Chapter 110: The dangerous Xue Ying

This was definitely the most nerve-wracking meal Bai Xiaofei had ever had in the Hundred Flavors House. When he left the restaurant, both his legs were still shaking.

No wonder everyone is afraid of Luo Xi! They have every right to be! Eating with this old hag is truly too frightening!

Bai Xiaofei suddenly slapped his mouth while in thought.

Damn it, Bai Xiaofei. Are you getting tired of living? Even if you are, your little buddy isn’t.

After muttering a prayer, Bai Xiaofei decided to seek refuge in his dormitory. He had a feeling today was an unlucky day for him. If he continued to stay out here, he may very well end up dead on the streets.

Unfortunately, reality did not always turn out the way one wanted. Before he could leave the  surrounding area, Xue Ying, in the midst of her boredom, noticed him. She charged over without the slightest bit of hesitation, behaving as if she had discovered a treasure.

“I see you are skipping class. Are you getting tired of living?”

This was the second time today Bai Xiaofei had heard those words.

“Big Sister Xue, please spare me. You yourself said it was pointless for us to attend the collective class,” Bai Xiaofei said bitterly, his plea for mercy written all over his face.

“True. However, as your head teacher, I am obligated to correct your erroneous line of thought. You now have two options. Do you want to choose one?” Xue Ying said as she raised an eyebrow at Bai Xiaofei.

Whenever they were alone, Xue Ying would always display this kind of flippant behaviour around Bai Xiaofei. However, things were no longer the same as before. The Bai Xiaofei of today was no longer the carefree Bai Xiaofei of the past. Since Xue Ying was no different from a time bomb, he had to exercise extra caution whenever he was around her. After all, Hu Xian’er’s words were still fresh in his mind, and Bai Xiaofei had no way of predicting the future.

“Can I not choose?” Bai Xiaofei tried resisting, but Xue Ying immediately overruled him.


“What are the choices, then?” Bai Xiaofei asked bitterly. He had no choice but to accept his fate.

“Your first choice is to obediently return to class. On top of that, write a 5000 word essay reflecting on your mistake today.”

When he heard her, Bai Xiaofei immediately rejected the first choice.

You must be kidding me. You want me to write a reflective essay? I would rather die a straightforward death!

“I will take the second option,” Bai Xiaofei said without hesitation. He would do it even if it meant he had to have another meal with Luo Xi.

“Okay. You are the one who agreed to go on a walk with me. I did not coerce you in any way. Let’s get going, then.”

Xue Ying revealed the cunning smile of a person whose evil plan had succeeded. She went to Bai Xiaofei’s side and happily hugged his right arm.

You call this no coercion? How ruthless can you be?

As he inwardly grumbled, Bai Xiaofei nervously scanned his surroundings like a thief.

“Big Sister Xue, aren’t you afraid others will see us? After all, you’re still wearing the teacher’s cloak…”

Realization hit Xue Ying when she heard his words. She immediately released Bai Xiaofei. Before he could even catch his breath, however, Xue Ying took off her cloak and rewrapped her arms around him. She was now only wearing a pair of hot pants and a midriff-baring top.

Holy shit, it’s even worse now.

Bai Xiaofei had still been able to resist her previous appearance. At this point, however, Bai Xiaofei didn’t even dare to look at her. Back then, it wasn’t this bad. But now that he was a man who had been with a woman, his imaginative brain could easily fill in the blanks and show him what the naked eye couldn’t see.

It didn’t seem like Xue Ying was planning to let him go anytime soon.

Amitabha, please don’t let Xian’er see this…

As the thought crossed his mind, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt like he was having an affair. A trace of excitement surfaced in his otherwise anxious heart.

“Hey, why are you acting so strangely today? You weren’t like this when we were going out before. What are you daydreaming about?”

Xue Ying finished her words with a teasing smile; the seductive look in her eyes challenged Bai Xiaofei’s bottom line.

“N-no way. I’m behaving the same as always, alright?” answered the flustered Bai Xiaofei. His heartbeat was accelerating even as his capacity for thought dropped.

"Oh? Today, the little pervert who always grabs at every chance he gets is behaving?”

Suddenly, Xue Ying stopped and turned to face Bai Xiaofei. Her arms casually slid around Bai Xiaofei’s neck, and with the slightest bit of effort, she pulled Bai Xiaofei towards her.

From this distance, lowering his gaze would give him a view of Xue Ying’s fair canyon. Likewise, raising his head would let him inhale her scent. Xue Ying had tried controlling herself since that incident at the Infinite Mountain Range. However, she found it was useless, so she ultimately decided to freely give in to her desires. In that month alone, they had so many private meetings that she had lost count.

They met less often after returning to Starnet Academy; although, Xue Ying would still occasionally abuse her authority as the head teacher to “commandeer” Bai Xiaofei for her own purposes. Back then, Bai Xiaofei was always more than happy to go along with whatever she wanted. He had never behaved as he had today.

Unfortunately for him, his little buddy down there wasn’t as gentlemanly as he was. After sensing the warmth of a woman plastered against his body, Bai Xiaofei’s blood pumped as his little buddy appropriately reacted. This time, Xue Ying did not avoid him. Rather, she giggled.

“Yo, your little buddy has quite the quick reaction, eh? What, you’re still not going to tell me what’s going on even though you’re already like this?”

Facing Xue Ying’s “interrogation”, Bai Xiaofei’s mental fortitude stretched beyond its limits. There was no way he could hold on if this continued. On the other hand, Xue Ying had never intended to leave him hanging. Rather, she reached for Bai Xiaofei’s hands and placed them around her slender waist.

“This is more like it.”

Once again, she caught hold of Bai Xiaofei’s arm and proceeded to stare at him as she waited for his reaction. Unfortunately, the present Bai Xiaofei was no longer capable of responding. There were only three words filling his mind right now: soft, smooth, fragrant…

“Heh, look at that stupid look on your face. I’m warning you that from now on I am no longer your teacher, and you’re no longer my student. If you do a bad job of keeping me company, I will chop it off at any moment!”

As she spoke, Xue Ying made a slicing gesture that Bai Xiaofei was too familiar with. It frightened him so much that his entire body stiffened.

What in the world is this? How has my little buddy offended everyone? Why the hell is everyone threatening him?!

A second later, Xue Ying shrugged off Bai Xiaofei’s embrace, and she again hugged his arm. Relieved of his torture, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief. If this had continued any longer, he doubted he would have been able to hold back from directly pouncing her. As for her request, he had no choice but to mutely agree to it. Now that he thought about it, having her arm around his like this was quite acceptable. At the very least, it was much better than their previous position.

“Let’s go!”

Xue Ying was extremely satisfied with Bai Xiaofei’s response. Resuming her mischievous attitude and with one arm around Bai Xiaofei, she bounced gleefully towards the business district.

Amitabha, please don’t let me come across anyone we know!

At this point, it was the only thing Bai Xiaofei dared to wish for.


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