it’s your turn now!” Bai Xiaofei said before pouring his origin energy into Blackie. A ball of purple radiance shone around her before her body gradually faded. Concurrently, a tiny, gently swaying blade of grass appeared before the entire Savage Class.

That’s right, Blackie was also a violet grade puppet! The grass was the signal they had previously agreed on. For a moment, everyone focused their concentration. Hiding in the bushes, Mo Ka was the first to act. He activated his Floating Blade with origin energy and sent it shooting. It hovered high enough in the air to oversee the entire battlefield.

Because the godly training method of “boiling water” had tempered Mo Ka, he had enough origin energy to keep his Floating Blade hovering for half a day.

But to Bai Xiaofei’s surprise, the twin-headed python had discovered Mo Ka’s covert action. Almost immediately it shot up, and its four serpentine pupils looked in Mo Ka’s direction.

Bai Xiaofei silently cursed and activated his origin energy. The blade of grass before Fang Ye instantly shot up.

Fang Ye immediately pulled the trigger of his rifle. The whole time, he had been rigidly waiting for an opportunity to shoot the twin-headed python. A shuttle-shaped energy bullet shot out, and in the blink of an eye, it struck the python’s smaller head.

Bang! The sound echoed dully as the bullet’s kinetic energy blasted the twin-headed python back several meters. Simultaneously, a miserable howl escaped the python’s mouth. This single shot signalled the beginning of the battle.

The twin-headed python righted itself and slithered away before the gun smoke settled. In the span of a few breaths, the python moved several dozen meters towards Fang Ye. From Bai Xiaofei’s vantage, he saw that the python had received nearly zero damage from the shot.

That was a heavy rifle puppet! How strong is this magical beast’s defense?

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t afford to stay surprised for long because the twin-headed python had no intention of giving him time to think of his next move. Currently, Fang Ye was crouching on top a tree and could see the python approaching him. It was impossible for him not to feel nervous. The thought of fleeing, however, never crossed his mind. Rather, he calmed himself before once more taking aim at the python. With the Charging Stone, he could fire a shot every two seconds!

Bang! Another shot rang. Unfortunately, Fang Ye’s attack was ineffective this time. The python opened one of its mouths and spat a light-yellow energy shield. The shield, in the shape of a goose egg, wrapped around the python and blocked Fang Ye’s attack. His attack, however, wasn’t completely useless, as the python’s shield had dimmed considerably.

Right at this moment, Xu Chen and Wu Chi shot out from the woods on both sides of the python, and from the sky above, Zhu Sisi descended. The Martial Goddess’s Bracer dazzled on her arm. Of the trio, she was the first to attack as she slammed her bracer into the python’s shield.

Martial Goddess’s Bracer, Shield Breaker!

She channeled all of her origin energy. Even after receiving Fang Ye’s attack, the python’s shield was still spectacularly resilient. In response to her actions, the python swung its tail towards Zhu Sisi. It wasn’t until the attack was about to reach her that its shield finally broke from the Martial Goddess’s bracer!

”Pull!” Zhu Sisi used Wu Chi, who was running towards her, to activate the supplementary ability of her Martial Goddess’s Bracer. The ability sent her flying towards Wu Chi, and she barely avoided the python’s tail.

During this opening, Fang Ye launched his third attack. Xu Chen, who was the first to charge from the woods, stood next to the python. Without further ado, he directly leapt towards the python’s gigantic body.



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