Chapter 9 You’re So Soft.

As Bai Xiaofei swaggered through the academy entrance, he once again felt relieved in his heart. After following the main road for some time, Bai Xiaofei saw a fork in the road. He suddenly called out to Qin Lingyan, who was walking ahead of him, and said, “Senior Sister Lingyan, go ahead with your business. It’s fine with Senior Bai Ye taking me to the principal’s office.”

Qin Lingyan turned around and gave Bai Ye a questioning gaze.

“Don’t worry! Leave it to me!” Bai Ye guaranteed and struck his chest. When Qin Lingyan smiled, his expression instantly changed to that of infatuation.

Qin Lingyan walked with graceful steps, quickly vanishing from their fields of vision.

Bai Xiaofei stretched out his hand and shook it before Bai Ye’s face, pulling Bai Ye, who was drooling, from his daze.

“Senior, I’ve already noticed that you’re secretly in love with Senior Sister Lingyan. Aren’t you?” Bai Xiaofei revealed an expression of sudden enlightenment and looked at Bai Ye with ridicule.

“You’re the one who’s secretly in love with her! Do I look like such a coward?! I’ve already confessed more than twenty times!” Bai Ye tried hard to argue with a voice filled with dissent.

“Senior, could it be that you feel this is better than being secretly in love with her?” Bai Xiaofei sweated profusely and felt as if his view on life had been overturned. He even suspected that everything he learned from his foster parents had been a lie.

Bai Ye was stunned for a moment. He then replied with a question: “It’s not?”

Alright, so you really think like this…

While he felt speechless in his heart, Bai Xiaofei thought that he ought to do something for this pitiable senior.

“Senior, there’s no problem with your appearance. Your skin is fair and clear, and you’re just a little bit thin. But, you’re absolutely worthy of the word ‘handsome’. So how could you have failed after confessing more than twenty times?” Bai Xiaofei stretched out his hand with the intention of massaging Bai Ye’s shoulders as he spoke, but Bai Ye moved to the side and avoided him.

“Don’t forget that I’m still your senior, so it isn’t good to get too close.” Bai Ye’s voice went cold, and he glared at Bai Xiaofei.

“Alas…so it turns out that we aren’t friends. I had intended to help you pursue Senior Sister Lingyan, but it looks like there’s no longer any need.” Bai Xiaofei shook his head with “pain”, and his facial expression revealed a sense of loss.

“Who said we aren’t friends? Wasn’t I just joking with you!?” Bai Ye moved closer to Bai Xiaofei with a long stride. He took Bai Xiaofei’s hands and placed them onto his shoulders.

“Come, touch—wait, massage!” Even though he had painfully decided on this course of action, Bai Ye was unaccustomed to being touched. His face remained very stiff, and he seemed as if he was being tortured.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t care at all about Bai Ye’s reaction, and with an exertion of force, he held him tightly in his arms.

“I told you, both of us look just like brothers, and we’re even from the same clan. Why are you treating me like a stranger?” Bai Xiaofei’s brows gradually knit together as he spoke. “Big Brother, why are you so soft…?” 

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished speaking when Bai Ye kicked him aside.

“You’re still intending to f*cking take advantage of me?! What? Is it wrong to be slightly soft? I’m rich, so I take good care of myself!” It might have been because Bai Xiaofei had hit Bai Ye’s sore spot, but Bai Ye had instantly become irritable. He walked ahead, leaving Bai Xiaofei behind.

Bai Ye turned around. When he saw that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t followed him, he glared fiercely at him. It was precisely this glare that dazed Bai Xiaofei. “Do you still plan to enter the academy or not?” 

A woman?!

No! No! No! Impossible! How could he possibly be a woman! It’s so flat…

F*ck! Who cares?! I should get through the test first!

“Yes! Of course!”

How could I possibly not enter the academy? I don’t even have money to eat. I’ll starve to death if I don’t enter the academy…

As he thought of this within his heart, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly caught up to Bai Ye.

Bai Ye introduced everything in their surroundings as he brought Bai Xiaofei along with him. Bai Ye’s explanations coupled with Bai Xiaofei’s abnormal observation skills allowed Bai Xiaofei to quickly figure out the structure of Starnet Academy.

Even though it was the outer area, Starnet Academy was still situated within the Infinite Mountain Range, so there was a formation that encompassed an enormous amount of area around and including the academy. The formation separated the academy from the outside world and protected it from the assaults of magical beasts.

There was only one way out of the academy because of this – the entrance. Once one entered through it, one would encounter an absurdly long path.

The left side of the path could be considered a shopping district, and one could basically buy anything one wanted to buy here. Besides a few large shops possessed by the academy, most of the shops were operated by academy students.

Behind the shopping district was a large expanse of building complexes – the male dormitories. They were divided into five areas, from prep school to year four.

The right side of the path had two canteens and countless snack stands. Almost all the specialty snacks from across the continent could be found here.

As Bai Ye put it, never ever look down on the power of gluttons!

The area behind the canteens consisted of the corresponding female dormitories, a place that greatly attracted the attention of all the male students…

After Bai Ye and Bai Xiaofei walked along the path to its end, a monstrously large square lay before them. There were more than ten forks at the far corner of the square. These forks led to the various streams of the academy, the places where students attended classes.

At the opposite side of the path, in the direction of the Dead Sea, was the place that was exclusively for the leaders of the academy. The northern part of this area was the office block, and the southern part was the resting area.

If one looked down from above, Starnet Academy’s entire shape was like a quarter-circle arc. Its two corners pointed respectively towards the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range and the Dead Sea.

Bai Xiaofei and Bai Ye spoke while walking, and they eventually arrived at the office block where the leaders of the academy were situated.

After they stopped, Bai Ye gave Bai Xiaofei a kind suggestion. “Among the four vice principals of our academy, only Vice Principal Luo Xi isn’t male, and you can choose any one of them but her.” 

“Why can I go to anyone but Vice Principal Luo? Is it because she’s a woman?” Bai Xiaofei loved to do what he couldn’t do, and this had already become his nature.

“No, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. It’s because she hates all men surnamed Bai, especially students,” Bai Ye said, and his facial expression revealed his strong feelings about it. He had obviously suffered a great loss at her hands.

“What’s the reason?” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up, and he seemed to be itching to have a try.

“No one knows, but according to rumor, it seems to be related to her being abandoned once,” Bai Ye said. His expression suddenly jerked. “Why are you curious about this? Kid, you aren’t intending to take on an extreme challenge, are you?! Let me tell you, it has never ended well for anyone surnamed Bai who has provoked Vice Principal Luo!”

To Bai Xiaofei, however, Bai Ye’s dissuasion wasn’t the slightest bit different from encouraging and cheering him on…

“Don’t you think it’s extremely exciting!?” Bai Xiaofei stared at Bai Ye. His expression clearly showed that he had already made his decision.

“Walk straight and turn right. Brother, I really admire you, but I won’t accompany you the rest of the way. I’m allergic to that area!” Bai Ye gazed at Bai Xiaofei with a mix of pity and admiration as he stood right on the spot. He had no intention of moving an inch.

“Thank you, Senior. I’ll surely call you over when Senior Sister Lingyan treats me to a meal!” Bai Xiaofei grinned then took his final steps toward entering Starnet Academy.

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