Chapter 11 Head Teacher

The female senior in charge of registration didn’t answer Bai Xiaofei’s question. She intentionally put on a mysterious act and said, “Good luck.”

It was precisely these words that caused Bai Xiaofei to be perturbed as he headed to his class.

I wouldn’t have used all my luck during the test, right? Why are more and more strange things happening?

Bai Xiaofei eventually arrived at the location of the prep school classes outlined by the female senior. When he stepped through the entrance to the area, two entirely different states entered his eyes.

To one side were beautiful and majestic buildings, with students and teachers bustling about up and down the paths.

The other side had buildings of antique design, and he couldn’t see a single bird, let alone teachers and students.

It was this side, the “quiet” side, that Bai Xiaofei had to report to.

The rarer something is, the more precious it is. It’s surely because they’re too outstanding that they’re small in number. Right, it must be like this. Bai Xiaofei entered the quiet cluster of buildings as he consoled himself over and over again. He searched for class 456.

After going through untold hardships, Bai Xiaofei eventually saw his objective, class 456 in the far corner.

If the quiet area of buildings could be said to be the commoner's district when compared to the other side, then class 456 was the slums. It was so bad that the classroom was even squeezed out from the remaining space.

Bai Xiaofei gulped down a mouthful of saliva and took a deep breath as he looked at the classroom before him…

He accepted his fate!

You f*cking old hag! How ruthless of you! I’ll f*cking remember this!

As he added Luo Xi to his internal blacklist, Bai Xiaofei lightly pushed the door open… No, he pushed down the classroom door.

“Who is it!!!” A high-pitched voice pierced through the cloud, and it shook Bai Xiaofei’s eardrums to the point he felt a sharp pain.

When Bai Xiaofei returned to his senses and focused his gaze, he saw a short-haired woman in tight black clothes staring furiously at him. Her sleeveless, fitted top and similarly fitted black pants fully revealed her flawless figure. Her body protruded at the places it should be, curvy at the…

Cough…cough…this is not an indecent novel…

“Who’re you!? Do you know how precious my door is!? Can you afford to pay for it?!” The woman squatted down to inspect her “treasure” as she spoke, but based on the door’s shattered appearance, there was probably no hope for it.

“Err, I’m a student who has come to report here. I’m called Bai Xiaofei…” Bai Xiaofei, worried he would be extorted, couldn’t help but speak in a slightly apprehensive tone.

As soon as he finished speaking, the woman instantly moved to stand before him. In the blink of an eye, pleasant surprise wiped away her fury and replaced it.

“You’re a student?!

“What did you just say your name was?

“How old are you?

“Where are you from?

“What’re you skilled in?

“Do you have any hobbies?”

She drew nearer to him with every sentence she spoke. When she finished asking him the pile of questions, the distance between them was less than two inches. Bai Xiaofei could even clearly smell her faint, refreshing fragrance.

“I’m called…Bai Xiaofei…,” he replied with a trembling voice. His mind had instantly crashed, and he had only been able to recall the woman’s first question.

“Hey, look at how excited you are. Have you never been so close to a woman before? You wouldn’t still be a virgin, right?” The woman once more drew closer to him as she spoke. Bai Xiaofei’s instinctive reaction was to back away, but the woman grabbed and restrained him.

“Do you want to try the taste of a woman? I can satisfy you!” she said, licking her lips. She lightly raised Bai Xiaofei’s chin with her index finger.

After that the “virgin” Bai Xiaofei reacted very obediently, but when he almost couldn’t refrain himself and was about to stretch out his hand, the woman jumped to the side as if she’d been shocked by electricity.

“HAHAHAHA!! You actually reacted!!!” It was as if she’d found the most amusing thing in the world. Roaring, she laughed endlessly without regard for Bai Xiaofei’s embarrassment as if her acupuncture point for laughter had been struck.

This time Bai Xiaofei had lost, but he really enjoyed it…

“What’s there to laugh about the normal reaction of a man? If I didn’t have a reaction when such a beautiful woman came close to me, then that would be worthy of laughter.” It was one of the excellent traditions of the Gorge of Heroes to never admit when one has lost!

“What a sweet and stubborn mouth! Let me officially introduce myself. From today onward and for the next three months, I’m your head teacher, but I don’t like being addressed as ‘Head Teacher’. My name is Xue Ying, and you can call me Big Sister Xue.” Xue Ying placed her hand on her waist as she assumed a posture that said she held the highest authority here. She looked at Bai Xiaofei with her head held high.

“Alright, Aunty Xue.” As Bai Xiaofei lightly spat out these words, Xue Ying’s complacent expression froze.

In the next second, her terrifying speed erupted, and she instantly arrived before Bai Xiaofei. As her short dagger pressed against his neck, her surging killing intent gushed towards him like a wave.

“What did you just say? I didn’t hear it clearly because my ears haven’t been working too well lately.” Xue Ying wore a gloomy expression, and her attitude was very obvious.

“Oh, is that so?” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes narrowed into two slits as he took a deep breath. Then, he pressed his mouth close to Xue Ying’s ear and roared in the loudest voice he could muster. “I understand! Aunty Xue!!!”

The roar caught Xue Ying off guard, dazing her as her mind droned. 

When she returned to her senses, Bai Xiaofei had already sat down. He gazed at her with obedience as if what had just happened wasn’t his doing.

He said, “Teacher, are you cleaning up? Do you need my help? I’m very capable!”

His sudden change slightly bewildered Xue Ying.

Could it be that what happened earlier was a hallucination?

But if it was, why does my ear hurt so much?

When Bai Xiaofei saw that Xue Ying had made no reaction after a long time, he picked up the broom that she had previously tossed away. With extreme seriousness, he relieved her of the “heavy responsibility” of cleaning up.

“Stop!” Xue Ying seemed to have finally sorted out what was real, and she glared angrily at Bai Xiaofei.

“What is it, teacher?” Bai Xiaofei raised his head and looked at Xue Ying with an innocent expression, causing her to be at a loss for words.

“You…didn’t you hear that I said you’re not allowed to call me teacher!?” After Xue Ying restrained her rage for a long time, the conversation returned to square one. Just like that, the matter of “Aunty Xue” was left unsettled.

“Oh, that. That won’t do. My foster parents taught me that I must respect my seniors, and I can’t speak or act out of line.” Bai Xiaofei intentionally emphasized the word “senior”, and he revealed an expression that seemed to say he didn’t know where the problem lay.

“You’re the senior! Your entire family is full of seniors! This lady is only 24 years old! I’m a young lady! Not a senior!” Xue Ying’s entire face flushed red with anger, and she practically leapt as she roared.

“I’m only 16. You’re eight years older than me, so doesn’t a gap of eight years make you a senior…?” He still maintained his innocent expression and spoke as a matter of course. Moreover, there seemed to be no problem with what he said no matter how one thought about it.

His words even persuaded Xue Ying herself.

After being stunned for a moment, she shook her head then drove out all the respect she had for Bai Xiaofei from her mind.

With a gloomy voice and sharp gaze, she utilized her trump card. “Let me ask you this. Do you still want to stay in this class!?”


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